02-04-13 WWE RAW



2 solid matches, a huge Hall of Fame announcement, a good ending and oh yeah a lot of filler…

-Recap of Cena’s plan for WrestleMania before his ass got jump by the Shield. We also get a recap of Vince calling out Paul Heyman on the Shield and Brad Maddox before cutting to the incriminating footage that lead to McMahon being taken out by Brock Lesnar’s F5.


-After that WWE Champion CM Punk comes down to the ring solo, he’s still pissed and forces Justin Roberts back into the ring so he can announce Punk as “The People’s Champion”. Runs down the Rock taking his title, then brings up this Heyman footage. He goes around the ring asking fans and Cole if they saw him in this video shown last week.  The answer was all no and how Heyman wasn’t in the video either… Punk then points to Vince and all his money being behind this video. Punk says Vince got what he deserved with Brock’s attack. Punk calls the WWE Title a “belt”… this coming from the guy who when he does PR for the WWE ends up correcting people that its NOT a belt but a championship, funny.


-Booker T finally interrupts CM Punk to flub Vicki Guerrero’s official title of managing supervisor of RAW.  Booker lets the fans pick Punk’s opponent… Mysterio, Randy Orton or Jericho. All of which have wrestled Punk at a WrestleMania. This gets a Y2J chant. We’re sent to the app to vote. Booker is off tonight.


-We get a tutorial by Michael Cole on how the fuck to download and use the WWE app. Oh for fuck sakes, come on!


-“Epic” announcement about the Hall of Fame tonight… interesting.


-Orton is shown on the app cutting a promo on why he should take on Punk tonight… well if you’ve going to show it on the app, why show it now!?


Ryback vs. United States Champion Antonio Cesaro

-Good for what it was, these two have good chemistry. I don’t think they should have beat US Champion with a finisher but I guess they really don’t give a shit about that title anyhow.

Winner: Ryback


-recap of Cena challenging the WWE Champion last week before getting beat up by the Shield. Cole tells us the Shield is up next…


-oh look its Chili from TLC… again. Seriously, its time to get a job baby boo.


-we get comments on the WWE app by Rey… once again shown on RAW… waste.


-a Shield video package is shown before we cut to Cena watching this in the back. Vicki walks in and mocks Cena for going out to the ring later to call out the Shield.


-the video package for Trish Status’ announcement into the HOF is show.


-hey guess what? Jericho cuts a promo on the WWE app and YES they show it on RAW… so dumb.


Santino vs. Jack Swagger

-Jack Swagger is back… and taking on Santino again… Swagger is all in black, he’s sporting a beard and longer hair which means… nothing. They are never going to push Swagger again. Anyhow, Swagger wins with the ankle lock. Still went too long for someone you’re trying to build up. Cole tells us Swagger is not calling the ankle lock the patriot act… so stupid.

Winner: Swagger


-you finally get to choose for either Rey, Orton or Y2J… on the app if you weren’t told enough.


-62 days before Mania.


-Cole and Lawler claim that they are running into problems because so many people are hitting the app… riiiiiiiiight.


World Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Cody Rhodes

-No Rodriguez tonight who’s selling his injuries at the hands of Big Show from last week. So the Scholars have broken up!? The fuck!? One less tag team already, come on now this is way too soon. Shorter than it should have been. I like this match up here. Both guys got their flash kicks in so that was cool. After the match Del Rio gets on the mic and admins being wrong about looking down on people and what Show did to double RR. Totally cutting a super good guy promo here, too much man. Big Show interrupts on the titantron although ADR tells Show he has no balls in Spanish. Big Show basically teases Del Rio to go find him at the hotel.

Winner: Del Rio


-Lawler gets on the mic to let us know who won to face Punk tonight, it was Jericho by 57%. wow if this result it legit, that’s huge.


-the tag team champions lost to Rey and Sin Cara on Fright night.


-in the back Team Hell No argues about the match on Friday. Bryan doesn’t want his chances into getting into the Elimination Chamber match at the ppv by having Kane mess it up.


Rey Mysterio vs. WWE Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan

-SOLID match by these two! Bryan was pulling out new moves tonight, one of which was like a variation of the back cracker. Bryan spent most of the match working over the arm of Rey. Best match Rey’s had since being back full time. Bryan finally gets the NO lock for the win.

Winner: Bryan

-oh shit right after the match Mark Henry is out!!! Bryan gets punched at ringside and Rey takes a running a spine buster in the ring. Sin Cara comes out to help only to take the World Strongest Slam when SC dived into Henry’s arms. Rey takes one too. Henry goes gets a splash bomb from the corner to finish off Rey… Mark Henry is back and beats the shit out of people. Hall of pain. So glad they kept him heel! There was a welcome back chant for him. haha


-in the back Bryan is mad because Kane didn’t come to help him. Kane did what he was told and stayed in the back.


