-WrestleMania season has begun!

World Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. The Big Show (Last Man Standing)

-Before Del Rio and Rodriguez meet Bret Hart before he comes out for the match. Ricardo gets Hitman glasses!!! Lucky… This was a good hard hitting match with a couple of crazy spots like Del Rio getting thrown off the Staging design through a table! Big Show took a bump through the ringside barricade when Del Rio side stepped him. Del Rio finally catches Big Show in the arm breaker setting up Rodriguez duct taping Big Show’s legs to the ropes causing the ten count. Good opener. Winner: Del Rio.


-Striker in the back with Ziggler, Langston and AJ. Ziggler’s going with #1… he claims he’s unifying the title, DOPE! 😉 Big E did a weird commentator voice.


-they go old school doing short little promos with combatants in the Rumble, good shit.


WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

-Good tag team match by these two teams but then again they’ve done this a couple of times, not that I’m complaining. Bryan finally gets the win by putting Sandow in the NO lock. Winners: Team Hell No


-Team Hell No in the back celebrating when Vicki comes in and give them their numbers for the Rumble match… they argue about Kane not showing Bryan his number. Funny shit here.


Royal Rumble 2013

-#1 is Ziggler. He cuts a promo before the we get number 2….

-and #2 is…. OH SHIT ITS CHRIS JERICHO!!!!!!!

-nice crazy reaction to Jericho in Phoenix!

-welcome back chants as well at Y2J chants.

-clothesline to Ziggler who almost hits the floor.

-you still got it chants.

-#3 Cody Rhodes!

-Jericho is double teamed but he fights them off.

-liontamer to Cody before Ziggler breaks it up!

-#4 Kofi Kingston!

-Kofi goes right for Cody.

-#5 Santino

-Santino throws everyone over but they don’t go to the floor. haha All go after him and Cody throws him over… even after the Cobra shows. Santino is the first out.

-#6 Drew McIntyre.

-Jericho is dangling from the ropes almost eliminated.

-#7 Titus O’Neil.

-Titus comes in fast taking down Cody and Kofi with a double clothesline. He then throw Kofi all over the ring.

-giant Y2J chant.

-#8 Goldust!!!!!

-Cody is concerned!!!

-Cody and Goldust go at it!!!!

-Goldust chant!!!

-Phoenix is the shit tonight!

-#9 David Otunga

-#10 Heath Slater

-ring is filling as no ones been eliminated.

-#11 Sheamus

-oh this is why…

-Sheamus pounds on Titus’ chest before eliminating him and Otunga and doing the same to him.

-#12 Tensai

-#13 Brodus Clay

-Clay goes for Jericho then Tensai.

-Cody and Goldust are still going at it both fighting on the apron and Goldust eliminates his brother to a sea of boos

-#14 Rey Mysterio!

-double 619 to Ziggler and Jericho!

-#15 Darren Young

-Clay is out when everyone gangs up on him.

-Kofi outs Tensai!

-Kofi is thrown onto Tensai on the outside.

-Kofi on the announce table and is trying to figure out how to get back into the ring…!? Kofi wants JBL’s chair..!?

#16 Bo Dallas

-he goes for Cody.

-Kofi is using JBL’s chair as a pogo stick… haha stupid. He gets back to the ring.

-Darren is out by Cody as is Kofi! All that for nothing! Haha

-#17 The Godfather! Haha

-Ziggler gets rid of Godfather as fast as he can get into the ring. haha! Oh well.

-#18 Wade Barrett

-He goes right for his NXT mentor, Jericho.

-Barrett and Jericho then try to eliminate Sheamus.

-#19 John Cena…

-Cena gets jumped by a bunch of dudes before dumping Slater and Cody.

-Dallas goes after Cena… good luck…

-#20 Damien Sandow

-Sandow goes for Dallas.

-Barrett almost thrown over by Rey… but then Rey is eliminated by Wade.

-dueling chants for wack ass Cena.

-Wall of Jericho is botched on Cena… fuck.

-#21 Daniel Bryan

-YES kicks to Barrett then Ziggler then Wade!

-Bryan and Sheamus try to throw out Jericho! Close call.

-#22 Antonio Cesaro!

-upper cuts to Bryan by Cesaro then to Sheamus.

-Y2J chant

-#23 Great Khali… waste.

-this entrant kills the momentum…

-#24 Kane

-Kane almost throws Ziggler out!

-Team Hell No go after Khali.

-#25 Zack Ryder

-Khali is out by Kane.

-Bryan throws out Kane! Haha!

-Cesaro throws Bryan onto Kane… !! Bryan is begging Kane to put him in the ring but he just drops him, funny shit!

-#26 Randy Orton

-he goes through his move set on everyone in the ring.

-double inverted DDT to Dallas and Ziggler

-RKO to Ryder before he’s thrown out!

-#27 Jinder Mahal

-Cesaro is thrown out by Cena. Boos for this…

-Ziggler almost out by Cena.

-#28 The Miz

-Miz and Cesaro brawl on the outside.

-Mahal is thrown out by Sheamus

-#29 Sin Cara.. almost no reaction…

-still a lot of dudes in the ring.

-Dallas eliminates Barrett!!!!!

-Barrett comes back and pulls Dallas over the top, he then hits him with the bull hammer.

-#30 Ryback

-he pushes people down then throws out Sandow, then Sin Cara, then Miz.

-code breaker to Ryback!

-lionsault to Cena!

-code breaker to Ziggler!

-Ziggler super kicks Jericho out of the ring!

