WrestleMania 29 – Thoughts & Predictions



WWE Championship Match

The Rock vs. John Cena

Mascara De Fuego: John Cena. I don’t want to see this outcome, I really do not but if makes sense for this story. After being on the short hand of the Rock for the last 2 WrestleMania’s, its only fitting that they let him get one in this year. Not really sure what else to say for this match except for that I hope New York/New Jersey shits on John Cena after he wins. The Rock has to be commended for keeping to such a crazy schedule lately, he has hustled. I did want to see him wrestle a match on RAW but I guess it makes sense that at this level, you have to PAY  to see him wrestle. Rock should disappear for a bit after Mania, that guy needs a day off.

Great Puma: John Cena. The Rock has dominated this feud in every way since it re-started in January. While Cena is getting more boos than cheers in recent weeks, The Rock is approaching the zone he used to be in during his prime, when everybody in the arena would be hanging and reacting to every word he said. Shouldn’t your champion be that guy instead of Cena, who is riding a 50/50 split at every arena he walks into? I realize putting Cena over is the Rock’s way of giving back to the fans and the WWE, but I will not be pleased at all when it happens. Let’s hope Punk-Taker is pushed back to the main event to send everyone home happy.

The Undertaker vs. CM Punk

Great Puma: The Undertaker. It’s unfortunate that Paul Bearer’s death made this the most compelling and important feud in pro wrestling. This is also considered the true main event for the hardcore wrestling fan base. As great as CM Punk has been in the past two years, he still doesn’t carry enough gravity to hang with the Undertaker. Punk will never admit it, but he is going to have to try his best to wrestle a match that is on par with the last four Undertaker matches at Wrestlemania. Shawn Michaels and Triple H raised the bar and have stolen the show four years in a row. Can Punk top those matches, or at least have a match that can be mentioned in the same breath as its predecessors? I think Punk could do it, but both Punk and Taker have to take each other to a another level.

Mascara De Fuego: The Undertaker. I think they should have spent more time building this match, maybe starting earlier than they did. Everyone knew this is the route they would go if Taker wrestled but they could have used the fact that people knew to build on it. How? Maybe subtle Undertaker Easter eggs in Punk matches or promos, something like that. Unfortunately this match got a push in the death of Paul Bearer. With that, they were able to give this match focus besides just the “I have to beat Taker at Mania”. Taker now has a reason to beat Punk while Punk uses this as a weakness to Taker. That last scene on the go-home RAW made Punk look maniacal which gave him one last good push going into Sunday. I don’t think anyone is picking Punk to win this one but at least they gave it a great visual with Punk spreading the ashes all over Taker and himself. By the way that show ended you would have thought this was going to be the main event… I’m ok with that!

No Holds Barred Match with Triple H’s Career On The Line

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar 

Mascara De Fuego: Triple H. Another match with an outcome I would not prefer. Brock should be treated like there is nothing can stop him, he should be a special attraction monster that people need to run from. Keeping this guy strong would make the most sense  if you’re thinking of going Rock vs. Brock for WrestleMania 30. It’s the 30th WrestleMania, you NEED that card to be the most stacked! But maybe that’s for a different post. Anyhow Triple H will win this match and get his retribution from getting him and his buddies beat up by Brock for the last year. Happy ending for him, not anyone else…

Great Puma: Triple H. I want Brock to win but it’s not going to happen here. The WWE is paying Brock major amounts of money to make the WWE’s inner circle look great. As of right now, I don’t see Brock Lesnar as this invincible fighter that was, at one point, at the top of the UFC. Right now, I see a dominating wrestler that can’t win on the biggest stage of them all.

World Championship Match

Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter

Great Puma: Alberto Del Rio. I’m going full mark with this pick. Why reward the guy who gets in trouble with the law at the start of his mega push? It doesn’t add up unless they just wanted to flip flop Del Rio into the challenger role for future pay per views. Swagger’s arrest leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and Del Rio has been nothing short of amazing being a company man. The most interesting parts of this feud are Ricardo and Colter.

Mascara De Fuego: Jack Swagger. I thought this buildup had potential to be good but overall its been a little flat for me. The best part of this whole feud was Ricardo. He’s been going out there and selling his ass off. Colter has been a bonus for Swagger but its tapering off. They need a boost and maybe changing the title could be a way to do that. Having Del Rio contend for the title might be a better move that trying to get this reign over right now. He can come back in a few pay per views to win the title back.