-recap of Brock Lesnar’s attack on Vince McMahon after Heyman got ousted with his relationships with the Shield and Brad Maddox.


-Big Show is taking to Booker via satellite. There is a knock at the door and its room service, Show gives this dude a crappy verbal tip. And that was it.


-god damn I love these goofy inprov commercials for Sonic!


Sheamus vs. WWE Tag Team Champion Kane

-Slower paced match but not bad. Crowd seems out of it. Bryan comes down to ask Kane where he was earlier. They argue and it sets up Kane taking the brogue kick for the pin. After the match Bryan looks amused at this while saying I’m sorry to Kane. Guess all the tag teams should break up…

Winner: Sheamus


-MizTV started the last hour. He’s got Paul Heyman who keeps calling him Mr. Mizanin. Haha. Heyman sends him best wishes to the injured Mr. McMahon. They bicker and banter until Vicki comes out… Vicki sticks up for Heyman and how Paul had nothing to do with Brock last week, she did because she had been negotiating with him for a little while. She wanted to prove to Vince what she could do so she could take GM on RAW. She cries into Paul’s arm over what happened to Vince. Vicki wants them to take a moment to pray for Mr. McMahon… Miz isn’t buying this and bickers with these two… didn’t come off that well… Brock’s music finally hits and he comes out! Paul tries to tell Miz to get out of the ring. They have a brief stare down before Brock Miz pushes him. He pays for this shit dearly with a stiff clothesline. Brock throws furniture around before Miz tries to make a come back and takes an F5 for good measure. Paul tries to calm Brock down saying Miz is sorry and he apologizes, great touch! Oh shit in the recap they show Miz taking shots by thrown furniture!!


Randy Orton vs. Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett

-We got a pre match cut in promo by Bo Dallas, wasn’t good. SLOW match and the crowd was quiet. Michael Cole wants to talk about some scar on Barrett’s back. Wade walks into the RKO for the pin. Wasn’t into this.

Winner: Orton


-Fandango promos are back!


Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk

-There were strong Y2J from the start before it turned into battle “CM Punk/Y2J chants”, dope! This was a solid back and forth main event. Jericho getting Punk in the Walls of Jericho got a great reaction. Punk gets a straight pin on Jericho after a GTS.



-holy shit, they actually got Bruno Sammartino to do the Hall of Fame!?!?!? WOW!!! This is a big deal folks! This gets a good reaction from the crowd as it should have.


-in the back Striker asks Punk where his head is at. She complains about the Rock stealing his belt because the title of champion belongs to him. oh I see what he was trying to say earlier.


-Rock video package with news clippings and clips from shows like Access Hollywood.


-Josh in the back with ass clown jean shorts McGee… he talks sternly so we take him seriously about stuff.


-We cut to Big Show in his hotel room eating and talking on the phone until he gets another knock. Guy has Show’s contract. Dude tries to talk to Show but Show cuts him off before he could say a word. He was trying to warn him about Del Rio who’s at the room. They fight down the hallway and Show as the advantage till Alberto uses the fire extinguisher on hit. Funny bit with 2 dudes coming off the elevator and Del Rio comes up with an excuse that “his friend is having stomach problems”. Haha Dope Adidas jump suit on Del Rio.


-Maddox is in the middle of the ring… oh god. He’s playing the victim at the hands of Paul Heyman… don’t care dude. It bugs me how IMPACT Wrestling this dude is. I hate him on this show. He claims to have given Vince the footage from last week. This moron this calls out the Shield, they come out while Ambrose talks shit to Maddox. Rollins does the same. Reigns says last time was business but this time they are going to enjoy it. The Shield then come into the ring and attack this fool. Maddox takes the Shield Bomb before they stand over this fool.


-Cena’s music then hits and this idiot comes through the crowd… Ryback’s music then hits and Ryback’s out through the crowd too… yup, so is Sheamus although security had to jump on a stupid fan that was trying to do some shit to Sheamus… he look startled. Shield looks to retreat but the roster stops them from going up the ramp (this is sort of similar to what happened on NXT with the Shield).


-Shield end up back in the ring when Cena, Ryback and Sheamus attack, it’s a brawl! The Shield retreats before the good guys could get the best of them. Good stuff and keeps the Shield strong. Let’s be honest this could have been a good guy beat down on the Shield and it wasn’t.

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