02-18-13 WWE RAW




Bit of a weird show, new WWE Championship belt and Cena gets Punked.

-Recap of the Elimination Chamber ppv goes over Swagger winning, Rock retaining and Cena pointing to the WrestleMania sign a lot…


-show then starts with the biggest goof of them off coming to the ring. This fool says the WrestleMania sign didn’t mean shit until he got to main event WrestleMania again. Stupid. CM Punk and Paul Heyman then come out to interrupt this mess to declare he was beat fair and square by the Rock but only before he had a long pin attempt on him. They argue about going to WrestleMania, Punk pleads his case about what he has done for the past year before saying all Cena was is “lucky” at the Rumble. He calls Rock vs. Cena a rerun. Haha! Ultimately, Punk wants Cena to walk away and to leave the WWE. Cena says no… dammit! Haha. Cena yaps about not beating Punk or Rock in the past and proposes a match, Cena vs. Punk for the WrestleMania opportunity at the Rock. Punk wants to take Cena up on this but not here tonight but next week. Man, would I LOVE to see Cena loose that shit!


-Striker with Sheamus in the back when Ryback is pacing in front of the camera… Sheamus gets in Ryback face and they almost get into it when Jericho walks in on this… he tries to calm these dudes down and says he loves the WWE and says he wont wrestle anywhere else… uh ok, that was random. Jericho is proposing Jericho, Sheamus and Ryback against the Shield tonight. Ryback and Sheamus stare a little awkwardly at each other after Jericho leaves.


Mark Henry vs. Sin Cara

-squash. After the match Henry beats on Sic Cara until… Khali SLOWLY walks out. Henry bounces before his big ass gets to the ring. haha. Henry mocked Khali’s dancing while yelling “if I want a dance I’ll get a dance!”… haha what? Come on no one wants to see Henry end up in a feud with Khali. Stupid.

Winner: Henry


-Fandango is so manly.


No DQ Match (non title)

United States Champion Antonio Cesaro vs. The Miz

-This match goes hardcore quickly with kendo sticks, chairs, etc. Cesaro beat on Miz’s arm for most of the match. Good spot with Cesaro using the chair to work over Miz’s arm. Miz gets the figure four on Cesaro and he…. taps out…!? great, that means this isn’t going away…

Winner: Miz


-creepy video package shown of Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger. It looks like its outside and done with either a cell phone or a low res cam. Colter does all the talking, about immigrants and put over a youtube.com page @ WeThePeople. Good shit and building Swagger up with this new character.


-Punk vs. Cena is official for next week.


-oh after every break we’re getting quote from presidents…


-Team Hell No argue about last night and how he’s taking on Swagger tonight. Kane says not liking snakes which brings in Randy Orton who isn’t fazed by this version of Kane and compares can to Barney now a days… ouch.


-Vicki in the back when Heyman walks up, they bicker and he’s got something for Paul tonight… but of course he has to wait to tell him in the ring later…


Dolph Ziggler w/Big E Langston & AJ vs. World Champion Alberto Del Rio

-uh, well this match came out of nowhere.. Del Rio got this crazy reverse suplex on Ziggler off the top. Good fast paced match but once again Ziggler is jobbed when he taps out quickly. After the match Big E beats on Del Rio. Ziggler quickly grabs his contract but Rodriguez steals the briefcase and runs to the back. AJ runs back to the ring with the briefcase only to have Del Rio cut this shit off short.

Winner: Del Rio


-Kane vs. Orton is made official for tonight…


-Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett is in the ring after the break to brag being in some movie that’s coming out soon. Of course we get a trailer for this… there are actually good actors in this movie…!? And its from the director of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo…!? I think I MIGHT have seen Barrett in the preview… Sheamus interrupts from the back about this movie… that was a pointless cameo from Sheamus.


-they go over toys at ringside… the figures breakdance but they call it “fighting styles”.


Brodus Clay, Naomi & Tensai vs. Primo, Epico and Rosa

-they must be short on time cause Clay & Tensai didn’t even get to finish their intro before they cut to the music of Primo & Epico… Naomi hit a hurricanranna on Epico which was nice. Double head butt and double splash put away the Puerto Ricans…. They dance afterwards.

