Believe in the Shield

Chris Jericho vs. Fandango

-Jericho kept most of the advantage in the match which had a few good spots mostly because of Y2J. Jericho wins this when he hits the code breaker on Fandango who was coming off the top rope. Nice spot. A much better match than their WrestleMania one.

Winner: Jericho

-Josh with Sheamus. He yip yaps about why he’s going to beat someone who can pull two semi trucks…

United States Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Dean Ambrose

-Before the match Reigns and Rollins head back up the arena and leave Ambrose to go this one on his own. Kofi’s tights look like a blue lava lamp. Good, quick paced match although it had its botchiness in it. Slow down boys. Ambrose takes the match and the title hitting his front head lock driver.

Winner:  Ambrose new United States Champion!

Strap Match

Mark Henry vs. Sheamus

-Typical strap match where you have to touch all four corners… now we get lights for those not paying attention or caring. Anyhow Sheamus won with a brogue kick and a fourth turnbuckle touch… makes no sense.

Winner: Sheamus

-AJ in the back chitchatting on the phone with Ziggler when Kaitlyn comes by. They exchange stupid jokes before they start brawling.

I Quit Match

Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter vs. Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez

-Colter cuts down the IRS and some other government shit going on. Match was good but I wasn’t invested in it. the end saw Colter throw in Ricardo’s towel making it look like it was Rodriguez when Alberto was in the ankle lock.

Winner: Swagger

-A second ref comes out and lets the original ref know that it was all Colter. Ref asks for a replay at ringside and we get the match restarted. Its only a matter of time before Swagger ends up on the arm lock and quits…

Winner: Alberto

-Josh with Ryback. He says stuff.

Tornado WWE Tag Team Title Match

Team Tell No vs. The Shield

-this was so far match of the night so far. Good tornado match with some really good spots. The Shield’s finish is crazy looking. This match could have been longer for sure. Good shit!!!

Winner:  The Shield

Extreme Rules Match

The Big Show vs. Randy Orton

-slow start, it picked up mid match but I wasn’t into it. Crowd was through, especially with Orton using the punt to put Big Show away.

Winners:  Orton

Last Man Standing

John Cena vs. Ryback

-Well looks like Cena isn’t finishing off this ppv. A lot of near 10 counts for both in this match (even right off the bat) come on ref let the match go a little bit before starting your counts. If you want to learn how to count to at least 10 this was your match. this happened a LOT. The match ends when Ryback spears Cena through the staging on the ramp. Lots of pyro. EMT’s, refs, etc check on both who are down. They make a big deal that Cena is injured…

Winner: no contest…?

Steel Cage Match

Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman vs. Triple H

-during Brock’s entrance HHH attacks him from behind, at least we don’t have to now watch Hunter’s entrance… the story of the match was HHH focusing on Brock’s “injured” knee. A lot of back and forth in this one but in the end, HHH took a sledgehammer to the head before taking a F5 for the pin! Good selling on Brock’s part putting over the injured knee. I enjoyed most of the match and I’m definitely glad they gave this one to Brock. After the match HHH does the slow exit, pandering for cheers… he gets a few.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

-Overall, not a bad show. Most of the matches were good I must say.

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