03-11-13 WWE RAW




Paul Bearer tribute night that further helps build CM Punk vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania.

-At the start Justin Roberts has us all stand for a video package on the late great Paul Bearer. Solid pierce, RIP. This got a good ovation from the crowd. Oh shit we get the Undertaker’s gongs and lighting… solid ovation for Taker here as he makes his way to the ring. There’s an urn in the middle of the ring which Taker stands in front of. Taker gets down and solutes it like he use to for Paul as we get a graphic for Paul on the titantron. OH SHIT its interrupted by CM Punk’s music! Punk comes out to the stage and Taker doesn’t look happy at all.


-Punk then tells the crowd that they got the wrong idea on why he’s out there and he then says he extends his heartfelt condolences and apologizes at Takers loss…. At WrestleMania! (HA!) Punk says Paul will always remember Taker as perfect and 20-0 but that the rest of us get to see him go 20-1 at WrestleMania. Short and to the point, nice! This actually gets a CM Punk chant mixed in the boos before a you suck chant breaks out. Short and to the point, perfect and as disrespectful as I thought they’d go.


-during the break Kane came out almost choke slams Punk off the stage but he escapes and runs off. Now Kane is pissed throwing shit all over the place looking for Punk. Hey look its Alex Riley and he gets thrown over a table and into a trash can.


Big Show vs. Seth Rollins w/The Shield

-So it looks like after RAW went off the air the Shield beat up on Big Show. First time singles match for one of the members of the Shield. Show over powered Rollins before he got sent to the outside and onto Ambrose, at that point the Shield attack for the DQ. Show fights back before taking the big spear by Reigns. Rollins and Ambrose then pick up Show and with Reigns SUPER POWER BOMB the Big Show!!! Shield stand strong onces again. Looks like the Shield as a pose now as all three do a prolongs fist bump.

Winner: Show by DQ


-in the back Punk walks in on Vicki and Maddox, he’s not happy what just happened with Kane. Vicki isn’t happy with what Punk did and puts him in a no DQ match with Kane tonight.


-we get another Paul Bearer video, this was when Brother Love introduces Paul Bearer as taking over the career of The Undertaker. Bruce Pritchard gets a cameo.


WWE Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler w/AJ & Big E Langston

-This is was put on because of bickering between AJ and Bryan on Smackdown. Man, I dig the Bryan beard but he’s got to shave his head, just saying. Good match that goes into the break when Bryan goes to dive onto Ziggler who’s on the outside but Langston gets on the apron to stop him. The pace really picked up after the commercial that was highlighted with a reversal from the top rope on a Bryan back suplex. This match was really good with a lot of near misses, this is going to clearly be match of the night. Ziggler finally gets the win with the zig zag. Really good shit here.

Winner: Ziggler

-after the match AJ has Langston hit his finisher on Bryan.


-recap of Triple H’s promo from last week, he still has short hair. This recap has video of HHH working out… I still can’t believe that although this dude is running the company he’s STILL going to put himself out there to take a big WrestleMania payout. We’re getting Brock tonight to address HHH.


-recap of last week with the Honky Tonk Man dancing with Tensai and Clay before busting his guitar over Slaters head.


Tensai w/Brodus Clay Cameron & Naomi vs. Fandango

-Roberts and Tensai say his name wrong… thus this shit isn’t happening unless Naomi can say his name correctly… Tensai fucks this up so we ain’t getting this match.

Winners: no contest


-long G.I. Joe commercial, oh shit Cobra Commander’s mask looks dope.


-another Paul Bearer, this ones from WrestleMania 20 in 2004 when he came out with The Undertaker.


New Age Outlaws vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

-oh shit Rhodes and Sandow mock Road Dogs “oh you didn’t know” but don’t in proper English, hilarious! Haha! They stole the show with this bit! Only their 2 words where “your’re welcome” haha! The Outlaws come out to do their shtick, crowd was heavily into this. Road Dog says this is “for Percy”, nice. During the match Brock Lesnar’s music hits and the Scholars bounce!

Winner: no contest.

-Lesnar then hits F5’s on the Outlaws before Heyman brings up what Brock has done to Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon in the past before beating on the last of DX with the Outlaws. Paul says the match is on for WrestleMania… but only if they get to name the stipulations AFTER Triple H signs on for the match. Paul Heyman is the shit, god damn can this dude sell anything.


-hey look the Brock Lensar fan from Miami is in the front row! Haha


Kofi Kingston vs. Mark Henry

-Before the match Michael Cole plays up these brief meetings between Henry and Ryback. Although Kofi gets a brief moment ultimately he is over powered by Henry who catches Kofi coming off the top rope and hits the WSS for the pin. Shit looked awesome!

Winner: Henry


-in the back Cody is flirting with Kaitlyn when Sandow walks up and interrupts this shit. He’s made a date with… THE BELLA’S! Guess they are back! Vicki walks up as Kaitlyn walks off to make another match for the Scholars tonight with Orton & Sheamus.


