Smackdown Thoughts & Review [January 25, 2013]


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CM Punk and The Rock bring it on the mic and Alberto Del Rio survives an epic six man tag.

Quick Results

Sacrament0, CA

  • Team Hell No come out to hype their involvement in the Royal Rumble. Bryan Danielson and Kane argue over who’s going to win the Rumble. Big Show comes out and bitches about losing his World Heavyweight Championship, and demands that Team Hell No leave the ring. Team Rhodes Scholars also enter the conversation and remind Team Hell No about their future match against them at the Royal Rumble. Alberto Del Rio evens the numbers for the faces and tensions got very high until Booker T sets them all up for a six man tag match for the main event. The segment ends with a huge Si! chant.

  • Sheamus pins Wade Barrett with a Brogue Kick

  • Natalya w/ the Great Khali & Hornswoggle submits Rosa Mendes w/ Primo & Epico via Sharpshooter

  • CM Punk comes out to address The Shield about interfering in his match at the Rumble. Punk called the Shield to come out and threaten to not leave until they show. The Shield finally appear and surround the ring. Punk tells them that he never asked for their help and to never cross his path again. The Shield just stares at Punk and then leave the ring. Punk goes on and on about his legacy as WWE Champion.

  • The Rock interrupts and goes off on Punk.

  • Randy Orton defeats Drew McIntyre by DQ when Jinder Mahal interferes

  • Antonio Cesaro sits with the announcers for the following match.

  • The Miz taps out Darren Young w/ Titus O’Neil with a Figure Four Leglock

  • In a Six-Man Elimination Tag Team Match, Alberto Del Rio, Kane, & Daniel Bryan beat Big Show, Cody Rhodes, and Damien Sandow when ADR pinned Cody with his springboard enziguiri.

  • After the match, Big Show knocked out ADR, toppled the announcing table on top of him, and then counted to ten to end the show.


The opening was great. There was no Orton, Sheamus, or Wade Barrett preaching to the masses with their drivel.

So for every victory Wade Barrett gets on Sheamus, I’m guessing Sheamus will get about 5 wins over Barrett. Decent and competitive match that had a pretty interesting pin attempt by Barrett near the end.

Watching Natalya being wasted in the midcard makes me sad. There’s just too much talent there to be wasted on midcard filler to amuse the kiddies.

The Shield did so much without even saying a word or beating anyone down. They have such a presence in the ring and I hope they’re allowed a minor showcase in the Royal Rumble.

Punk was Punk, which is consistently great. I would want him to keep the WWE Title for two years, but my inner-mark really just wants to see the Rock wear that belt one more time after their match on Sunday.

The Rock was able to cut the serious promo we’ve all been waiting for. He still was able to get one of his catch phrases in but this promo was pretty spectacular.

The Orton-McIntyre match was okay. It’s a little upsetting that 3MB is the Yoshi Tatsu of factions. Why not give them a little push for a few weeks to make things a little more interesting in the Royal Rumble? Any amount of extra guesswork on to who’s going to make an impact in the Royal Rumble adds so much to any major pay per view match.

Seeing someone tap to a Figure Four Leglock makes me as thrilled as a fat kid at a Vegas buffet. Big ups to the Miz for making the Figure Four a lethal finisher again like it should be.

This show was solid from start to finish. All of the major angles were pushed and it left me intrigued about Big Show vs. Del Rio as much as I am about the Royal Rumble and the rest of the card. The matches were entertaining but the first thing I would watch from this show is the CM Punk-Shield-Rock segment.

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