04-01-13 WWE RAW




It’s the go-home show, come up and get me excited for WrestleMania!!!

-recap guy goes over Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Punk, Undertaker, Cena, Rock and HBK will be on the show tonight!


-JBL, Lawler and Cole on commentary tonight.


-Cena then starts off the show, great. If I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m over this “character”. Anyhow, he makes stupid political jokes and talks about Rock, WrestleMania and how its different this year… He even calls Rock the greatest WWE Champion at all time before saying he will fall. Not a John Cena crowd tonight, loudest “Cena sucks” chant that there has been in a while. Cena even brought up the new title belt calling it the “Rock’s belt”… oh no don’t bring back the spinner! He clears this up by saying he’s going to hold onto this belt as a symbol n shit. Cena did fuck up in his promo saying that this was the Rock first title defense forgetting that it was defended at the LAST ppv against CM Punk… dumb ass. And oh by the way for the first time in a long time this fool got “boring” chants, loud ones! HAHA! Kind of a heel promo but this fool.


3MB vs. Randy Orton, Sheamus & The Big Show

-squash, nothing of note.

Winner: BS.O.S.

-The Shield show up through the crowd after the match but decide to talk instead of coming to the ring. They question these three together and their allegiance.


-the cut to earlier comments from Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger in front of the state capital. Same ol’ story.


-after those comments we get Matt Striker with Alberto Del Rio who talks about the freedom of speech and how he’s taking on Colter tonight…?


Vince is on Twitter… oh I think I prefer Angry Vince instead.


WWE Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan w/Kane vs. Dolph Ziggler w/AJ & Big E Langston

-We’ve seen this match a couple of weeks ago but at least it can be better than anything else tonight. Match was pretty good, it ends with Big E causing the distraction on the outside for the Ziggler rollup! Langston then had a big show of force after the match taking Bryan down, then breaking out of a Kane chokeslam to hit him with his move! Ziggler and Langston pose with the belts to end the segment.

Winner: Ziggler


-recap of Brock’s attack on HBK from August. This brings Mr. WrestleMania out… wearing the worst hunting outfit… so odd. Recaps stuff before some big ol’ fly lands on his hat. Does HBK smell that bad?? Its not long before shaved head McGee comes out to join his buddy. Cole says that if HHH loses he wont be able to “wrestle” ever again. Needless to say it was HBK that made this promo… guess he’s going to be in HHH’s corner on Sunday…?


-This brings out Brock and Heyman. Paul is on point tonight with his promo going on about how HHH is going to be a disappointment to everyone by losing on Sunday. Good shit.


-Miz and Barrett get pushed to the WrestleMania preshow…


Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett vs. Zack Ryder

-long squash with Barrett staring at Miz the entire match.

Winner: Barrett


-Brad Maddox and Vicki in the back, this dude sucks. Santino walks up to tell Vicki that Mr. McMahon is here and he’s pissed… this was an April fools joke by Santino… they send Santino to the ring…


-P. Diddy is performing at WrestleMania… great.


Santino vs… Mark Henry

-quick comedy squash, fucking Santino’s still got it.

Winner: Henry

-after the match Ryback heads to the ring to eye fuck with Henry. Henry gets on the mic to remind Ryback that they have a no contact clause until WrestleMania. Ryback then uses Santino to touch Henry by dumping him onto Henry. Get got a good feed me more chant by doing this.


-Colter and Swagger talking shit over in the back before this match.


-Striker in the back with CM Punk who’s asked if he is disrespecting the memory of Paul Bearer. He cuts a promo on beating the Undertaker on Sunday.


Zeb Colter w/Jack Swagger vs. World Champion Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez  

-Ricardo gets his intro in but Del Rio sends him to the back before the match… he still comes to the ringside… its not long before Swagger is cornering Ricardo. Del Rio makes the save but then gets attacked by Zeb and a crutch for the DQ.

Winner: Del Rio by DQ

-after the match Colter and Swagger beat Del Rio down with both crutches. good move to keep this feud high at WrestleMania although you know it feels like the 4th match in priorities.


-The Rock is up next! The difference between these two is obvious, the Rock is a SUPER star!


-You know people aren’t going to buy Cena as “the man” when not even The Rock can get him over… he will never be on the level of Austin, HBK, Bret or The Rock, ever. This crowd is heavily into The Rock as he builds into his “finally…” line, god damn! Rock says it “ain’t about passing the torch” on Sunday. Well, that’s the truth… SOLID promo where he finishes with saying how Cena will never win the will of the people. No one does it anymore like when these dude is on!


Chris Jericho vs. United States Champion Antonio Cesaro

-wasn’t this one of the idea’s for Y2J at WrestleMania taking on Cesaro? Things were picking up in this match when Fandango and his lady come out and dance. During the break Fandango starts to score Jericho’s moves with number cards. Fandango finally takes a baseball slide by Jericho before going for the Wall of Jericho on Cesaro.. he gets in and Cesaro taps.

Winner: Y2J

-right after the match Fandango attacks Jericho, he gets a massive ‘you can’t wrestle” chant. Jericho takes 2 leg drops off the top before we get Fandango poses and his name.


-Trish tweets that she wants Stephanie to induct her into the Hall of Fame…. Uh? Come on, what about Lita?


Cameron & Naomi w/Tensai & Brodus Clay vs. The Bella’s w/Team Rhodes Scholars

-I have to say this was actually the best Diva’s match in a long time! Damn, I was kind of shocked here! Good shit! Bella’s steal with one on a roll up.

Winner: Bella’s


-Looks like The Undertaker and Punk are finishing off RAW… could this be a sign that the WWE knows that people aren’t going to be happy about Cena winning and are going to put Taker vs. Punk on last to send the crowd home happy on Sunday?? Hmmm… Taker talks about Punk’s reign as champion briefly before Taker threatens Punk… then mentions that the streak “might” end on Sunday… weird. We then get the monk music as monks come out to the stage holding torches. They are taking their time with this set up… Paul Heyman then comes out to the stage dressed as Paul Bearer, makeup and all. Taker heads up the stage and attacks the Monks knowing that CM Punk was going to be one of these Monks. Punk and Taker then brawl on the stage until Taker takes urn shots. I could be mistaken but that sounded like a loud CM Punk chant… oh shit loud battling CM Punk/Undertaker chants!!! Punk continues to beat on Taker with the urn before opening it and pouring ashes all over Taker! FUCK! oh my god, Punk is rubbing the ashes on his chest and all over his face. God damn! Punk poses with the urn over Taker and we are OUT!


-well THAT is how you end a go-home show going into the biggest show of the year!












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One Response to “04-01-13 WWE RAW”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    Langsston and AJ should NOT be allowed near the ring. How long is Swagger going to get away with attacking Rodriguez? He needs to be stoped along with his girl friend. Oops. companion. Fandango away should not be allowed to be near the ring unless he is in a match. Good going Ryback.

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