Smackdown Thoughts & Review [February 8, 2013]


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Mark Henry is back and he’s kicking everybody’s ass

Quick Results

Jacksonville, FL

  • The show a long tracking shot of a tour bus, and then show the Big Show cautiously stepping out of the bus and walking towards the arena.

  • Big Show starts off the show. Show complains about being mistreated by the fans and being assaulted by World Champion, Alberto Del Rio. He goes on to hype his rematch with ADR at Elimination Chamber. Show moves on to claim that Booker T is jealous because Big Show is still wrestling, while Booker T is a pencil pusher.

  • Booker T comes out and calls Big Show a bully. Show accuses Booker of giving ADR his hotel room number. Booker blows him off and sets him up with a match tonight versus Kane.

  • Cody Rhodes pins Kofi Kingston via Cross Rhodes

  • Daniel Bryan and Kane have a conversation in the locker room. Daniel Bryan wants to corner Kane, but Kane tells him not to and to shut up.

  • The Great Khali destroys Titus O’Neil via Giant Chop

  • After the match, Mark Henry comes down, blasts Titus O’Neil and drops Khali with the World’s Strongest Slam. Henry gets on the mic and declares that the Hall of Pain has officially re-opened. Henry also calls out Booker T and wonders why the World’s Strongest Man is not in the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match.

  • Booker T comes out and challenges Henry to defeat Randy Orton tonight to make into the Elimination Chamber match.

  • They show Big Show bitching to his driver about the temperature of his bus. As Big Show walks back to the arena, they pan to Alberto Del Rio walking towards Big Show’s bus.

  • Big Show pins Kane via WMD

  • After the match, Alberto Del Rio speaks to Big Show from the parking lot. Big Show heads out to the lot and finds his bus on cinder blocks. Show is then doused with orange paint from ADR on top of the bus. They pan to ADR driving off on a tow truck with Ricardo Rodriguez at the steering wheel.

  • Jack Swagger cuts a picture in picture promo prior to his match with Justin Gabriel. He says a real American like him, takes what he wants.

  • Jack Swagger submits Justin Gabriel via Patriot Act Ankle Lock

  • Tensai defeated Drew McIntyre by DQ when 3MB interfered in the match after a Choke Bomb. After the match, Brodus Clay ran in for the save and then Gangnam Styled with Tensai for the post-match celebration.

  • United States Champion Antonio Cesaro pins Sin Cara with the Neutralizer

  • Matt Striker interviews Randy Orton, who says he’s a roadblock for Mark Henry.

  • Mark Henry pins Randy Orton via World’s Strongest Slam


The opening video package at the beginning of the show was put together very well.

It’s nice to have Smackdown center around Big Show, Booker T, and Alberto Del Rio. The Sheamus Era was really hard to stomach, and the Orton Era just didn’t sit well with me. Let’s hope the ADR Era is given some legs and runs well into Summerslam.

Nice match from Cody and Kofi. I’ll never understand why they shit on Kofi Kingston 11 months out of the year. Good for Cody though. He deserves any push he receives.

Titus O’Neil did his best against Khali and looked solid. I don’t think he’ll be relevant in the mid-card singles action any time soon but there’s a lot of potential there.

Mark Henry is gonna Mark Henry whenever he’s in the ring or when he’s on the mic. There’s hardly a wrestler on the roster that carries his weight on the microphone and possesses that aura of devastating power when he stands in the ring. I think a Mark Henry vs. Ryback match is a high profile match for both men that has to happen before Henry retires.

The Big Show-Kane match was solid despite Kane losing. I’m a Kane mark and I have the strong belief that the WWE should be grooming Kane to replace the Undertaker if and when he retires. The age of supernatural gimmicks has been over for years and Kane, besides his ‘brother,’ is the last wrestler to carry that tradition. At this rate, Undertaker will retire and Kane will nowhere near be considered a supernatural pro wrestling icon that he should potentially be.

Good to see Ricardo Rodriguez back on WWE television.

Swagger looked good in his return to Smackdown. Sad that Justin Gabriel is the South African JTG but at least he sports some of the freshest kickpad covers in the industry. I hope this push for Swagger isn’t a brief one. He deserves more and his skillset is too great to be treated as midcard fodder.

If Tensai has to tapdance to get a few W’s in his WWE tenure I’m all for it. It sucks that the WWE couldn’t find a way for him to connect to the fans as a monster heel. But something is better than nothing, especially if a little Gangnam Style is involved.

Cesaro made Sin Cara look like a botch-free superstar. This match was better than expected and the U.S. Champ continues to impress.

If you didn’t know who Randy Orton is, you would probably think he’s an MMA fighter. There is absolutely nothing pro wrestling-ish about his straightforward, monotone promos.

Randy Orton brought the best out of Mark Henry. Orton earned his paycheck tonight for taking more than a few hard blows from the World’s Strongest Man. The match itself was solid and it’s an impressive win for Mark Henry. My only question is, will the WWE push Mark Henry so far that he’ll be able to get an overdue clean pin on Sheamus?

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