05-20-13 WWE RAW



stuff and things happened…

-show started with an ambulance coming into the arena… it was Ryback. He shows us footage of Cena getting stretchered out last night. He cuts the rest of his promo from the top of an ambulance. He wants another match with Cena, an ambulance match… they are trying to do something different with Ryback. He wore a vest that said Ryback with his beanie and jeans. He also was playing up being a heel while crapping on the fans and Cena. Its progression I guess.


-Michael Cole tells us that Paul Heyman is announcing a new client tonight… HMMM?


The Miz & Chris Jericho vs. Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett & Fandango w/Summer Rae

-Barrett has new music… again. Out of it for most of the match. mid match thought Fandango goes to the floor, has his music played and dances while the match continued. Very distracting. Barrett wrestles a handicap match leading to Miz getting the figure four for the win

Winner: Miz & Y2J

-After the match, Miz and Jericho run off Fandango leaving Summer Rae alone. Y2J seduces Summer into a dance but then clowns her making her sad faced.


-RAW GM Vicki Guerrero comes out to the stage for the next segment. She makes a match for Swagger vs. Khali or R-Truth or Orton. You have to vote on the app for your choice. Stupid app.


-Bryan in the locker room when Kane walks in. They bicker about being upset about not being champions anymore. Its looks forced with Bryan trying to stir shit up. Kofi comes in to calm shit down and Bryan leaves. Break up?


Sheamus vs. Titus O’Neil w/Darren Young

-Sheamus runs over Titus (and Darren on the outside) for the win. That’s all I got.

Winner: Sheamus


-Paul Heyman came out next to announce his new client. He recaps Brock beating Triple H last night and how that’s a big deal. Managers aren’t dead folks they just need to compete with a promo like Heyman. He said its time for something new and different and how this is a moment we will play over and over. Damn. He announces…. The newest Paul Heyman guy and its… Michael McGillicutty… fuck. Ok now he’s going by Curtis Axel… fuck, just call him by his name already. He’s coming out to a rock type version of his dad’s music… Heyman then reminds us of our reaction when he first intro’d Brock and when Punk debuted. He is basically explaining why his new client is called Curtis Axel, its for his dad and his grandfathers name… he tries to put over his name by saying it over and over when Triple H comes out… oh no… he ain’t embarrassed about losing last night and had beat Brock at Mania. He threatens Paul which gets Axel in his face, he got bitch slapped for that. He’s taking on Axel tonight… trial by fire…


-Wow, I have no faith for this actually working solely for the fact that they STILL gave Hennig a bad name. If you want us to take him seriously, YOU have to take him seriously and let the kid use his real fucking name.


Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Big E Langston w/AJ

-this match was just to get over how strong Langston is. AJ causes a distraction, Langston gets a rake in the eyes and his finisher for the upset. Ending was a little botchy.

Winner: Langston


Layla vs. AJ

-I was hoping for more in this one. AJ wins with the black widow. She did a nice transition into it.

Winner: AJ


Zack Ryder vs. Cody Rhodes

-Ryder had new tights it doesn’t help. After the match Ryback comes out and takes Ryder to the ambulance

Winner: Cody


-Awesome to see the Shield all with titles. Before their match Ambrose says they brought power back to all these titles. He then goes through guys they’ve taken out like Rock, Taker, Ryback and Cena… Ambrose flubbed this promo a little, still not bad for all three.


The Shield vs. Team Hell No & Kofi Kingston

-The early goings of this match I couldn’t watch as my DVR was super pixilated… I hope my TIVO isn’t dying… I LOOKED like it was a good match..!? Reigns got the spear on Kane for the win…

Winner: The Shield


-of course the Kaitlyn and Natalya segment comes out crystal clear, fuck you TIVO… they accuse Cody of being the admirer but it ain’t him.


Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter vs…. Randy Orton with 72% of the vote.

-I enjoyed this match, I thought both worked hard. Good stuff. RKO for the win.

Winner: Orton


Triple H vs. Curtis Axel w/Paul Heyman

– Sorry the pixelation was really bad but the match LOOKED decent. at the end Triple H plays loopy from a concussion or something and the rest of the time is spent checking on him… show ended like this… if this isn’t legit then it sucks HHH didn’t let Axel pin him to put him over…

Winner: no contest


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