Smackdown [April 26, 2013]


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AMBROSE vs. TAKER. ‘Nuff said.

Quick Results

LONDON, England

  • Jack Swagger pins Alberto Del Rio with a Gutwrench Powerbomb in a No DQ match
  • Layla pins Aksana via roll up
  • They show a preview of Total Divas, a new reality series starring the Bellas on the E! network.
  • They replay highlights of The Shield beating Taker and company on RAW.
  • The Shield cut another video promo and boast about beating Taker and Team Hell No. Dean Ambrose says he has an itch that needs scratching and that he’s going to beat the Undertaker. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins allude to going after the tag team titles. Yes please.
  • Fandango makes his entrance and the crowd gets their Fandango on. I think the Fandango meme/craze stays alive only at the WWE events.
  • Fandango pins Justin Gabriel with the Bobby Eaton Super Legdrop
  • Big Show pins Sheamus with the KO Punch (when Sheamus was distracted by Mark Henry)
  • Wade Barrett pins William Regal with the Bull Hammer
  • Mark Henry defeats Randy Orton via DQ (Sheamus interfered and gave Henry a Brogue Kick)
  • After the match Orton gave Henry an RKO.
  • The Undertaker submits Dean Ambrose via Hells Gate/Gogoplata
  • After the match The Shield put Undertaker through a table with a Shield Bomb


  • Alberto Del Rio came out to a nice pop. Glad the British fans gave him some love. The match itself was a solid fast paced opener to the program that included the beloved Kendo stick of doom. The storytelling was superb with Swagger blasting ADR’s leg with the Kendo stick and Del Rio working over Swagger’s arm early. At one point, ADR lashed Swagger’s back with the Kendo stick while Swagger was sitting on the second rope. Then ADR followed the punishment up with a sick back stabber. I also liked how Swagger got out of the Cross Arm Breaker with the help of the Kendo stick. This was one of the better opening matches I’ve seen this year.
  • Layla-Aksana was fine for what it was. Layla has a special way of getting the crowd behind her. You have to give her props for being able to get any reaction she wants from the fans, whether as a face or a heel. Midway through the match, a portion of the crowd tried to get some Fandangoing action going. I suppose that’s better than chanting ‘boring.’ Funny to see a fan in the crowd try his darnest not to keep his hand just under Layla’s breast when she hugged the fans.
  • The tone was set when Swagger and Alberto Del Rio took a lot of punishment for the fans in opener. Those two really earned their money tonight.
  • So great to see the Shield layout some future plans in their promo. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a faction carry the major titles. It would be nice to see the Shield do it before Ziggler’s crew does.
  • Fandango got a few chants in his favor during his match. I’d like to see more of what ‘Dango and Justin Gabriel could do together in the ring. This match just skimmed the surface of their movesets and talents. ‘Dango’s sliding enziguiri on the apron is definitely a nice addition to his moveset. Good, short squash match.
  • I think we’ve all seen Big Show vs. Sheamus before and yes, Sheamus was protected in this loss. As far as promos go, I think a Big Show-Mark Henry tag team would be very entertaining.
  • Loved seeing the British fans give William Regal the respect he deserves. The match itself was short but I think the WWE should give Regal a little push on the next England tour.
  • Seeing Orton cheer on Sheamus for interfering in his match with Mark Henry was odd. The Viper I’m used to would have given RKOs to both Henry and Sheamus and left the ring.
  • Really glad they played Undertaker’s entrance in full. The reaction was perfect. This was an entertaining main event for the B show. Watching Dean Ambrose’s mannerisms throughout the match is entertaining in itself. I’m assuming the DDT is Ambrose’s finisher, which is cool. Roman Reign’s spear on ‘Taker through the barricade was a brutal moment. Overall, this was a good episode. We got the Undertaker in the main event and a Shield Bomb through he table to end the show!

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