Smackdown [May 3, 2013]


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Dean Ambrose debuts his new finisher and Ricardo Rodriguez rocks the Zubaz again!

Quick Results


  • Ryback gets in the ring and explains why he abandoned John Cena during their scheduled tag match vs. the Shield on Raw. He ends his promo with Ryback Rules.
  • Ryback pins Daniel Bryan via Shellshocked
  • Ricardo Rodriguez cuts his own solo promo in the back. He speaks superfast in Spanish and also gives Renee Young a kiss. Alberto Del Rio comes by and tells him to relax.
  • Fandango pins Zack Ryder via top rope legdrop
  • Kaitlyn is walking backstage with some roses. She admits to Natalya that she’s getting into her secret admirer. Khali gives some lofty ‘advice.’
  • Renee Young interviews Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger. Colter talks about how shady the media is and then puts himself over despite his loss on Raw.
  • Ricardo Rodriguez and Zeb Colter wrestled to a no-contest when Jack Swagger interfered. This brought out Alberto Del Rio for the save, which led to Teddy Long coming out and booking them all in the following tag team match.
  • Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter ended up being turned into a Triple Threat Tag Team match when Dolph Ziggler and Big E interfered.
  • Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez defeated Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter, and Dolph Ziggler &Big E Langston in a Triple Threat tag match when Alberto Del Rio submitter Dolph Ziggler to the Cross Arm Breaker
  • You hear someone getting beatdown backstage. The camera gets “picked up” and The Shield cut another backstage promo on Kane. They leave with a beaten down Daniel Bryan lying on the floor.
  • After commercial, they cut back to a few refs helping Daniel Bryan up backstage.
  • Randy Orton pins Damien Sandow via RKO
  • After the match, Big Show tells Randy that he’s not a team player. Sandow attacks Orton and hits his finisher while he’s distracted. Big Show laughs at the attack, but then tells Orton that there will be nothing funny at what he does to Orton at Extreme Rules.
  • Kane tells Matt Striker that he’s going to make the Shield pay before they take him down. He says that we’re all going on a little journey to Hell.
  • Sheamus bullies Mark Henry again in an arm wrestling match.
  • Dean Ambrose with the Shield pins Kane via
  • The Shield deliver another Shield Bomb to Kane to end the show with their fists held high.


  • Daniel Bryan is one of the most over people on the roster despite losing every other week. Bryan brought out the best in Ryback, who gave one of the best performances of his career. The story of the match was Bryan attacking Ryback’s right leg with leg kicks. Ryback sold the hurt leg on occasion but seemed to be able to pull off all of his power moves, which was disappointing. There should have been at least one moment or two where Ryback’s leg buckled underneath him but unfortunately that didn’t happen.
  • The move of the night was Daniel Bryan rolling through a Thesz Press into a half crab! Holy shit that was beautiful. The near falls at the end of the match really had the crowd going apeshit. Thanks to Daniel Bryan, this was an excellent small man vs. big man match.
  • Shame on WWE for killing the Fandangoing meme in 6 days. It’s really a shame. Another sad point is just how inexperienced Summer Rae looks when she’s dancing. However, she’s extremely hot and you can tell the WWE is going to groom her into the next blonde bombshell ala Kelly Kelly. I guess the dancing isn’t important when you shine everywhere else. Was there a match? It was okay. Poor Zach Ryder. I hope he gets an opportunity to reinvent himself.
  • Colter’s promo was one of the best promos on Smackdown. I hope the WWE keeps him around if and when he breaks ties with Jack Swagger.
  • The Triple Threat Tag Team match and the matches that built up to it were quick and to the point. The Rodriguez-Colter match was great for what it was. It was a fine comedy, with Rodriguez riding Colter like a pony at one point, well… make that a racist pony with awesome facial hair. Props to Rodriguez for taking care of the 63 year old Zeb Colter in the ring. Rodriguez’s offense looked strong but nothing too stiff for the aging militant.
  • Why do I feel like we’re only getting a fraction of Big E has to offer? There’s something to be said about the man’s presence in the ring. Big E wrestles his style perfectly and seems to hint that he holding back so much more. But what made this match great was that every single participant had his own moment to shine before the tapout finish. Great stuff. I’m looking forward to their Triple Threat Ladder match at Extreme Rules.
  • Speaking of presence, The Shield has whatever “it” is. The Shield officially carries the greatest buzz in the professional wrestling right now with no signs of slowing down. I haven’t let my inner mark mark out for anybody like this in a long time.
  • You’ve seen Randy Orton dominate Damien Sandow before. If you haven’t, just watch the last match Orton won.
  • As usual, Big Show brings it on the mic.
  • You’ve also seen Sheamus do some heel bully shit on Mark Henry for the cheap crowd pop before. I wish it was New Jersey all over again so they could diss Sheamus’s ass every time he comes out with his trite shenanigans. I hope Mark Henry eventually comes out with a clean victory at the pay per view. Their build up to the pay per view has been pretty one sided.
  • The Shield and Kane put on one hell of a main event tonight. Kane brought the intensity at the start as he threw around Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins to keep them from interfering, for a little while. The finish was fantastic as Kane fought off the Shield as good as an one person can until the numbers finally caught up with him. Ambrose’s interesting finisher is a bulldog variant of a snapmare driver that Miz used before. I hope he sticks to it in the future.

Miz’s Snapmare Driver



Dean Ambrose’s Bulldog/Headlock Driver

footage from youtube user "nocountry55"

footage from youtube user “nocountry55”


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