Ryback vs. Heath Slater w/3MB

-before the match starts Mark Henry comes back out to watch this short match. Feed me more chants where loud for this one. Shellshock and pin before McIntyre comes in to attack only to take his own shellshock.

Winner: Ryback

-Henry then comes into the ring to show his dick by hitting the WSS on McIntyre. Ryback then hits another shellshock on Drew before he takes another WSS. McIntyre is basically a brawlin’ buddy for these two. They jaw jack before Henry leaves slowly. Crowd chants feed me more to end this.


-lots of movie plugs for WWE Films.


World Champion Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez vs. United States Champion Antonio Cesaro

-The crowd was really into Ricardo’s intro. I liked this one, good fast paced match with a lot of hard hits. Only complaint, too short and Cesaro is jobbed cleanly. Guess it doesn’t pay to be secondary champions in the WWE, you always lose!

Winner: Del Rio


-Kane in the back with Josh Mathews. He’s asked if this is a trouble time for him. He has an urn which gets an ovation. He goes to say something but he just walks off. Some fan yells “say something” which comes off louder than it should, the fuck?


-Another Paul Bearer moment, this one is from 1997 when Kane debuts doing the Hell in the Cell match by Taker and HBK. You add his other failed gimmicks and Kane’s been around for a long while.


-Cena video on failing at last year’s WrestleMania voiced by his promo from last week. This shit even had pictures from TMZ announcing his divorce…


Randy Orton & Sheamus vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

-match was fine, Sheamus got the hot tag which woke the crowd up. At the end Cody takes an RKO and Sandow takes a brogue kick for the pin.

Winner: Sheamus & Orton


-during the break Sheamus and Orton got into a brawl with The Shield ended with Orton taking a running elbow by Rollins off the stage. Shield stands tall again.


-Tout’s of people’s memories of Paul Bearer.


-Jericho is having a Highlight Reel with Miz and Barrett playing clips of their movies… Miz and Jericho makes jokes on Jericho not having any furniture. Miz and Barrett bicker about movies and stuff before these three get into a “really” fest… shit gets serious between Jericho and Barrett with Y2J bringing up old shit like him being a 9 time IC champ. Brad Maddox is out now, ugh. This TNA reject flubs over his words before getting to the point. Miz and Jericho wrestle tonight and the winner gets Barrett next week. Cole and Lawler talked over Maddox the whole time calling this a shitty segment…


Chris Jericho vs. The Miz w/Wade Barrett on commentary

-Y2J and Miz try hard to salvage this segment by having a decent match. during this Miz is sent into Barrett at ringside thus causing Barrett to attack.

Winner: no contest…

-Miz and Jericho recover setting up for both to hit their finishers on the IC champ.


-Cole and Lawler cut to Ricardo and Del Rio making their own videos mocking Colter and Swagger… shit was goofy but funny.


-Swagger and Colter do the walk, they aren’t happy about this video.


-Paul Bearer moment from 1995, odd moment of Paul Bearer in drag…


Sin Cara vs. Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter

-before the match Colter craps on Sin Cara calling him a Mexican jumping bean. He goes onto Del Rio while the crowd chants boring. Sin Cara makes a valiant effort but its all for not when Swagger locks in the ankle lock.

Winner: Swagger

-Del Rio makes the save after the match and the brawl is on until ADR gets the arm breaker and Colter needs to save Swagger.


-Hallie Berry at a “press junket” gets a call from David Otunga who accidentally gave her number out… Kane calls next, yeah it was him. This was goofy.


-Ryback vs. Mark Henry this Friday… why even tease this shit!?!? Just wait!



WWE Tag Team Champion Kane w/the urn vs. CM Punk w/Paul Heyman

-During Punk’s intro, he looks around for Heyman who didn’t come out with him. This started off with a brawl at ringside where Punk gets thrown over the barricade only to hit Kane with the ring bell. Match moves into the ring only for a loud CM Punk chant to break out. After the break Kane goes for the chokeslam on a chair when Punk turns it into a DDT onto the chair for a 2½. Punk is about to go for the GTS when Taker’s gongs go off causing the distraction and the chokeslam by Kane for the pin.

Winner: Kane

-after the match Taker comes out to the stage and both take a knee in salute Paul Bearer one last time… out of nowhere Punk attacks Kane with the urn! Taker comes to the ring but Punk takes off with urn in hand. Punk then mocks the Undertaker by taking a knee with the urn. Taker isn’t happy. Wow, well the death of Bearer really added more fuel to this match.







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One Response to “03-11-13 WWE RAW”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    who does Punk think he is? You don’t take an ash urn or cut down a deseased person. Especially during a tribute to the deseased. I like the Rodriguez/Del Rio U-Tube skit. Good going. People who are not in the fight should be barred from ringside if they are known to interfer. I hope HHH is smart enough to reject Heyman’s terms for the match. We all know Heyman is a dirty rotten,coniving jerk who is only out to hurt HHH. Why did he not get fired?

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