Winner: Clay, Naomi & Tensai


-they cut to an earlier press conference about WrestleMania 30 being in New Orleans next year.


-Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter are in the ring for their state of the union address. Swagger starts this off… he really should just let Colter do all the talking from now on. Zeb covers all these undocumented people taking things from real Americans. He calls this match at Mania much bigger with Swagger fighting for America. Zeb says Swagger will reclaim America and the title at WrestleMania. I don’t think Zeb knew his own music as he looked lost when it hit.


Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter vs. WWE Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan

-good match with a lot of stiff spots, these two were working snug tonight! The ankle lock has another name change… patriot lock now… he use it to put Bryan away.

Winner: Swagger


-Heyman does the walk in the back…


-they show that WWEshop.com commercial where the dad is a mark.


-48 days until WrestleMania.


-after the break Vicki and Paul Heyman are in the ring… Vicki is naming a new assistant for herself… Brad Maddox… this gets NO reaction… ugh, this kid is just SO fucking TNA its not even funny. Paul isn’t amused with this announcement and tries to leave when we hear Vince comes onto the Titantron out of nowhere… well, this stipulation for the Punk vs. Rock match from last night is brought up and how Vince said on the phone last week that he would do anything to get that stip added to that match. Vince teases firing Heyman but then says he’s going to come to RAW next week to fight Heyman… no reaction from the crowd… this crowd is so dead just like last night.


Chris Jericho, Ryback & Sheamus vs. The Shield

-why do I get the feeling something fishy is happening in this match… during the early goings Jericho tries to calm Ryback down. Most of the match saw the Shield on the receiving end, different than last night. Shield takes over during the break setting up for the hot tag to Ryback. This woke up the crowd finally.  They do the same spot from last night with Ryback going for the shellshock only to get speared by Reigns, that got a 2 count. Y2J chant breaks out. Ryback gets cornered by the Shield before Ryback makes the hot tag to Jericho. Ambrose gets put in the Walls of Jericho and is about to tap out when Rollins gets a flying knee from the top for the pin! They better have a good plan for the Shield at WrestleMania.

Winner: The Shield


Damien Sandow vs. Kofi Kingston

-the match doesn’t happen because Sandow beat on Kofi before the match which brought out R-Truth for the save. So… where is Teddy Long to make this a tag team match??

Winner: no contest.


Randy Orton vs. WWE Tag Team Champion Kane

-match was fine, just seen it before. Bryan comes down and accidentally causes the distraction and into the RKO.

Winner: Orton


-a marching band is on the stage after the break… playing… !? This might be a first for the WWE… they get a better reaction than most tonight.


-After that the Rock comes out as the drummers are playing along to his music. How this is a “Rock celebration” when he’s still carrying around this spinner belt is beyond me…. Wait, there is something in the ring, we might be getting a new fucking belt tonight, FINALLY!!!! Oh god, please let it be dope!!! Good Rocky chant that he stops to enjoy. He brings up his match last night with Punk and the marching band before doing his FINALLY line for the crowd in Lafayette. He says he isn’t going to WrestleMania with “this” talking about the title… he said it was brought in 8 years ago and how some thought it was cool before saying it wasn’t. He says the WWE Title shouldn’t look like a toy and it should never ever SPIN, then spins the belt. He give it to a stage hand and tells him to take it in the back and put it in the Hall of Fame… Rock says the WWE Title should inspire you when you see it. He then shouts out past champions. He then uncovers the brand NEW WWE TITLE…. Uh… yeah its uh… not great. Fuck. Well I guess its not the spinner belt… its got the Rock’s logo on the sides… Rock says out of Cena or Punk he wants to take on… Cena’s music hits… he stands on the stage like a big goof… before getting hit from behind by CM Punk and the now OLD WWE Title. Punk looks at the belt and throws it down before he says he wants that one while pointing at the Rock. Rock and Punk stare at each other before Punk leaves for the back leaving Cena looking like a chump in front of the Rock. Haha!


-odd night and a new WWE Title that’s going to take getting use to…






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One Response to “02-18-13 WWE RAW”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    Del Rio actually won a match without interference from Rodriguez. That’s a surprise. The sheild cheated as usual. And Punk was his usual self-centered self.

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