Smackdown [April 19, 2013]


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Big Show and Mark Henry dominate in the main event.

Quick Results

Knoxville, TN

  • Fandango comes in the ring, gets all creepy with Lilian Garcia, but then drops her like a jerk. ‘Dango goes all heel on the crowd for butchering his name and ‘mocking’ his dance.

  • Santino comes out. Santino expresses his anger but admits that ‘Dango has some good moves. Santino takes out his cobra and starts dancing to Fandango’s music. This leads to them having a match together.

  • Fandango pins Santino via reverse STO facebuster

  • Big Show speaks with Teddy Long and Booker T about getting a tag team partner. Show thanks Teddy Long for ‘protecting’ him. Show stares down Booker T before he leaves.

  • Kofi Kingston pins Wade Barrett via roll up to counter a Samoan Drop in a Champion vs. Champion match

  • Sheamus attacks Mark Henry in the back and spears him through a table.

  • Alberto Del Rio pins Jack Swagger (with Zeb Colter) via roll up

  • The Shield cut a promo on Ryback, Cena, and the Undertaker. They hype up their 6-man tag match on RAW against the Undertaker and friends.

  • Great Khali, Natalya and Hornswoggle defeated Primo, Epico, and Rosa Mendez when Khali pins Primo with the Punjabi Plunge.

  • Mark Henry and Big Show defeat Sheamus and Randy Orton when Big Show chokeslams Randy Orton


  • Did Triple H write the opening segment? If there’s anything I hate seeing, it’s Lilian Garcia being used and abused to put over a character, especially a character that is going to go over that night. Santino was funny but I think he needs to evolve his character sooner than later.
  • The Fandango-Santino match was okay and very short. You won’t miss much.
  • Kingston-Barrett was a solid match. Barrett seemed to dominate until Kofi stole the victory at the end. Not sure why they keep push-stopping Kofi and Wade. What’s the use of dipping them back and forth in the mid-card and main event scenes. It’s hard to emotionally invest into either wrestler.
  • I don’t really care about the Mark Henry-Sheamus feud unless Henry is able to get a clean pin. It’s probably not going to happen but Henry needs to be put over a lot more than Sheamus does.
  • Swagger vs. Del Rio will be a great match that nobody cared about. Both of them are great workers who are still missing a small part of their overall game that prevents them from being in that upper tier. The storytelling here was superb, with ADR working over Swagger’s arm for most of the match. ADR’s backstabber while Swagger was suspended on the second rope was a sight to see. Also, it was cool to see ADR apply his cross arm breaker in a different position than his usual roll over from standing up.
  • Another great promo from the Shield. I feel like Rollins is still finding his ticks and quirks to fit his character. Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns look like they have their characters down.
  • The tag team match was a fine main event. Everybody got one or two of their signature moves in and looked strong. The finish was done to perfection. Glad Show didn’t have to use the big Knockout to finish Orton. I think that finish says a lot about how they’re keeping Big Show a force to be reckoned with. I wish the same could be said for Mark Henry. While Big Show looks invincible, Mark Henry looks vulnerable in every match.
  • Overall this was a steady episode that featured an ending with two of the bigger heels in the company raising their hands in victory. You don’t see that too often and I would watch that ending just for that visual.

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