05-13-13 WWE RAW



Extreme Rules go home show…

-recap of Cena, Ryback, the Shield and Brock’s destruction of an office. Oh yeah, HHH has 2 offices… so stupid.

-Jerry Lawler starts the show in the middle of the ring. He’s out here for the Jericho and Fandango dancing segment. Jericho’s partner is dope and apparently is a real dancer. Both guys cut a promo before their dance off. Fandango after his promo kisses his own hand and rubs it down his body, that was funny shit. Jericho recaps winning musical chairs and the Price is Right in the past before putting the focus on their match at Extreme Rules. Jericho is by far the biggest face in this company right now. Fandango is about to start his dance when he stops as the crowd chants you suck. They finally start and in the early going Summer Rae takes a fall favoring her ankle. Fandango gets pissed at her so Jericho’s partner checks on her. Fandango goes to leave but then brogue kicks Jericho right in the mush. Y2J then takes the beating on the outside getting sent into the announce table and the steel steps. This gets a “you can’t dance” chant. funny. Jericho takes part of the dance floor to the head. Fandango gets back in the ring and helps Summer back to her feet who was playing possum the entire time. Shady. They dance off to end this segment. I have to say, I enjoyed that shit. Strong push to Fandango here. They are definitely trying to get this kid to stick, a bit pessimistic though.

Zack Ryder vs. Ryback

-Ryback comes out changing his entrance a bit to reflect more of a heel. Jobber match.

Winner: Ryback

Primetime Players vs. Brodus Clay & Tensai

-Clay and Tensai led the match until Young gets the cheap shot with a forgein object on Clay for the Titus rollup. Shocker!

Winner: PTP’s

-Ziggler’s concussion from Smackdown is recapped, ouch. After the break Matt Striker is on the stage with Teddy Long. Before Teddy can give his ruling Swagger, Colter, AJ and Langston come out to argue about the mess that this concussion has caused. Long announced Swagger vs. Del Rio at the ppv in a #1 contender I Quit match… Langston is taking on Swagger or Del Rio but its up to people voting on the WWE app… they are really trying to get this shit over. I guess this is the best they can do under this situation. Way to go Swagger you big dummy this is all your fault. This could have been a solid match for Ziggler to get over on with a ladder match.

-Ambrose is getting a shot at the United States title at the ppv. Dope, first member with gold.

United States Champion Kofi Kingston vs.

-fast pace and short with Kofi getting the trouble in paradise out of nowhere.

Winner: Kofi

-Mark Henry recaps that he’s strong as fuck. He forces Josh to put on the strap… that didn’t come out right. He takes Mathews down and gives us a play by play on how a strap match works. After this instructional video is done, Josh is let loose and runs for the hills. Sheamus then comes out to yap on the stage before coming to the ring with his own strap. They got into a slapping contest before Henry bounces. I hope they don’t make any foolish mistakes at the ppv by having Henry lose. They guy should be treated as a big deal more than ever.

-Randy Orton has another movie… 12 rounds part 2 (aka 24 rounds). Has another seen a Randy Orton movie? How is this guy as an actor?

-3 hours is not enough, now you can watch more shit on the WWE app during the show… sigh. Why not just focus on the match instead of distracting people with stupid app interviews…?!

Antonio Cesaro vs. Randy Orton

-crowd is definitely into Orton tonight. I like these two together they put on decent matches but it sucks that Cesaro is just fed to Orton. They could really do a feud with these two.

Winner: Orton

Heath Slater w/3MB vs. The Miz

-oh yeah, I forgot about the Miz for a quick second. Match is going longer than it should, Miz finally wakes the crowd up by throwing Slater to the outside and onto the rest of 3MB. Miz puts him away with the figure four.

Winner: Miz

-looks like all of the Shield have title matches on Sunday with Reigns and Rollins taking on the Shield.

-Kane vs. Rollins on Main Event, that could be decent. Kane works well with the smaller guys.

6 man tag team elimination match

WWE Tag Team Champions Kane & Daniel Bryan & WWE Champion John Cena vs. The Sheild

-did I miss them building up to this match or something?! Seems like it came out of nowhere when it probably should have been built up and main eventing the show? I don’t know maybe they did…? Team Cena take the advantage keeping the Shield cornered one at a time. Funny you could hear the ref telling Rollins to move so the hard camera can see as he has Bryan in a head lock. Kane loses his shit and takes all of the Shield down until the ref DQ’s him for using the announce table on them. Bryan gets a CLOSE pin on Rollins after a dropkick off the top. Crowd popped for that shit nicely. Ambrose puts Bryan away with his forward DDT. Cena is the sole survivor of his team. Cena pins Rollins with the AA. Cena gets Ambrose up in the AA and Reigns isn’t listening to the ref. He then spears Cena and gets throw out of the match…? its Ambrose and Cena… Cena kicks out of the Ambrose pin attempt from the spear. Ambrose then gets locked in the STF which brings Rollins and Reigns back out for the DQ. Shield then sheildbomb’s Cena and stand over him. I think they could have done the same with Ryback helping Ambrose win the match but then I guess it makes Ryback look like he’s with these dudes huh? Nevermind. Match was good but I would have preferred a shady pin for the Shield. Shield then bounce as Ryback comes out. He looks like he isn’t going to do anything when he then picks up a chair and takes it to Cena bad ankle. Ryback hells a lot as Cena favors his ankle.

Winner: Cena by DQ

-recap stuff for HHH and Lensar. Lets just get this over with already…

-Ryback cuts a promo in the back with Striker. He looks like he’s looking past Matt and is reading like a teleprompter… !?

Big E Langston w/AJ vs. Alberto Del Rio or Jack Swagger

-people on the app vote for… Swagger…? I guess they went with packback for Ziggler? Match was alright, kind of out of it for this one. Langston gets counted out, Del Rio attacks and Rodriguez is taken out before Swagger ends up in the arm breaker. Langston gets involved and all three brawl until Del Rio stands strong. The wind has been taken out of this ppv match without Ziggler.

Winner: Swagger

-Cody Rhodes vs. The Miz on the preshow…

Natalya vs. AJ

-the Bella’s and Kaitlyn are on commentary while Hornswoggle and Great Khali watch. Kaitlyn gets another gift from this admirer. This match is all commentary, no one is paying attention to this match… crowd isn’t either. AJ gets a nice looking submission on Natalya for the win.

Winner: AJ

-recap of Fandango getting the best of Jericho. This leads to Striker in the back with Jericho… nice serious promo by Y2J, good shit. He’s trying his ass off to get Johnny Curtis over.

-Of course Triple H is going to finish the show… the cage is lowered while his in the ring for his promo. He claims everything will get settled on Sunday. Hunter is long winded here… like he usually has been lately. Less is more man. Brock and Paul Heyman then come out to the stage only to get cut off before he could say much. Paul brings up HHH not using words like “hate” because its not corporate or to be said in the WWE. Heyman is on point with this promo and the other things Hunter will hate when he loses like facing his family after he loses. Brock fighting for free and is about to bounce when Hunter cuts them off. HHH goes long winded again… fuck. Brock heads down as Heyman and the refs try to keep him out of the cage. Brock finally makes it in the cage and these 2 eye fuck each other before the brawl starts. Brock is finally beaten down and sent out of the cage, knocking Heyman over. Brock looks like he’s going back in but instead takes Paul and bounces leaving HHH to celebrate on the top of the cage.

-well, I think they tried to get this ppv over finally… its been a loooong 6 weeks…


One Response to “05-13-13 WWE RAW”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    The reason Fandango and his “assistant” pulled that stunt is because neither one of them can dance.

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