04-22-13 WWE RAW


A-Team style entrance for The Shield. credits.

-Recap guy goes over The Undertaker returning to RAW to take on The Shield with Team Hell No, bad guy Ryback and Cena.

-They cut to Paul Heyman who’s already in the ring who talks about what Brock did to 3MB last week. He gets an ECW chant. Footage of what Brock did to 3MB was shown but only one F5 into the barricade is shown, guess we are to forget there was actually two. Heyman goes over how Triple H isn’t here tonight to accept this challenge at the ppv but then he actually is. Heyman does his best at looking like he’s shocked at this sight. I can’t tell the reaction HHH got (good or bad) because they had his music up loud. HHH accepts and pedigree Paul, that got a better reaction than his entrance.

R-Truth vs. Antonio Cesaro

-Truth got the longest into in a long time… Cesaro’s yodeling I am not into. This match got an Ole’ chant, loud one too. That’s about where is ends as they job Cesaro with the lie dectotor


-Out in the parking lot a helicopter lands, it’s the Shield! Fucking dope ass entrance! They are really making these dudes a super group. That was on some mercenary movie shit right there.

-Brodus Clay w/Cameron, Tensai & Naomi. and Damien Sandow w/Cody Rhodes 

-This got a loud Albert chant before the crowd start to Fandango’ing. Haha Match was ok. Sandow wins with a rollup and a hand full of tights.

Winner: Sandow

-Ziggler has to defend at Extreme Rules against Del Rio & Swagger. In the back Ziggler is making love to the World Title. Ziggler talks AJ into going after the Diva’s Title before making out with her. Ziggler notices Big E watching and he gets bounced. Perv. Vicki and Maddox then walk up to put a stip on his match tonight. If Ziggler loses the triple threat then turns into a fatal four way…

-recap of Punk’s promo from last week and how he walked out on it.

-Shield interrupts with a video of their own. The go over how Taker use to be the law around the WWE back in the day but how they are now the law. Good shit here from Ambrose.


If Jericho wins he’s in the title match at the ppv

World Champion Dolph Ziggler w/AJ & Big E Langston vs. Chris Jericho

-this got “lets go Ziggler/Y2J chants” off the bat. Slower paced at the start of the match that breaks into Fandango’ing by the crowd. Match picked up mid match with an exchange of near pin attempts. AJ causes the distraction for the Big E punch for a 2½ count. Crowd breaks into a wave that the WWE shows and Jericho even joins. Good shit on both the crowd and match. We are Awesome chant before a Jericho superplex. Jericho gets the codebreaker but Ziggler puts his foot on the ropes. While Jericho goes to move Ziggler into a better position AJ causes another distraction but this time Big E too the springboard dropkick. Ziggler then gets caught in the Lion Tamer to a loud ovation. Fandango’s music then hits and this crowd goes right into it. Jericho is distracted by the music setting up for the zig zag for the win. Fandango’s music just beat Jericho, not Fandango. That’s funny.

Winner: Ziggler

-Josh in the back with Mick Foley. He’s now wearing Santa Claus Hawaiian shirts… he goes over Ryback and his match with Cena at the ppv.

Tensai w/Clay and the ladies vs. Cody Rhodes w/Sandow

-Tensai does an impressive delayed double arm suplex. Better match than the earlier one, Tensai is getting in some spots that the crowd is reaction to. Maybe Sweet T is the way to go man…

Winner: Tensai

-Team Hell No in the back going and forth about where the Undertaker is and if they are the Brothers of Destruction or Team Hell No with The Undertaker. Kane says Taker doesn’t have a cell phone. Haha! Bryan has diagrams he wants to show Taker but Kane shows he’s against that shit and doesn’t want Bryan tempting to hug Taker. Ha! funny shit. The Sheild then jump THN.

-Josh with Ryback who’s now sporting a beanie. Crowd craps on this. He basically calls out Mick Foley.

Big E Langston vs. Zack Ryder

-Big E uses the lifting chalk in his intro like he was using on NXT. Ryder gets a one move comeback in this squash match.

Winner: Langston

-recap of 2 weeks ago when The Shield tried to jump The Undertaker before Team Hell No showed up.


WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No & The Undertaker vs. The Shield

-good ovation for Taker’s entrance which broke into an Undertaker chant. Nice! Before THN make their entrance, The Shield does. They surround the ring and the crowd breaks out into a YES chant. They attack Taker right before we get the pyro and THN runs out to even things out. After the break, the ref has restored order and the match starts. Back and forth to start with Taker getting old school on the second attempt after Ambrose stopped the first one. This brought on a “you still got it” chant. THN kept Reigns cornered making quick tags. Shield make a comeback then cornering Kane. Hot reaction to Bryan’s hot tag. YES is still over. Rollins is still his ass off for Bryan here. HOT tag to Undertaker, its mostly Ambrose who’s working with Taker tonight. Taker goes for the double chokeslam but Reigns makes the save and gets a 2½ count on Taker. Reigns sells being shocked. Reigns cuts off Bryan at the top causing a brawl on the floor. Bryan misses the head butt from the top and Ambrose rolls him up for the win! Another solid match for the Shield! Stellar job thus far on keeping this team special.

Winner: The Shield

-Foley in the back with Cena who gets booed. He tries to talk Foley out of talking to Ryback, its not happening.

Fandango vs. William Regal

-Looks like NXT’s Summer Rae is his dancer tonight. Crowd goes right into it again. Regal is like the Undertaker of the UK, he only wrestles on TV once a year. Regal kept the upper hand until the end when Fandango gives a mic check style move, guess the top rope leg drop is out? He says his name after the match and the crowd says it with him.

Winner: Fandango

-as he head back up the stage Y2J comes out and attacks him, throwing him off the stage. Jericho then goes over to Summer Rae and offers his hand dances with her to Fandango’s music. Haha!

Diva’s #1 Contender Battle Royal

-5 Diva’, that’s all they had for this… they’ve killed this crowd. AJ plays knocked out and suckers Layla to eliminates her.

Winner: AJ becomes the #1 Contender

-Brodus Clay is in a WWE movie… its some sort of action horror movie.

-Foley comes down and calls out Ryback. He comes out, Foley cuts a promo on what happened last week and how Ryback didn’t help Cena last week against the Shield. Foley is the only thing saving Ryback vs. Cena with his promo… Ryback the yells a lot about stuff, calls Cena “super Cena”. He’s trying to do Stone Cold. This is about to break down when Cena comes out to stop it and Foley bounces. Ryback and Cena stand off in the ring but The Sheild is back! Cena looks like he’s about to bounce… and he does. Sheild then surround the ring before jumping Ryback. This doesn’t last long when Cena saves Ryback with the steel chair. They run off, Cena heads back in the ring with the chair which he reluctantly throws down. Cena then picks up Ryback and gives him the AA… yup. Cena walks up and salutes Ryback who’s recovering…

-England didn’t disappoint although the night after WrestleMania still being the best.

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