04-08-13 WWE RAW





So my DVR was being an asshole so I missed the first 42 minutes of the show… fuck.


Incontinental Champion The Miz vs. Wade Barrett

-Miz is fired up for this one but Barrett fucks this up by botching Miz’s neck breaker. Crowd seems HOT tonight. Barrett ended this with the bullhammer to retain the title, the crowd loved it. Good stuff.

Winner: Barrett


-Vicki and Baddox in the back when Sheamus comes in to bitch about Big Show, he wants a match. The Orton walks into Booker and he wants a match against Big Show too.


-apparently what I missed at the beginning of the show was Mark Henry getting in John Cena’s face. Booker T gets involved to change the WWE title match to a non title match. #nosense.


Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter vs. World Champion Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez

-Before the match Colter wants the fans to cheer USA… and they do. #sheep. Massive “we want Ziggler” chant. damn! It’s a 2 on 1 match tonight. Match was good but this crowd is asking for someone else right now. ADR finally gets the arm breaker for the tap out.

Winner: Del Rio

-after the match Del Rio favors his leg which Rodriguez and the medic take a look at… uh oh… ZIGGLER’S MUSIC HITS AND THIS CROWD IS LOSING THEIR SHIT!!!! YES!!!!!


World Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler

-Ziggler goes right for the injured leg while the crowd chants Ziggler! He gets the high leg drop….1…2… KICKOUT! Flash kick to Ziggler and the crowd is booing! 1…2…KICKOUT by ZIGGLER! Arm breaker by Del Rio!!!!!! Ziggler fights and Ziggler breaks out by hurting the injured leg… ZIG ZAG!!! THE CROWD CHANTS…ONE, TWO, THREEE!!!!!!!

Winner: New World Champion Dolph Ziggler!

-this crowd made this moment MASSIVE!


-Undertaker is out next and he gets a loud “Undertaker” chant, I love this crowd. He’s talking about dedicating his match to Paul Bearer when THE SHIELD INTERUPT! God damn! Shield surround the ring before pyro goes off and its TEAM HELL NO to save Taker!!!!! FUCK! Sheild get the fuck out of dodge! That was awesome!


-Josh in the back with the New World Champion and his crew. He calls this HIS WrestleMania moment which gets a good reaction by the crowd.


Santino, Zack Ryder & R-Truth vs. 3MB

-no intro for anyone in this match… out of it for this match after those last couple of segments. Santino got the cobra on Slater.

Winner: Santino, Truth and Ryder


-WrestleMania week recap.


-in the back Sheamus & Orton argue about this match tonight…


-Big Show footage of last night after his match, he ain’t happy about what happy and isn’t going down this route anymore so he’s going back to worrying about himself.


Sheamus vs. The Big Show

-Before the match Orton comes out to the ring and they argue who’s getting to Big Show… Orton takes a chance and asks the crowd if they want to see him take on Big Show… this turns into a tweet competition with the winner taking on Show. After the break, Orton won this by 73%!

Randy Orton vs. The Big Show

-Vicki and Booker then come out and change this match to these two guys fighting to take on Big Show…!? The fuck….!?

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

-this match breaks into an Ole chant that throws off Sheamus and Orton. Haha! Massive chant now that I cant make out… Back to the Ole chant, awesome! AND finally a boring chant! they don’t care about this match at all. We want Big Show chant? haha! RVD chant! JBL chant, they even cut to him. King chant! Michael Cole chant! LOL!!! This crowd doesn’t give a FUCK about this match! ECW chant! Randy Savage chant! its like they are keeping this match going just for the chants! Haha Orton is legitimately looks annoyed. They are out there trying but this crowd wants to do some other shit. Sheamus goes over the top rope and Big Show ends to the ring and sends Sheamus into the ringpost. He then comes into the ring to a massive “thank you Big Show”, he knocks Orton the fuck out!

Winner: no contest

-Big Show has never got an ovation like this. Show then drags Orton out and throws him into the barricade. Big spear from Show to Orton on the outside! The crowd breaks out into a “we are awesome” chant!! LOL! Orton is sent over the announce table.


Fandango vs. Kofi Kingston

-Fandango looks more comfortable tonight and is playing up to the crowd while dancing move attempts. Apparently they are humming a song, Cole tries to put it over as Fandango’s music. Jericho runs out and this crowd loses it!

Winner: Fandango by DQ

-Y2J takes Curtis basically down the same ringside path that Big Show did to Orton. They end up in the ring and Jericho gets the Walls of Jericho! Refs try to pull him off while the crowd chants for him. Fandango takes a codebreaker before Jericho poses like him and leaves. After the match his dancer heads into the ring with the match where he says his name even though he’s all beat up! Haha! Funny! After that the crowd hums his music!


-Josh in the back with Paul Heyman. Heyman tries to shit on Jersey but they cheer anyhow. He says Brock took HBK and HHH apart. He then brings up Punk but we ain’t getting him this week… next.


Team Rhodes Scholars & The Bella’s vs. Tensai, Brodus Clay, Naomi & Cameron

-we’re getting it tonight since it didn’t make the ppv last night. Tensai and Clay come out in pins striped suits… this one started during the break but it looks like Sandow is the crowd fave in this one. Sandow takes the double splash for the win. Crowd didn’t like that. Girls didn’t do much.

Winners: Clay, Tensai, Naomi & Cameron


Mark Henry vs. WWE Champion John Cena

-Henry gets a loud ovation before breaking into Henry’s song! Cena is trying to play to the crowd and is stealing moves from Fandango, #notcool. Its not long before Henry is beating down Cena. Jerry Lawler informs us that Rock got injured during the match last night, stupid Cena. The crowd chants “same old shit” when Henry takes Cena to the announce table. haha. Henry almost gets the WSS but Cena fights out. Cena then throws Henry into the steps and wins by countout… ugh.

Winner: Cena by countout.

-Henry comes back in and hits the WSS on Cena before posing with the WWE Title. Ryback’s music then hits and he comes out to brawl with Henry. Stiff meat hook takes Henry down. Henry rolls out as Ryback starts his chant and the crowd actually goes into it. Ryback then looks over Cena who looks like he just pooped himself. Ryback offers his hand and the crowd boos. They both stare before Cena stands on the ring apron to boos. Ryback starts another feed me more chant! RYBACK THEN CLOTHESLINES CENA!!!! SHELLSHOCK!!! CROWD GOES NUTS! Ryback then stands over Cena with the WWE Title as the crowd chants feed me more!


-I’m exhausted!








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One Response to “04-08-13 WWE RAW”

  1. tellstarcookie Says:

    Ziggler didn’t win the belt. He couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag in a fair fight or without his 2 girlfriends. If Del Rio hadn’t been hurt Ziggler never would have gotten the belt. Good going Jericho. Fandango away had it coming. If wrestling is going to have bad guys, at least give our eyes a break and have them good looking. My eyes are getting shell shock from looking at so many ugly men on wrestling. Fandango away can’t dance. I do ballroom dancing and he stinks and so does whatever you call her.

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