Smackdown [May 24, 2013]


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Daniel Bryan and Jack Swagger put on a wrestling clinic, and the Shield gonna Shield.

Quick Results

Omaha, NE

  • They begin with MizTV with guests, Fandango and Summer Rae. Fandango does his “get my name right” shtick with Miz. ‘Dango then goes unchained and says that he’s going to “dance” all over someone’s face if they get close to Summer again. Miz throws his lowbrow insults and gets the crowd riled up.
  • Wade Barrett joins the show and rants on Fandango. Miz tells Barrett to focus on their match next, and then the two start brawling.
  • Wade Barrett and the Miz wrestle to a no-contest when Fandango interferes
  • Kane reassures Daniel Bryan that it’s not his fault that they lost the tag team titles. DB continues to his self-created drama to Kane’s disappointment.
  • Daniel Bryan taps Jack Swagger with the No Lock
  • After the match, Kane tries to speak with Bryan but he’s not having it and celebrates up the ramp.
  • Matt Striker is out with Damien Sandow. Sandow calls the WWE out on trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator over the last few weeks. Sandow gives us the history of the Gordian Knot. He asks Striker to try to untie the knot but he can’t. Sandow insults Striker and the entire educational system down. Sheamus comes out. Striker asks Sheamus to untie it but Sheamus can’t either. Sandow “unties” the knot with bolt cutters and then dodges a Brogue Kick. Sandow says he figures Sheamus would resort to brute violence. Sheamus then throws Striker onto Sandow to end the segment.
  • Chris Jericho defeats the Big Show via countout
  • After the match Show tries to bring a steel chair but Jericho dropkicks it into him and then runs him off up the ramp with it.
  • Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel are in the ring. Heyman puts himself and Curtis Axel over. He even calls Axel a future Hall of Famer. Axel gets on the mic and says he officially defeated Triple H and that he’s building his brand.
  • Curtis Axel pins Sin Cara with a running one arm swinging neckbreaker
  • Dean Ambrose and Kofi Kingston ends up turning into a six man tag where
  • The Shield defeat Randy Orton, Sheamus, and Kofi when Dean Ambrose catches Kofi with the Headlock Driver


This show is not starting well. While Orton and Sheamus are in the first tier of wrestlers I dislike, Barrett and Fandango are just a level below. I’m just not buying in, but I did find Fandango a lot more bearable when he was at the announcers table. The actual match was fine and I’m glad that Wade went tweener and smashed Fandango as well. I’ll pop for that any day of the week.

I always enjoy Daniel Bryan-Kane segments and this was no exception. I don’t think they need to win the tag titles in order to stay relevant. I think the team is as over as Orton or Sheamus, and Daniel Bryan alone is one of the top stars of the company. I’m not sure if the WWE powers that be feel the same way but DB’s pop at PPV’s always tell the same story.

Fuck yes. I’m really surprised the WWE allowed DB to get the win on Swagger, who was is still in the thick of the World Title hunt. The match itself was superb. The counters were insane, and I loved that DB purposely stayed heavy on the gutwrench powerbomb and then ultimately flipped out of it. Sick! You just don’t see that attention to detail often enough with today’s workers. Unless the Shield boys change their combat boots for wrestling boots, I think this should be the match of the night.

The best part about the Sandow-Sheamus Knott segment was Sandow. He has his character down and the insults were on point. I’m not going to like this feud unless Sandow wins, but we all know that isn’t going to happen.

Jericho vs. Big Show was solid. I always mark out when Big Show’s big ass iron skillet of a hand smacks somebody down in mid-air. The counter to the Codebreaker, into the counter of Show’s chokehold, into the DDT was pretty cool. You gotta love it when veterans still add a new wrinkle to the way their movesets are used throughout a match. The Codebreaker on the outside was a nice way to get the finish, all while Big Show stayed strong. I’m down with this feud if they keep going with it.

Whenever I see Curtis Axel, I think –

1) Porn name.

2) His horrible “GENESIS” promo on his season of NXT. Seriously, watch that bullshit.

His match with Sin Cara was a decent squash. Axel’s finisher is a sight to see. That might be one of the cooler looking finishers I’ve seen in a while. Since it’s very quick to pull off, I actually I like as much as Dean Ambrose’s Headlock Driver.

HUGE AMBROSE chant to start the singles match. Ambrose’s shin choke over Kofi’s throat was a nice touch. The six man tag was just as great as other the Shield matches. Seth Rollins is a bumping machine and I was stoked to see Roman Reigns’s running Superman Punch on the outside. I hope his ankle injury isn’t too serious. All in all, I’m seriously blown away by how they always manage to keep the finishes fresh every match.

Overall, this just might be one of the most enjoyable Smackdowns this year. We got 3 excellent matches in Daniel Bryan vs. Jack Swagger, Jericho-Big Show, and the great main event.

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One Response to “Smackdown [May 24, 2013]”

  1. tellstarcookie Says:

    Looks like they’ll do anything to make sure the obnoxious Shield wins.

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