Royal Rumble 2013 Predictions


The Rock Royal Rumble

Royal Rumble Match

Great Puma: John Cena. I think the WWE is going chalk with this one and there’s no way WWE’s golden boy is not going to go on to be part of Wrestlemania’s main event match. This of course is contingent upon the Rock winning the WWE Title at the Royal Rumble or the next pay per view. Ryback will wow the crowd with his performance but Cena will ultimately be the last man in the ring.

Mascara De Fuego: I would like to see someone like Dolph Ziggler win it and have TWO big opportunities to win the title. Something like he’d win the Rumble and face Alberto Del Rio at WrestleMania for the title. He would lose the first match clean (but a close match) but after the match he would go on to beat the shit out of Del Rio only to then cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase and finally win the World Title. Unfortunately that is NOT what’s going to happen and most likely this will be a super predictable Rumble with Cena winning it. Sometimes the WWE catches wind that things are a foregone conclusion and changes things around but I think they are going to make Cena look strong all the way into his rematch with The Rock where he will win the WWE Title… again. I know it does not have to be said but I have absolutely NO INTEREST in seeing John Cena as WWE Champion ever again. This dude does not appeal to me in any form or fashion and after that last promo he did on RAW I don’t even know how anyone (even kids) can like this dude. I mean really, you’re going to go out there and do your boring shtick and make fun of people in the front row to benefit yourself? Look man, there is a difference between getting heel heat and trying to get yourself over at the expense of someone who paid for a front row ticket… which is super expensive now a days. Whatever, I know I am going off on a tangent but fuck it. I hate this character and dude in general.

WWE Champion CM Punk w/Paul Heyman vs. The Rock

Mascara De Fuego: The Rock. There is no way they are swerving anyone with this one, The Rock will be walking out as WWE Champion in this match. They are paying this dude way too much money to not juice every moment with him. I’m ok with the Rock winning the title, I really am but I wouldn’t mind seeing Streak vs. Streak instead at WrestleMania with Punk vs. Taker. I have no interest in a Rock vs. Cena rematch as you can tell. 😉 A rematch I would like to see with The Rock as champion is against CM Punk. I have a feeling this title match is going to be really good and a much better match than with Cena. Why not just do a rematch of THIS match? I guess that’s more wishful thinking.

Great Puma: The Rock. The is a cash cow for the WWE and and they wouldn’t just pay the Rock so much money just so he could lose and disappoint his gigantic fan base.  This match very hard to call due to CM Punk’s title reign being the focus for past half year.

World Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. The Big Show (Last Man Standing Match)

Great Puma: Alberto Del Rio. ADR has been on a serious roll as of late and I doubt they’d have him lose the title so quickly. ADR’s title reign is already more memorable than Sheamus’s title reign last year. With a loss, Big Show should also be included in the Royal Rumble, where he’s always given a few opportunities to shine. As much as I want Dolph Ziggler to be World Heavweight Champion, I doubt he would cash in after this match.

Mascara De Fuego: Del Rio. I like the direction they are taking Del Rio but I hope that they don’t dumb him down ala Cena or Sheamus with the stupid bits and jokes. I think his character did need to be refreshed and I think putting the World Title on him was a smart move to help with that. Unfortunately what do you do with Big Show now? Putting the title on him was a smart move but what now? Can’t have the title switching back and forth between them if you’re going to be building Del Rio as a solid good guy. I think it is key that you keep Big Show a strong heel and not turn him into a comedy act again. You need serious monsters like him and Mark Henry. Although I do see Del Rio winning this match I don’t see them going with him all the way to WrestleMania.

WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No vs. Team Rhodes Scholars 

Mascara De Fuego: Team Hell No. I would like to see the Scholars win the titles but I don’t think they have many teams to take on once they do win the titles. All the work they’ve done in the tag division has fallen by the waist side a bit lately leaving only these two teams as focal points. This division needs more than this especially if they plan to do any sort of title change. You could get a couple of rematches out of these two matches if the titles change hands but after that…? The roster is full of guys who can be made into teams, shit you have teams like The Primetime Players, The Uso’s and Primo & Epico but you’re not doing anything with them. Eh, fuck it I’m changing my prediction to the Rhodes Scholars….

Great Puma: Team Hell No. I don’t want this title reign to end any time soon. Kane and Daniel Bryan are the best thing on WWE television every single week. Winning here will make a tag team title defense at Wrestlemania mean that much more.

Pre-Show Match: United States Champion Antonio Cesaro vs. The Miz 

Great Puma: Antonio Cesaro. I love that the Miz has made the Figure Four relevant again, but I just don’t see him having enough to defeat Cesaro. Cesaro’s WWE career is just in it’s infancy and I suspect that the WWE would like to keep the title around his waist a little longer.

Mascara De Fuego: Cesaro. I like this character and I like (for the most part) what they are doing with Cesaro. I think he’s on the rise right now and in a years time could be in the main event. They might be focusing a little too much on the “USA” gimmick right now but I think he has a lot of legs with this character than he can take further. Miz, well they are trying to raise this guy back up but I’m not sure how I feel with him of all people getting the Ric Flair rub…

First Entrant in the Royal Rumble Match

Great Puma: Ziggler. Read below.

Mascara De Fuego: Ziggler. I think they’ve kind of spoiled this on RAW already but he was going to be my choice regardless. I think he will have a good showing.

Last Entrant in the Royal Rumble Match 

Mascara De Fuego: Cena. They’ll probably keep him out until the last guy and just have him clean house easily to win the match.

Great Puma: Sheamus. Sheamus has great odds of winning and I think they’ll keep him around the final four just to be interesting.

Longest Entrant in the Royal Rumble Match

Great Puma: Ryback. They’re going to make Ryback look as good as they can without actually having him win. If I was booking this match I would have the Shield come in around the 14th or 15th entry and eliminate Ryback.

Mascara De Fuego: I’m going with Daniel Bryan with this one. I think he can add a lot to the match working with different people.

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