Smackdown [March 22, 2013]


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This episode should have been called the Sheamus, Big Show, and Randy Show.

Cincinnati, OH

  • Randy Orton and Sheamus join the Miz on MIZTV. Orton and Sheamus recap Big Show helping them out last Monday. Big Show comes out and says that he can’t stand Orton or Sheamus, but they could defeat the Shield at Wrestlemania if they work together. Sheamus brings up his trust issues and Orton tries to play peacemaker.
  • Future Hall of Famer, Booker T, comes out and says that he needs to know if they can get along. He puts them in a six man tag match against 3MB.
  • Mark Henry destroys Zack Ryder via World’s Strongest Slam
  • After the match Ryback enters the ring. Ryback and Mark Henry collide and Henry goes down from a clothesline, and he rolls out of the ring to retreat. HUGE ‘feed me more’ chant as the segment ends.
  • They cut to Booker T and Teddy Long backstage. Long tells Booker that he met with Vicky Guerrero to book Ryback vs. Mark Henry at Wrestlemania. Booker T says that Teddy should only be working for him. Long takes offense to that and says he should be working “with” Booker T.
  • They show Booker T’s Hall of Fame induction video. Afterwards the announcers and the arena crowd gave Booker T a well-deserved standing ovation.
  • Dolph Ziggler pins Kofi Kingston via Zig Zag
  • They cut to Big Show arguing with Sheamus in the locker room. Orton tries to be the glue guy again.
  • Jack Swagger (w/ Zeb Colter) pins Chris Jericho via Swagger Bomb
  • Near the end of the match, Fandango came out and eniziguri’d Jericho in the face to change the momentum in the match.
  • After the match, Fandango blasts Jericho with a legdrop off the top rope.
  • Big Show tells Matt Striker that Orton is right about having to trust Sheamus and Orton.
  • Team Rhodes Scholars are in the ring with the Bella Twins. Damien Sandow puts over the Bella Twins.
  • Brodus Clay and Tensai battle Team Rhodes Scholars to a no contest when the Bellas and the Funkadactyls brawl on the outside and interfere with the match.
  • Matt Striker interviews Sheamus and Randy Orton about trusting the Big Show.
  • The Miz submits Antonio Cesaro via Figure Four Leglock
  • Randy Orton, Sheamus and Big Show defeat 3MB with a Brogue Kick on Drew McIntyre by Sheamus
  • Show and Sheamus start fighting after the match as soon as The Shield come down from the stands. They gather themselves before the Shield can attack. Seth Rollins gets frustrated and seems to suggest that the Shield should retreat to end the show.


  • The opening segment was just okay. Sheamus and Orton are at their best when they’re in singles feuds. This whole feud against the Shield just seems forced. Big Show is the about the only person who looks like they’re trying on the mic here.
  • Typical Mark Henry squash. I hope Zack Ryder reinvents himself soon. Poor guy deserves better.
  • I liked the Booker T-Teddy Long segment regardless of if it means something or not.
  • I can’t say enough about WWE’s great job on these Hall of Fame induction videos. I think this 2013 class might be one of the strongest classes in a long time.
  • Kofi Kingston made every bit of that match exciting as Dolph Ziggler did. Both men worked out to put forth an entertaining match. Kofi was solid as usual and I never get tired of seeing Kofi’s S.O.S. I also liked Big E. taking a plancha to the outside for the team, which was followed by Kofi hitting a famouser on the outside.
  • These Big Show-Sheamus-Orton segment are brutal. They basically repeated the main points of the angle from the MizTV segment.
  • I can’t say enough about how great it is to see Chris Jericho wrestle. He’s arguably the best all around worker on the roster. Swagger held his own as well, and Colter’s interference showed great timing and attention to detail.
  • Fandango’s legdrop from the top was cool to see. I would love it if that was his finisher moving forward.
  • I can’t comment on what happened with the “Bronsai” vs. Rhodes Scholars match but I do know that I had a good time watching the Funkadactyls roll around with the Bellas.
  • It bothers me that Miz gets a less than 3 minutes quash match over Cesaro. It doesn’t make any sense but I suppose I should be used to it. Cesaro also instantly tap without putting up any fight at all. Ugh. However I love the running stomp that Cesaro did on Miz’s belly. Great move.
  • I think 3MB is great and it’s sad that they’re going to be used as fodder for other teams until they get disbanded. The six man was okay. All the faces got their licks in and some of their signature moves got showcased in the match.
  • Overall this was a decent Smackdown but pretty overwhelming for a show on the Road to Wrestlemania.

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One Response to “Smackdown [March 22, 2013]”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    My opinion is: Get rid of The Shield and Fandango. If I want to watch soap operas I’ll put General Hospital on.

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