Smackdown Thoughts & Review [February 15, 2013]


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Big Show and Jericho give us a great main event and get us all ready for Elimination Chamber

Quick Results

  • Big Show starts the show off in the ring. Big Show talks about him destroying 3 people on RAW is all Alberto Del Rio’s. He goes about how ADR has never pinned him and that he’s going to beat Alberto Del Rio at Smackdown.
  • Chris Jericho enters the ring. Jericho says he can read Big Show like a book and that he knows how Big Show is feeling. Show tells Jericho needs to be doing his other hobbies instead of being in the ring with him. Jericho says he’s proud to be here in the WWE and he’s not going anywhere. Jericho goes on to say that he’s just as formidable as Big Show and that they might have an encounter at Wrestlemania if Big Show wins the World Title from ADR. Jericho says that he’ll become World Champion again.
  • Big Show says that if they do meet at ‘Mania, that will be the last Wrestlemania Jericho will ever have. Booker T comes out and makes a match between them, Chris Jericho vs. Big Show in tonight’s main event.
  • Matt Striker interviews Randy Orton but is quickly interrupted by Mark Henry. They have a staredown and Mark Henry walks off.
  • They show a Rock graphic promoting his appearance and the crowd gives the largest pop of the night thus far.
  • Mark Henry defeats Randy Orton by DQ after Orton punished Mark Henry with a chair
  • After the match, Henry caught the steel chair and gave Orton a World’s Strongest Slam.
  • Backstage Mark Henry harasses Matt Striker about being out of the ring for 9 months and that the Hall of Pain is officially open. He also suggests that they have all of the armed forces to protect his opponents at the Elimination Chamber.
  • Tamina pins Layla with a Superfly Splash
  • The Rock hits the ring to a super huge pop. Rock starts off on CM Punk right away. He said that CM Punk made a trade for an ass kicking that’s going to haunt him for the rest of his life. CM Punk, with Paul Heyman holding the title, interrupts him on the Smackdown-Tron. Punk says he wants Rock to snap at the Rumble and get himself disqualified and lose the WWE Championship. Rock says Punk’s words are worthless and that the Rock can back up his own words. Rock then says that Punk is going to realize that he failed on Monday.
  • Brodus Clay and Tensai defeat 3MB (Jinder Mahal & Heath Slater) when Tensai chokebombed Mahal, which was followed by Clay’s running splash
  • After the match, The Shield, come down to the ring. They dispose of Tensai on the outside and then Shield Bomb Brodus Clay. Dean Ambrose grabs the mic and says that their Elimination Chamber match is not going to look any different. He says that Cena and friends are going to be put on trial, and then they will believe in the Shield.
  • Miz submits Cody Rhodes with a Figure Four
  • Jack Swagger submits Zack Ryder via Ankle Lock/Patriot Act
  • After the match, Swagger introduces Zeb Coulter. Coulter goes all militant on the crowd and puts Swagger and himself over.
  • Matt Striker interviews Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez. ADR talks about he’ll get his first on Big Show at the Elimination Chamber pay per view.
  • Big Show pins Chris Jericho via KO Punch
  • After the match, Alberto Del Rio comes out and he and Show have a staredown to end the show.


  • Great opening with two of some of the best talkers in the business. Jericho brought it on the mic and Big Show held his own as usual. I love how Big Show shakes when he tries to explain how much anger he’s holding back. Show is just performing on another level right now, and Jericho is right there with him.
  • Henry vs. Orton was solid. I can’t imagine the WWE pushing Mark Henry to such an extent, just so he could put somebody over at Wrestlemania. He’s so good in his return and I think he should be rewarded for all of his hard and excellent work with a major title run.
  • Holy shit. Mark Henry cut the promo of his career backstage. That was as good as it gets.
  • Decent match from Tamina and Layla, which featured a lovely la magistral-ish rollup by Layla, and some nifty counters by both ladies. I also appreciated Tamina’s good ol’ Fit Finlay trickery with the ring apron.
  • The Rock-CM Punk segment was great. Well, every segment that they’re both involved in has been pretty spectacular. I’m looking forward to their match at Elimination Chamber and a lot of that excitement is due to their incredible chemistry.
  • Fun match from Brodus Clay, Tensai, and company. I doubt they are going to pose a challenge to Team Hell No but it sure will be fun to see how far they climb up the tag team ladder.
  • Nice promo from Dean Ambrose. I hope the WWE knows that they have a bona fide star in Ambrose. The dude has so much presence in the ring that it’s scary. The future looks bright for the WWE.
  • Cody and the Miz had a good match. I still feel Miz is comfortable using the figure four yet. I think he should pause for a bit and do some signature gesture or something. Miz should really make it his trademark move.
  • Nice, methodical match from Ryder and Swagger. I like the direction of Swagger’s character and I hope this leads to a major title run for Swagger in the future. I dug Coulter’s promo. I hope they do a mini-documentary that explains how they got Dutch Mantel to do the character. America. Fuck yeah.
  • Jericho vs. Show was pay per view worthy. I love how Jericho walked into Show’s knockout punch and then sold it as cold as a dead body.
    Overall this was a fantastic go home episode of Smackdown. All these pre-Wrestlemania story lines progressed along nicely and we’ll see where they end up after the Elimination Chamber.

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