04-29-13 WWE RAW



Does Cena have an achillies?…

Winner names the Stipulation for the World Title Triple Threat Match at Extreme Rules

Ricardo Rodriguez w/Alberto Del Rio vs. Zeb Colter vs. Big E Langston w/Ziggler & AJ

-Strangest match for a stipulation at the ppv. Is Ricardo in Zuba’s??! haha This match was mostly Ricardo and Big E, Colter just got in the way for the most part. Ricardo can go and they should juice that more so. After the match broke down, Ricardo got the rollup on Colter for the win.

Winner: Rodriguez


-Cena and Ryback vs. The Shield was made for tonight but Cena got injured on the European tour…


-Cena’s out to celebrate “World Wish Day” for Make A Wish. At least this dickhead does good with the kids. At least this crowd didn’t boo the kid like assholes. Cena came out with kids with their moms to make the boys honorary superstars. They even had WWE “names”, even with sick kids the WWE is trying to control their gimmicks… fuck. Cena has the crowd give the kids an ovation of their own. Totally done professionally and the crowd didn’t crap on Cena during this legit moment. Good stuff.


-Orton does the walk in the match. Looks like he’s he’s hacking like a cat.


Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes

-Crowd too a little bit to get into this one but it did pick up. Micheal Cole made a Safire reference… Cody looked great with is why I won’t understand why this won’t push this fucking kid. He must have walked in on Steph and Hunter… I did mark out for his near pinfall with the crossroads. Looked like the crowd wanted that too. Instead he gets beat when he goes for the disaster kick and catches an RKO. Good match! Orton works best with the younger guys that can go.

Winner: Orton

-After the match he’s asked about the shenanigans with Big Show before he gives Cody another RKO… sigh.


-Look, I’m not going to lie. I am looking forward to The Hangover Part 3.


-Bella’s in the back stretching… god damn.


Nikki w/Brie Bella vs. Cameron w/Naomi

-They get a looong commercial for their reality show. I have to say that the WWE is PERFECT for “scripted reality”. Twin Magic won this one. Short.

Winner: Brie

-Ref listens to Cameron and Naomi and reverses the decision. This breaks out into a brawl.

Winner: Cameron by DQ


-The Shield is out next for promos. They go through their greatest hits in pictures and wishing that The Undertaker rests in peace. All of a sudden they are interrupted by…. 3MB! Haha! The Shield beat down 3MB before Team Hell No comes out and the Shield bounce… THN then beat up on 3MB. Crowd beats out into a loud Yes chant before Kane’s pyro hits.


-Cena in the back getting his ankle wrapped when Ryback walks up about him being hurt. Cena claims he’s injured not hurt…!? Isnt that the same shit?


Champion vs. Champion

World Champion Dolph Ziggler w/AJ & Big E Langston vs. United States Champion Kofi Kingston

-Yes, we’ve seen this match before but now they have titles… sigh. Good match between the two unfortunately all it was, was a good match. It wont lead to anything. After the match Kofi takes the Big Ending from Big E… twice. Maybe Big E takes the US Title and all three can be champions at the same time.

Winner: Ziggler


-in the back Team Ziggler runs into Kaitlyn and Natalya. They yip yap before Kaitlyn gets a gift out of nowhere… it’s a studded hat… she’s got a secret admirer… oh god. Natalya went from hating this hat to loving it in 8.2 seconds…


-recap of this Brock/HHH mess.


-Brad Maddox and Vicki Guerrero in the back, Ryback walks in. He thinks Cena is standing up up in this match tonight. She tries to make Cena, Ryback and Team Hell No vs. The Shield and he says no before walking off. Oh well…


-Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler order pizza… people in the crowd end up with it… wah wahhh.


Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter vs. Zack Ryder

-Ryder’s hair is parted in the middle, it looks dorky. He replays what happens to Colter earlier. Ryder got some moves in, didn’t matter. Swagger with the patriot lock. After the match Swagger holds down Ryder so Zeb can take a shot at him. heel.

Winner: Swagger


-during the commercial Matt Striker catches Ryback leaving for the night.


-Mark Henry comes out with a big ass rope, he’s going to tug of war Tensai… this is really happening. Tensai loses. Henry then gets Brodus Clay and he gets beat in a tug of war… next Henry gets Sheamus. He puts up a fight before letting go of the rope causing Henry to fall. He takes a brogue kick to finish this off.


-Vick and Maddox in the back when Team Hell No walk in to demand this match is still happening against the Shield, they get it.


-Cena gets Maddox in his locker room after the break. He gets called Brayden Walker… ouch. He wants to go out with Team Hell No for this match and threatens Maddox.


Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Antonio Cesaro

-Del Rio’s new t-shirt is very “Bret Hart”. Really good near falls for both of these guys as well as a couple of nice counters. Crowd breaks into an ole’ chant and you can hear Ricardo leading the chants. I’d like to see a series of matches between these two. ADR wins with the arm breaker.

Winner: Del Rio

-After the match there is another Ole’ chant before Del Rio announces the stip for the triple threat match at the ppv… oh shit it’s a ladder match! Nice. Hopefully this match can step up this feud.


Dance Off…

Fandango w/Summer Rae vs. Great Khali w/Natalya

-Khali is asked questions about dancing… wow, dude shouldn’t talk. He and Natalya dance first… its as bad as it can go… Fandango is asked how Jericho did on Dancing with the Stars, he calls him clumsy. He and Summer dance. The crowd cheers for this. haha! Lawler leaves it to the crowd and gives it to Khali

Winner: Khali…?

-after the match Fandango takes out Khali’s leg and gives him the leg drop off the top. He says his name correctly then bounces.


WWE Champion John Cena & WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No vs. The Shield

-Good match carried by The Shield and THN, Cena hangs out in the corner. Cena and Reigns finally get the hot tag. Rollins tries to interfere, Cena goes for the AA but his leg gives. Reigns with the spear on Cena for the pin! Good shit!

Winners: Shield

-Ryback shows up on the stage to eye fuck Cena. Cole plays up that the more Cena is hurt at the ppv the better for the Ryback at the ppv…


-that’s it, thought tonight moved at a good pace and was full of good matches.




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