-Orton goes after everyone.

-RKO to Ziggler

-RKO to Cena

-RKO to Sheamus

-inverted DDT to Ryback by Orton.

-he’s the only one standing.

-Ryback clotheslines Orton over the top!

-final four are Ziggler, Sheamus, Cena and Ryback!

-brogue kick sends Ziggler over!

-Ryback, Sheamus and Cena left!

-Ryback double teams and double suplexed!

-Sheamus and Cena brawl into Cena’s move set into the fist drop. … NOOO Ryback floors Cena!!!!

-shell shock to Sheamus!!! nooo Sheamus fights out, White Noise to Ryback!!!

-brogue kick is being set up for Ryback… and Ryback throws over Sheamus!!!!!!!

-its Cena and Ryback!!!!!!!

-feed me more chants!

-they brawl

-spinebuster by Ryback!!

-meat hook clothesline to Cena is turned into the STF!

-dueling chants while Ryback is fading…

-Cena tries to pick up Ryback and brings him to the corner and puts him on the top.

-Ryback fights back.

-Cena fights Ryback off and throws Ryback over…

Winner: ….John…. Cena…

-well this is a surprise…. Said no one…


-WrestleMania commercial plays after this fools win… 70 days until.


WWE Champion CM Punk vs. The Rock

-video package from last July at RAW’s 1000th episode when Rock took the GTS that goes into Punk’s long title reign, then into Rock returning to start the build up for the Rumble. Also shown is the Shield jumping Rock. Good package.

-Rock in the back with Josh… strong Rocky chants…. He does “FINALLY”… he goes over getting shafted in the NFL draft, not having a penny to his name, his mom having cancer, how he will never quit and how we all count no matter what CM Punk says. If this dude didn’t get you pumped for this match with this promo nothing will!

-god dammit, champion always should come out LAST not first!

-Well at least Punk lasted 434 days as champion, that’s dope.

-CM Punk chant after he gets in the face of the Rock with the Title over his head.

-brawl right off the fucking bat!

-clothesline by Rock and the Rock Bottom is teased.

-Punk clotheslined to the outside.

-brawl on the outside.

-Rock is clearing the announce table but Punk fights back and puts it back! Haha

-lets go Rocky / CM Punk chant.

-Punk sent into the barricade and Heyman takes a shot at Rock! Haha

-front facing suplex on the barricade to Rock, ouch!

-back in the ring with knees by Punk.

-boots to asses / knees to faces dueling chants.

-leg scissors to Rock but he fights out before taking a running knee into the mid section.

-crazy submission hold by Punk that looks like a full nelson with his legs.

-atomic drop by Rock before taking a leg lariat by Punk.

-front facing suplex onto the top rope by Punk.

-Heyman taking cheap shots on Rock behind the refs back.

-slingshot dropkick by Punk sending Rock to the outside.

-Punk to the top rope with an elbow to Rock on the outside.

-Punk favoring the knee.

-Rock sent back to the outside.

-Punk dives to the outside onto Rock.

-Punk back to the top and Rock side steps the springboard clothesline.

-Rock then works over the knee of Punk.

-side Russian leg sweep by Rock for a 1 count.

-Rock sets up for the Rock bottom but Punk with elbows to the back of his head

-GTS is attempted but Rock blocks and goes for the sharpshooter.

-Punk blocks this and puts Rock in the anaconda vice!

-Rock rolls over turning this into a pin attempt.

-DDT by Rock!

-Rock signals for the Rock bottom but Punk blocks and ends up in the sharpshooter!!!!

-Punk fights and finally makes it to the bottom rope!

-on the outside Rock lands a stiff clothesline before clearing off the Spanish announce table.

-Punk is placed on the table and takes a couple of shots for good measure.

-Punk fights and brings Rock onto the table… Punk signals GTS…. Rock goes for…. fucking table collapses… fuck man. God dammit…

-Rock saves this spot by hitting a rock bottom on the floor. Stupid fucking table.

-Rock rolls Punk in for a 2 ½ count.

-stiff kick out of nowhere by Punk to the head of Rock!

-both down and the ref starts his count.

-Ref gets to 9 before both grab the ropes for help up.

-YAY/BOO exchange of punches in the middle of the ring.

-spine buster by Rock… he’s going for the most electrifying move… lights go out!!!!!

-Cole says someone is attacking Rock… he says it’s the shield!!!

-lights are back up and Rock’s been put through the other announce table!

-Cole is trying to tell the ref it was the Shield.

-Punk smiles and plays surprised.

-Punk comes out to pick up Rock while Cole is yelling at him. Punk says he has nothing to do with the Shield.

-Rock is rolled into the ring…. 1….2…THREE!!!!!!!!!

Winner: CM Punk

-holy shit!

-Punk kicks Rock out of the ring and Heyman and Punk celebrate!

-oh no… Vince McMahon is out…

-he says he told Punk that if the Shield got involved he would get stripped of the title…

-Rock then gets onto the mic before Vince strips Punk and wants the match restarted!!!

-Vince has the match restarted!!!!

-Punk jumps Rock in the corner.

-Punk goes for the high knee in the corner and hits it, then a clothesline.

-Macho Man elbow is hit… 1….2….. KICKOUT!

-Punk signals for the GTS…

-Rock fights, spinebuster…. The peoples elbow….1…2…THREE!!!!!!

Winner: The Rock!!!

-Rock celebrates while Phoenix loses their shit!


-Not a bad Rumble match but not in my top ones for sure. Seemed rushed. Good main event match.






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