Elimination Chamber Smackdown 2013

WrestleMania title matches are set…

World Champion Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez vs. The Big Show

-Good match here to open the show. Del Rio did have an awkward moment where he missed a flash kick but he fixed it by going right to it. He got Show to finally tap out for the win.

Winner: Del Rio


United States Champion Antonio Cesaro vs. The Miz

-Slow paced but good match where Cesaro worked over Miz’s shoulder and Miz worked over Cesaro’s leg. Miz gets DQ’d for a accidental nut shot. Not a fan of the finish.

Winner: Cesaro by DQ


-Bryan and Kane argue about old shit and then the Elimination Chamber match. Kane brings up never headlining a WrestleMania. They sort of get on the same page.


Elimination Chamber Match for the World Title match @ WrestleMania

Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter vs. Kane vs. Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Chris Jericho

-before the match Swagger & Colter shit talk about what has happened to the States. Good stuff, I like this gimmick.

-Bryan and Jericho start it off. Good shit between these two for about 4 minutes.

-Bryan is the first to be sent head first into the cage.

-Swagger is the first pod to open, he goes right for Jericho.

-Swagger then beats on Bryan on the steel outside the ring.

-Bryan finally makes a comeback that gets a chant.

-next person is… no one knows the clock stops at 05. Haha

-Kane was in after this fuck up by the graphics dude.

-Team Hell No work together against Swagger and Y2J… until Bryan tries to pin Kane with a rollup… bad move.

-they get into a YES/NO yelling fest that leads to Kane getting pie faced… another bad move.

-Kane and Bryan then go at it with Bryan hitting the chest kicks.

-choke slam is teased as is the NO lock.

-Y2J and Kane hit the doomsday device on Bryan ala the Road Warriors!

-Orton is the next out of the pod!

-nice slingshot suplex by Orton on Bryan.

-vertical DDT in the ropes and onto the steel cage floor by Orton on Kane.

-Y2J and Orton hit their own respective superplexes off the top.

-everyone is down and Henry just wants out of the pod.

-Henry is finally is out and floors everyone.

-Henry pins Bryan!

-Henry throws Orton THREW the pod glass, fuck!

-Kane and Henry have an exchange before Henry pins Kane!

-Y2J and Swagger work together to take Henry’s back into the cage!

-double suplex on the cage by Swagger and Y2J.

-Swagger and Jericho pair off after taking Henry down.

-Henry is back and THROWS Jericho into the side of the cage.

-Orton out of nowhere, hits the RKO on Henry and pins him… fuck!

-Henry goes to leave but comes back into the chamber to hit the WSS on Swagger, Orton and Jericho! Dope.

-Booker T and Teddy Long are out to get Henry out of the ring and finally do just that.

-2 faces and a heel… that’s weird.

-Y2J and Orton throw Swagger into the corner and Swagger takes the pod to the end in doing so.

-Jericho and Orton pair off with Orton dropkicking Jericho who was coming off the top.

-good exchanges by these three.

-ankle lock by Swagger to Orton until Jericho dropkicks Swagger from behind.

-double vertical DDT by Orton!

-RKO out of nowhere to Jericho for the pin!


Winner: Swagger

-oh shit that’s a shock!


The Shield vs. John Cena, Sheamus & Ryback

-Team Cena started the match strong until Cena was cornered and grounded by the Shield which got dueling chants for Cena. The Shield even pull out tag team moves, it was nice. Feed Me More chant lead to the hot tag for Ryback who then came in and clean house. Sheamus was put through the barricade which was nice. The Shield finally get the win when Reigns gets a spear on Ryback who was going for the shell shock on Rollins. Cena was going for the for the AA on Ambrose during all this and looked on shocked after the match. Ryback just walked off. This was a dope win for the Shield.

Winner: Sheild


-Dolph Ziggler then comes out with Langston and AJ….? He talks about Swagger going to Mania and shits about doing more than the Hall of Famers of this year. This brings out Booker T who says his opponent is… Kofi… ugh.


Dolph Ziggler w/AJ & Big E Langston vs. Kofi Kingston

-fast paced but Ziggler ends up winning it. filler.

Winner: Ziggler

-after the match Langston beats up on Kofi before hitting him with his finish. The crowd chanted once more time like on NXT, funny.


-recap of the preshow win for Tensai and Clay.


-they cut to Clay and his girls playing with figures when Tensai comes in. Clay calls Tensai “Sweet T”… they dance afterwards…


Diva’s Champion Kaitlyn vs. Tamina

-Kaitlyn retains with a spear.

Winner: Kaitlyn


WWE Champion The Rock vs. CM Punk w/Paul Heyman

-Punk comes out with the title.

-we get the stips of the match, still weird.

-slow start with Punk getting the best of Rock once and toying with him.

-nice arm drags by Rock before Punk heads to the outside.

-they have a stare down before Punk slaps him, Rock attacks and the ref keeps pulling him off.

-Punk then SPITS in the face of Rock which sets him off.

-Punk takes over keeping Punk grounded.

-springboard clothesline off the ropes for a 2 count by Punk.

-Rock makes a comeback but the takes the high knee in the corner.

-Macho Man elbow off the top for a 2½! Punk was checking his pulse, a dig at the Rock?

-on the outside Punk clears off the Spanish announce table…

-Rock recovers and instead throws Punk back in the ring.

-this gets reversed for a kick to the head of Rock for another close pin attempt.

-Heyman distracts the ref and gets Punk on the table to hit Rock with a Rock Bottom!!! Fucking table doesn’t break…

-Punk runs into the ring for the ref to start his count…

-Rock makes it back in the ring at 9½!

-Samoan drop by Rock and both are down.

-both recover only to exchange punches in the middle of the ring… no YAY/BOO chants… ?!

-nice DDT by Rock!

-Rock Bottom attempted by Punk takes him down with elbows.

-Rock Bottom is finally hit… 1… TWO… KICKOUT!!!

-accidental ref bump with Rock hitting the ref!

-GTS!!! Punk goes for the pin but there is no ref!!

-medic and Heyman check on the ref.

-another shows up but he wants to spend time checking the first ref.

-Rock recovers hits the spinebuster, people’s elbow ONE…TWO… KICKOUT!

-2ND ref is down with an ankle injury!? The fuck!?

-kick to the head of the Rock.

-Punk wants the WWE Title, Heyman assists.

-Punk misfires and hits Heyman with the WWE Title which sets up for a Rock Bottom on Punk for the pin.

Winner: The Rock


-this had elements the first match should have but the first match was still better. Also this crowd was hit and miss which I think too away from this match.





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