04-15-13 WWE RAW




-There is NO WAY this show will be as good as last week, but I can only hope…

-Recap of Ryback taking down Cena at the end of the show and how CM Punk will be on the show tonight.


Handicap Match

Randy Orton & Sheamus vs. The Big Show

-off the bat this is no “night after WrestleMania” kind of crowd. Match was slow until Sheamus gets Big Show up for an electric chair. Orton made the hot tag and had a good exchange with Show before hitting his vertical DDT off the top rope on him. Nice spot that lead into a brogue kick out of nowhere into an RKO on Big Show for the win. Not too bad but what does this lead to?

Winner: Sheamus & Orton


-recap of Friday night where 3MB tried to pull a Shield attack on Triple H only to get the Shield treatment.


-Josh in the back with 3MB and they are calling out the Shield tonight. I love that there are TWO 3 man groups right now in the WWE. One is main event and the other is midcard. Pair little clicks together, they got the roster for it. It could be more like lucha libre with a lot of  man tag team matches. 😉


-3MB do come out to the thing and call Shield out to apologize to them… this gets a loud you suck chant… oh shit they got Brock Lesnar instead!!! Brock then beats the shit out of 3MB and hits an F5 McIntyre. Slater took a lariat on the outside and an F5 onto the barricade, TWICE! Paul Heyman finally comes out to calm Brock down. This got a “one more time” chant. Brock is smiling like he’s going to do it before Heymans stops him and brings him into the ring to remind us that Brock is ready for a fight. They want Triple H… again. Heyman puts over HHH and what he did to Brock at Mania, this promo did more for Triple H than anything HHH could have said. Funny. Heyman puts over the Extreme Rules like only he can. He we wants a steel cage match! Paul Heyman is the man.


United States Champion Antonio Cesaro vs. Kofi Kingston

-the yodeling is killing it for me and not in a good way… pretty good match between these two, picked up at the end with a lot of reversals. The trouble in paradise put Cesaro for the title. Match of the night for sure!

Winner: Kofi Kingston wins the US Title

-he tries to put over that he brought the US title home in an after-match promo…


-The Mick Foley DVD commercial is the shit.


-Cole, Lawler and JBL recap Ziggler cashing in last week, that crowd was awesome! They end up showing the whole thing over again. This leads to Team Ziggler coming to the ring. He gets a mixed reaction. the camera panned to his left arm to focus on to bands he’s wearing, that was odd. Pretty good promo for Ziggler here putting himself over. AJ and Ziggler start kissing and the cameraman now pans over to Big E’s face… odd again when Langston isn’t even reacting and is just standing there. Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez come out to interrupt and they want their rematch tonight.


-Vicki makes the match and for right now.


World Champion Dolph Ziggler w/AJ & Big E Langston vs. Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez

-Swagger and Zeb come out to complain about this and jump Del Rio before the match. Ziggler and crew just watched.

Winner: no contest


-in the back Del Rio’s getting his ankle looked at.


-we’re getting The Undertaker & Team Hell No vs. The Shield next week in the UK!


Primetime Players vs. WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No

-THN makes short work of the PTP’s, not much to say about that, they looked strong. Loud YES chant did erupt.

Winner: Team Hell No


-footage of Ryback from last week is shown, it emphasized the crowd cheering. Ryback doing this promo in the back and in the dark (pre tape). He brings up their contrasting WrestleMania matches and how he realized that being friends with Cena kind of sucks cause he was always there for him but not vice versa. They try to piece together that Cena’s been screwing Ryback by not being there for him when he was getting beat up. This is going long… it had its good moments.


R-Truth vs. Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett

-I wasn’t paying attention until Truth pins Barrett with a DDT… geez.

Winner: Truth


-Brad Maddox and Vicki in the back when Teddy Long walks in and is making matches behind Booker T’s back.


Great Khali w/Hornswoggle & Natalya & Santino vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

-Scholars cut a promo before the match, it was fine. They won this thing with a Sandow rollup on Santino. Not much here.

Winner: Scholars


-Jerry Lawler is in the ring and talks about Fandango’ing and what has been going on with it since last Monday. He then intros him properly. They make it seem like its taken over the world, hilarious. Cole puts over this theme on the charts around the world. They make it sound like the song charted further than it did. Haha Curtis wants Lawler to dance but he bounces instead. He then asks the crowd if they want to go fandango’ing over and over again. He then leads the crowd in saying his name properly… this kid might have just gotten himself over ala Rock style but then he turns on them. Too bad I think this was kinda working.


-Striker in the back with Cena, something about stuff was said by him.


Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter vs. World Champion Dolph Ziggler w/Big E Langston & AJ

-match was good, out of nowhere Swagger rolls up Ziggler and pins him… even after winning the title Ziggler is still jobbing.

Winner: Swagger

-Del Rio then attacked Swagger on the stage. Del Rio gets the arm breaker while Swagger hangs off the stage, looked good. refs break this up. I see triple threat matches here.


-Another Sheamus promo interrupted by Mark Henry.


-CM Punk and Paul Heyman are out next. Punk plays up beat up as the crowd starts to chant his name. he brings up what he did with his long title reign, the Rock and how he wanted more which lead to the Undertaker. He’s playing modest which is getting mixed chants… this breaks into a massive Undertaker/CM Punk chant, only fuck! Punk hugs Paul and walks off. Paul looks confused. Punk then leaves from the side of the stage…?! interesting.


-Booker T scolds Teddy Long in the back. Booker changes shit around and makes the triple threat match for the World Title.


Diva’s Champion Kaitlyn vs. Nicki Bella w/Brie

-didn’t want it, they pull off twin magic for the Bella’s win.

Winner: Brie


-Battle royal on Main Event this Wednesday for the a shot at the Intercontinental Title


-Orton & SHeamus vs. Show and Henry is announced for Friday.


-John Cena comes out with smiles, yellow shirts and the WWE Title… mixed reaction for this fool. He calls out Ryback like if he was a little kid… wuw, what the fuck just happened…?! They show the back where the camera catches Seth Rollins getting ready…!? Ooops! Someone fucked up big time. Cena yells about stuff and things about Ryback. During this Lawler and Cole reference this fuck up with the camera catching Rollins. These two eye fuck until Ryback walks off… crowd boos this. The Sheild’s music then hits… we were all waiting. Shield come over the barricade almost alluding like they are in on this with Ryback. Shield then attack Cena while Ryback just watches. After they are done Ryback walks up the stage to watch Cena take the super bomb. The crowd actually bust into a one more time chant. haha Ryback walks to the back and the show is over. Shield stand strong again.


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One Response to “04-15-13 WWE RAW”

  1. tellstarcookie Says:

    These “adults” who are wrestlers need to remember that there are children in the audience. What ever happened to role models. When the wrestlers attack because they are not getting their way are sending the wrong message to children. Someone needs to give Fandango away dance lessons. He is disguesting.

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