Randy Orton, Sheamus & Big Show vs. The Shield

Great Puma: The Shield. I’m just really tired of Sheamus winning all the damn time. The Shield needs this win, while neither of the faces will still be  any less over if they lost to the Shield every month for the rest of 2013. Dean Ambrose should get his huge moment here, while the rest of the Shield shine just as bright. If this ends with a Brogue Kick for a face win, I’ll be sorely disappointed.

Mascara De Fuego: The Shield. Although I don’t see it being a clean win, the Shield will win this one if they are smart. This is your future and you need to continue to spend the time to keep these guys undefeatable and special. I think Team Orton will implode leading to this victory with Orton possibly turning here. Maybe Orton and Show can make a mega tag team that they can use in the tag division. Look, the roster is FULL of guys not doing a damn thing so pair them up and put emphasis on that tag division again. There is nothing wrong with mega teams in this day and age if its going to help get the tag titles over again.

Ryback vs. Mark Henry

Mascara De Fuego: Ryback. It wont be pretty but it should set up for a “WrestleMania moment” with Ryback hopefully picking up Henry for the shellshock. I do want to see Henry get back into the World Title picture after this. Not sure what you do with Ryback though? Maybe time to put a secondary title on him?

Great Puma: Mark Henry. For some reason, I don’t think they’re setting up a moment where Ryback picks Mark Henry up for the finish. I actually don’t think he can, but I want to be wrong. My gut feeling is that Mark Henry has been in this business too long to be putting Ryback over so quick into his newfound place in the upper tier. I like Ryback, but I just like Henry just a little bit more.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

Kane & Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler & Big E. Langston w/AJ

Mascara De Fuego: Ziggler & Langston. Ziggler on his own right now is just getting passed by. With Langston he’s getting a little bit of moment so maybe a short run with the tag titles can help. Also, having AJ win the Diva’s title would give this group more of a super team feel. It’s time for Bryan and Kane to go back to singles and hopefully both can be built back up setting up for a match next year. Adding the World Title might be a nice touch as well.

Great Puma: Kane & Daniel Bryan. I think a lot of the wrestling fans are ready for Team Hell No to break up. But for some reason, I think Tri-State ‘Mania fans go all Canadien-Bizarro and cheer on Team Hell No. I expect this match to be a showcase for Langston, and I think he will impress.

Chris Jericho vs. Fandango

Great Puma: Chris Jericho. This is my inner mark pulling for Y2J. I expect Fandango to look more than great due to his own talent along with some help from Y2J’s veteran leadership. I want this match to steal the show in one way or another. I don’t know how, but I want these two to surprise me.

Mascara De Fuego: Fandango. WWE is pulling out all the stops for Johnny Curtis and hopefully with Jericho helping, it will pay off. I want this match to be the best of the night but it wont be. I would have loved to have seen Jericho vs. Cesaro on this card instead.

Brodus Clay, Tensai & The Funkadactyls vs. Team Rhodes Scholars & The Bella Twins

Mascara De Fuego: Team Clay. Cameron and Naomi will gets a small WrestleMania moment, other than that this match will be the buffer between main events.

Great Puma: Team Clay. This is for the 12 and under crowd. But yeah, like MDF said, this is definitely a buffer match so the audience can catch their breath.

Pre-show, WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

Wade Barrett vs. The Miz

Mascara De Fuego: The Miz. Don’t care about this match or this feud to get these guys onto the big show. The biggest casualty in all this is the I-C title.

Great Puma: The Miz. I will be going to get more slices of pizza while this match is going on. That being said, I will be drinking to the Figure Four Leglock making its triumphant return to Wrestlemania as a finisher!

Will Antonio Cesaro get a WrestleMania Match?

Great Puma: Yes. They’ll sneak him against Kofi or some other sacrificial face. The Tri-state fans will go apeshit and Cesaro will get a bigger push post-‘Mania than he already has now. Yes, this is wishful thinking.

Mascara De Fuego: No. If they would have kept his momentum up I would have called this a big loss to the card but they’ve been sleeping on him since WrestleMania season start so its not biggie right now.

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One Response to “WrestleMania 29 – Thoughts & Predictions”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    I’m hoping Del Rio wins. Swagger doesn’t deserve to win. Besides, Del Rio is a better wrestler. Swagger has been brainwashed into thinking only natural born Americans should be in this country. I don’t like bigots and I don’t like the private militia and that’s exactly what Swagger and Colter act like. That type of person is not a real American.

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