FighterHayabusa Wrestlemania 29 Podcast


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5 Responses to “FighterHayabusa Wrestlemania 29 Podcast”

  1. zankarne Says:

    OH MY GOD A PODCAST!!! I’ve missed this so so much!

    If WM was a minor PPV it would’ve been a great buy, but for a WM? It was dull, broing and had nothing really to it.
    Where was Ryder? The Divas champion? The show was 3:45, so there was enough time even for the Brodus feel good moment.

    The matches? Fuck giving away titles on YouTube. My match of the night was the tag team match, even though I would’ve loved to see a title change and a Hell No split. I was more invested in this shit then anything else.

    Taker/Punk? Never had my interest. Punk is one of my favourites, but he’s not there yet. Spot of the night was the GTS reversal in that quick tombstone.

    Hunter/Brock: Expected so much more. More Tables, more chairs, more Kendosticks. Basically last years streak match just way more brutal. Also the ending was just as boring as expected.

    Rock/Cena: I never questioned Cena winning this, the execution was just so utterly boring. Why even bother at this moment?

    Henry/Ryback: It should’ve ended with the shellshock. Ryback would’ve needed this to keep rolling.

    Team SuperFace vs The Shield: Nice booking, good ending. Enjoyed this almost as much as the tag team match.

    Fandango vs. Y2J: According to Jericho we don’t know shit about Pro Wrestling, but I wanted to see him against Cesaro, who is one of the best young studs they have atm.

    ADR vs. Swagger: Boring and uninspired. Could’ve been so much more and looked way better on paper.

    Cool Moments? The Living Color, GTS into tombstone was dope, flying Goatface and Ziggler can deliver (and should be more relevant in the upper midcard), Taker’s entrance, The Shield coming through the audience. That’s about it.

    Bad moments? Everything else. No celebrity (apart from Snookie *blargh*, no funny backstage schmock (again except Snookie), no legends involed in anything, no Kofi/Rhodes/Divas champ/Cesaro/… Isn’t WM a place where almost everyone should get a paycheck?

    If it was a regular PPV/special RAW: something 3 and 4 stars
    As a standalone WM: 2 stars

    • zankarne Says:

      Oh, and Rock/Cena 3 is bound to happen at WM XXX. -.- I just hope that he drops the title in between.

    • zankarne Says:

      Also to lighten up a little bit…

    • Great Puma Says:

      Haha. We’ve missed you, brother! Good points all around.

      There were so many sequences in the ‘Taker-Punk match to mention, but yeah, that GTS into the Tombstone is an instant classic.

      Loved the fast pace that Punk started off with, along with him doing the Old School Rope Walk move. It’s the only ‘Mania match I’ve rewatched. It definitely holds its own against the last four Taker vs. HBK/Triple H matches. Kudos to Punk for hanging with the legends in our sport.

      Thanks as always for stopping by!!!

  2. Hana Says:

    Yay, new podcast!

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