Smackdown [April 12, 2013]


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Chris Jericho proves again that he’s the MVP of the WWE roster.


  • That was one of the best opening segments in a long time. Swagger, Colter, Ziggler, and Jericho all showed great chemistry with each other. Big E. Langston’s intro was good as well. I think he’s going to blow up as soon as they let him talk more. He’s way to eloquent to be just a scary big guy.
  • How good is Jericho? Chris Jericho deserves some sort of MVP award for the first quarter. The WWE just feels right when he’s on the roster. Whenever Jericho goes away from the roster, there’s a void that just can’t be filled.
  • The finish for the Team Hell No victory was somewhat interesting. A lot of fans think Team Hell No should break up but I think there’s a lot of feuds for them to work with. I’d love to see Team Hell No take on any combination of the Shield for the Tag titles.
  • Nice to see the Shield pick another fight with Team Hell No and the Undertaker. I hope they get a chance to work with the Undertaker on pay per view soon.
  • Barrett-Santino was very short. Santino got some offense in, including an unsuccessful Cobra attempt. Barrett did a nice counter to the Cobra with a mafia kick to Santino’s arm. I’m not sure what it is but there’s something missing from Wade Barrett.
  • Great video recap on Wrestlemania weekend. Lot’s of touching moments here. It’s cool to see WWE make its premier pay per view a huge cultural event for the host city.
  • The divas six-lady tag match was odd. I liked how Kaitlyn went all spear crazy to clear Tamina and one of the Bellas out of the ring. They really need to put the Diva’s title on Naomi sooner than later. They won’t know what type of following she’ll have if they never give her a chance to speak on the mic or wrestle in singles matches.
  • Seeing The Shield retreat for two shows in a row is hard to take. I suppose the pay off is when they eventually beat their given opponents at the next pay per view. However, it’s always nice to see the Shield beat down one of the WWE’s top tier stars.
  • I liked how Big Show kept attacking Randy Orton’s ribs throughout the handicap match. Also, Big Show opting to take the countout was a good move. I don’t think we should be seeing Big Show getting pinned clean too often. He’s so much better off giving off the notion that he’s almost unbeatable.
  • Mark Henry reigniting his feud with Sheamus? I’m only for it if Mark Henry finally gets a clean pin or two over Sheamus.
  • How many minor singles titles does Kofi Kingston need? His character needs a major title run at this point in his career. While folks like the Miz have moved upward and won the WWE World Championship, Kofi has been aimlessly moving laterally winning minor title after minor title.
  • Despite the interference, Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler wrestled one of their best match together thus far. There wasn’t a moment that stood out but it was fine match between two wrestlers at the top of their game.
  • I consider the final segment with Fandango a heat check. It seemed like the WWE wanted to see how the crowd would react to Fandango getting another one over on Jericho. Unfortunately, there was little to no reaction. You could hear some theme song humming, but the reaction overall was mostly nil. Fandango-ing is at its infancy and we don’t really know for sure if it’s going to be culturally significant as the Harlem Shake was a month ago. Since internet memes come and go so quickly, will Fandango be pushed while the iron is hot? Will Fandango’s shelf life be as quick as an internet meme’s lifespan? We should have answers by the time Summer comes around. I don’t think they should put a major title around Fandango soon, but I do think a rushed face turn might turn the fans in Fandango’s favor. Jericho is too over as a face for the fans to cheer Fandango on.
  • Overall this was a very entertaining episode. Go ahead and skip to the main event to see Jericho and Ziggler put forth a pretty entertaining match.

Quick Results


  • Lillian Garcia introduces Big E. Langston, who then introduces Dolph Ziggler in a very Ricardo Rodriguez-esque way.

  • Dolph Ziggler talks himself up and says that he’s the future of the company, and that the future is now. He recaps how 80 thousand people were chanting his name during a match that he wasn’t in at Wrestlemania. He tries to heel it up for the crowd, but the crowd still cheers him on.

  • Jack Swagger comes out with Zeb Colter. Colter properly introduces himself and says that Jack Swagger should be thanked for Ziggler’s title. Ziggler tells Swagger blew his chance at the World Title. Swagger starts walking up the ring steps but decides to fall back. Colter warns Ziggler that he should give Jack Swagger a title shot sooner than later.

  • Alberto Del Rio interrupts Zigger as well. ADR comes out limping in jeans. ADR congratulates Ziggler, and then says that Ziggler will be crying when ADR gets his rematch. He ends his promo with “hasta la vista, baby.”

  • Ziggler starts to lose his shit over being interrupted, which brings out Chris Jericho. Jericho walks out to a huge reaction. He runs through a catch phrase and then starts an “AJ’s Crazy” chant. AJ starts to unravel. Jericho calls himself the original “showoff.” Jericho reveals that Ziggler’s first title defense is against him.

  • Team Hell No defeats The Prime Time Players when Daniel Bryan submits Titus O’Neil with the No Lock.

  • The Shield come on the Titan-Tron and talk about knowing when to retreat and when to attack. They talk about Kane getting overconfident being reunited with his Brothers of Destruction partner, the Undertaker.

  • Wade Barrett pins Santino Marella via Bull Hammer

  • They show a video recap of Wrestlemania weekend.

  • Sheamus speaks with Booker T and Teddy Long in the back. Randy Orton joins the conversation. Both are upset with Booker, Teddy tries to calm everybody’s nerves. Booker makes a handicap match, Orton and Sheamus versus the Big Show. Booker is upset with Teddy as the segment ends.

  • The Bella’s and Tamina Snuka defeat The Funkadactyls and Kaitlyn when they pinned Naomi out of nowhere

  • Triple H comes out and hams it up for the crowd. He says he told the crowd that the ass kicker is back. 3MB interrupt Triple H, as he stands there smirking. The Shield come down and take 3MB out. Team Hell No come out for the save and the Shield retreats again and they go to commercial.

  • Big Show is pissed at Booker T for booking the handicap match. Big Show claims that Booker T is biased and that he just wants to walk out. Booker T dares Show to walk out so he make sure Big Show’s contract is rendered useless.

  • Randy Orton and Sheamus defeat Big Show via countout

  • Sheamus gets interviewed in the back but is attacked and destroyed by Mark Henry.

  • Kofi Kingston pins Antonio Cesaro with Trouble in Paradise. Kofi now gets a title shot at Extreme Rules.

  • Fandango makes his way to the announcers’ table with his full entrance. The crowd finally starts Fandango-ing when Fandango reaches the ring apron.

  • Dolph Ziggler pins Chris Jericho with a roll up when Big E. Langston blasted Jericho in the head when Fandango provided a distraction

  • After the match, Big E. and Ziggler rocked Jericho with their finishers. Fandango cleans up Jericho with his off the top leg drop, while the fans serenade him with his theme song.

  • The show ends after Fandango says his name.


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