Social Media Smackdown [March 1, 2013]


Social Media Smackdown logo ADR

Antonio Cesaro and the Miz put on a best of 3 falls clinic!

Quick Results

  • Alberto Del Rio enters the ring to start this social media hullabaloo. Damien Sandow comes down and runs down the people, ADR, Ricardo Rodriguez’s tux, and ADR’s grammar. ADR compares Sandow’s breath to caca, yes, as in poopoo.

  • Alberto Del Rio submits Damien Sandow via Cross Arm Breaker

  • They show a segment shown on WWE active during the commercial break. ADR says the fans get to vote for his opponent next week.

  • Kane and Daniel Bryan argue backstage. Daniel Bryan says that he reversed the stipulations from last week for their rematch versus the Prime Time Players tonight.

  • Best of 3 Falls Match: Antonio Cesaro defeats The Miz 2 falls to 1. Cesaro gets the first fall with the Neutralizer. Miz got the second fall when he submitted Cesaro with a figure four. Cesaro got the final fall with a rollup with a handful of tights.

  • Sheamus and Randy Orton discuss the Shield in the locker room.

  • Jim Ross interviews Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger in the ring. Things got out of hand really quick, Colter goes xenophobic as usual, Swagger disses the Oklahoma Sooners, and Swagger threatens Jim Ross. Alberto Del Rio comes out for the save and calls Swagger a jack ass. Get it?

  • The Primetime Players defeat Team Hell No when Titus O’Neil rolls up Daniel Bryan when he and Kane were arguing.

  • Kane’s face was covered with a black bag with a goat face on it. Bryan asked for a hug but Kane just throat strikes him.

  • Big Show tells Matt Striker that he’s going to go through Randy Orton.

  • They Skype with Chris Jericho, who’s on tour with Fozzy in Australia.

  • Fandango tells Striker that he’s going to debut when he gets his name right.

  • It turns out that the fans voted in Dolph Zigger to face ADR next week.

  • Randy Orton defeats Big Show by DQ when the Shield attack Orton.

  • Sheamus comes out for the save and Big Show instinctually KO’s Roman Reign to make the Shield retreat. Big Show chokeslams Orton, then Sheamus Brogue Kicks Big Show out of the ring. Sheamus and Orton go all Ambiguously Gay Duo as the show ends.


  • ADR-Damien Sandow was a good match. It’s rough watching Sandow put people over since I feel like he’s one of the better characters/wrestlers that have come along in a long time. I feel like Sandow has been playing the jobber to the upper-tier role for a while now. The fact that he’s jobbing to ADR, another one of my personal favorites, makes this loss easier to take.
  • I’m an ADR mark but I always struggle to imagine what it’s going to take to elevate ADR to the next level. Due to the face turn, he’s having more success than he’s ever had in the WWE and the majority of the fans seem to support him every episode. However, will they allow ADR to have unstoppable runs that Sheamus and Randy Orton have been given? Time will tell.
  • Miz vs. Cesaro was a nice surprise. Cesaro had a sick counter to Miz’s running clothesline, which flowed into a modified firemans carry powerslam that I have never seen before. Miz’s late comeback was nice and the close pinfalls near the end added a lot of excitement. The storytelling was superb and Miz’s build to the Figure Four was also a joy to see. I liked the short but effective graphic of the final score. I think they should have showed the score while the falls were happening but that’s just nitpicking. I also love the non-finisher heel finish!
  • The ADR-Swagger-JR segment was what it was. I don’t really care for the angle personally, but I am glad Swagger was given a push. I’m just really wondering what how the WWE is going to book their Wrestlemania match. Sometimes I wish ADR would talk less, grow some facial hair, and just start kicking ass and submitting fools.
  • Team Hell No and the Primetime Players gave us a fun comedy match.
  • I apologize, I don’t comment on Sin Cara matches. Moving on.
  • I can’t make an opinion on Fandango. WWE + faux latino dancer = Dancing with Razor Ramon?
  • I loved the Shield’s involvement in the Big Show-Orton match. Rollins and Ambrose’s reactions to Reigns getting blasted were classic. I replayed that moment at least a few times.
  • I’m sad to see that they’re still protecting Randy Orton with messy finishes. That WWE inner circle sure is a momentum stopper. I always thought the best thing for business was to create new stars to ensure the future of the business? So Big Show is a real big monster until he steps into the ring with Sheamus, Cena, or Orton. Despite Super Sheamus ending the show, the matches were solid and backstage nonsense was kept to a minimum. Overall, this was a good show.

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One Response to “Social Media Smackdown [March 1, 2013]”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    Colter and Swagger need to shut their mouths. At least Del Rio is not only working, he’s also putting some of his money back into out economy. And by the way, I’m not a Del Rio fan although his behavior after the Big Show incident has improved.

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