03-25-13 WWE RAW



I’ll be Tweeting during the show starting now @MascaraDeFuego! The usual report will be up after RAW.

-The opening pushes The Rock and Cena being on the show tonight. They also go over what’s going on with CM Punk and The Undertaker.


-After the intro CM Punk comes out to the ring, this time Paul Heyman is in toe and he’s carrying the urn. Punk puts the urn in the middle of the ring before talking about how people “they” say this thing holds Takers Powers, etc. Punk says that although he urn means something to Taker it means nothing to him. Good promo. During this an ECW chant breaks out.


-we get the gongs and the lights are out… they came back on and Taker is in the ring and beating the shit out of Punk! Finally Heyman and Punk escape and run for the back. The still have the urn. Big Undertaker chant in Philly tonight, they fucked it up by cutting to Punk’s music too fast and not juicing this.


Fandango vs. ???

-They are spending a lot of money on Fandango’s entrance. He could barely say his own name before Jericho runs down and the brawl begins! Crowd was hot for Jericho! Fandango bounces and Ziggler heads out for their match….!

Winner: no contest


Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler w/Big E Langston & AJ

-Right into this match they go, according to Cole with match was suppose to go down later in the night. Slow paced match to start and into the break. Langston did get involved behind the ref’s back. Ziggler straight out taps out to the Wall of Jericho. After the match Jericho is flattened by Big E. I’d much prefer this match at Mania than Fandango and Jericho… Fandango comes out and they dance over Y2J’s body. Jericho is then attacked while being asked what his name is. Huge you cant wrestle chant during this beat down. Jericho is finished off with a leg drop from the top ala Bobby Eaton! At least that’s good.

Winner: Jericho


-Sheamus is asked about last Friday’s match with Show and Orton taking on 3MB, how they aren’t getting along. During his answer, he’s beat up by the Shield. Orton and Big Show match the save. Things look better between the three, awww.


Mark Henry vs. The Uso’s

-The Uso’s did get some moves in this match, one of which was a splash off the top for a 2 count. That doesn’t last long and Henry hits the WSS for the win. He finishes off the other Uso too. There was actually a feed me more chant that was pretty loud.

Winner: Henry


World Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. United States Champion Antonio Cesaro

-Cesaro has a shirt… and of course is says some shit on the back, god dammit! Ricardo comes out a little late since he’s on crutches, kids a fucking actor and a half! During the match Colter causes the distraction but Del Rio recovers with a superplex. Swagger comes through the crowd and starts to drag Ricardo away from his bad foot when Del Rio catches his ass and beats on Swagger until he gets counted out. Cesaro wins one… by count out… after the match Del Rio beats up Cesaro and puts the arm breaker on him. Sore loser. Ricardo acts his ass off once again.

Winner: Cesaro by countout


WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No vs. Primetime Players

-No Pancake at ringside. Tag Champions keep the PTP’s down when Team Ziggler shows up on the stage. it doesn’t matter the tag champs with a Kane chokeslam

Winner: THN


-recap of last Monday’s contract signing for HHH and Brock with the retirement stip.


-This leads to Triple H (and his haircut) to come out and talk about the retirement stip. Still sounds like HHH is trying to convince himself that he’s badass, doesn’t he?? there might have been a faint boring chant during that.


-Wade Barrett interrupts this and heads into a stare down with HHH. HHH kicks this dude in the nuts… not cool dude.


Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett vs. The Miz

-This match is still going to happen after this kick to the balls. Cole and Lawler talk about thumb wrestling while Barrett beats on Miz… this got audible boring chants after a commercial break. Miz made a comeback and teased the figure four before getting it on and beating Barrett… why bother having the US or IC Title anymore? Don’t want to see this at Mania…

Winner: Miz


-Team Hell No in the back yell and forth about Ziggler and Langston and either one not getting over AJ. Kaitlyn walks up to get them straight on her when AJ eavesdrops on this. AJ then attacks her… 6 person tag?


The Shield vs. Great Khali, Justin Gabriel & Zack Ryder

-Shield make short work of these three. After the match Khali tries to jump these three only to take a super power bomb!

Winners: Shield


-Sheamus and Orton to the ring while Big Show came out of the crowd to surround the Shield in the ring. The brawl breaks out until the Shield get shown up and decide to leave. Orton, Sheamus and Show then awkwardly stare at the WrestleMania sign.


-Jericho in the back walks out of Vicki’s office. Josh stops him and Jericho announces that he’s taking on Fandango at WrestleMania… ugh. Y2J has a shiner.


Team Rhodes Scholars w/The Bella’s vs. Brodus Clay & Tensai w/Naomi & Cameron

-I zoned out only to come back to see all the girls fighting leading to a flash kick and a pin.

Winners: Scholars


-recap of Friday with Ryback taking down Henry with a meat hook clothesline.


Ryback vs. 3MB

-Ryback dominates until Drew gets a good kick in on him. He makes a comeback and destroys these dudes. Mahal and Slater take the shellshock at the same time for the pin.

Winner: Ryback


-AJ skips in the back….


-Schwarzenegger is inducting Sammartino!


AJ vs. Diva’s Champion Kaitlyn

-actually a stiff hitting match that spills to the outside, leading to Kaitlyn taking the barricade. She gets counted out after that.

Winner: AJ by countout


-WWE13 has been rereleased by 2K Sports. Saved the franchise.


WWE Hall of Fame Panel for John Cena and WWE Champion The Rock

-the panel is lead by Lawler and consists of Smackdown GM Booker T, Saturday Morning Slam GM Mick Foley,  NXT GM Dusty Rhodes and Bret The Hitman Hart. Both Cena and Rock greet the panel before taking their respective podiums.

-Foley brings up tag teaming with Rock and losing their match but glad to see Rock win last year. He asks Cena if he is ready with the regret if he loses again this year.

-this got a Cena sucks chant.

-Cena says whatever happens at Mania will change the WWE forever…. he yip yaps about the Eagles football team. His shit makes no sense.

-Rock gets a chant before he can even answer Cena.

-god dammit no one does this shit like the Rock. He runs down all the stumbles he’s had and how he’s overcome them.

-Bret compares Cena and Rock to himself and HBK. He asks what changed between them since last year.

-both go humble with their answers to respecting each other.

-Booker asks why Cena is going to beat the Rock at Mania… Cena looked stumped before saying ‘because he has to’ all serious n shit.

-Rock shits on this. haha!

-Cena says he beat himself last year… when he made a stupid decision by gloating.

-Cena then proclaims he is better than the Rock and that the Rock knows this…. cute.

-Rock quotes Flair, telling Cena to be the man you have to beat the man.

-all of a sudden my DVR did something odd and jumped to the end with Cena getting in Rock’s face only to take a Rock bottom to end the show!?


-well as lackluster as Rock vs. Cena is this year at least its got less of the stupid shit and more of the seriousness.




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