12-31-12 WWE RAW (New Years Eve edition)



So long 2012! 

-I hope this show isn’t as fluffy as last weeks…


-MizTV started the show, he announces its Championship Monday. He had Cena on his show to go over this whole AJ mess. For some reason the Rhodes Scholars come out to banter with these fools. Of course Cena had mustache jokes for Cody. Cena ends up making nice with Miz to set up a tag team match right then and there. This was a good opener and Miz and Cena should just stay together as a team. Cena gets the pin on Sandow after the AA.


-oh no they are throwing a New Year’s party in the back… Vicki and Ziggler run into each other at this shit. This conversation leads to Ziggler having to take on Sheamus.


-they plug the 20th Year anniversary of RAW is in 2 weeks.


-back to the party Punk and Vicki talk about his injury before Vicki puts Ryback in a match with the Shield. Heyman tries to get a good bye kiss but gets left hanging, funny shit.


-The United States Champion shits on the United States before calling out Sgt. Slaughter for a match…!? Slow match that saw the Cobra Clutch teased before Sarge takes a Neutralizer for the win. Love how they are putting this move over. Slaughter ended up taking another Neutralizer after the match.


-in the back Team Hell No wanted to fight the Shield tonight but that isn’t happening since they get Ryback tonight. Instead 3MB get the match after being interrupted in their rehearsal.


-once again back at the party and Big Show walks up on Ricardo and gets all racist. Double R gets challenged tonight!


-Mae Young was brought out for this bullshit party only to get challenged by the Diva’s Champion Eve… oh no.


-Team Hell No defended their titles against 3MB with Slater and McIntyre wrestling for their crew. Lawler and Cole were completely distracted which was quite annoying. Yes Lawler tries his punny band names when trying to make fun of 3MB… Decent match with the Tag Champions retaining the titles.


-Punk, Heyman and Punk’s doctor came out to the ring to talk about his injury again… the doctor first says Punk can wrestle only to change his mind. This brought out Mr. MaMahon who banters with Heyman about this injury mess, Brad Maddox and the Shield. Heyman runs down Vince wanting to make this match next week. Vince claims that if Punk cant wrestle next week, Paul Heyman gets the match…


-Ziggler came down with AJ and Big E. Langston for a slow paced match against Sheamus. This finally picked up when Sheamus gets a close 2 ½ count on Ziggler after a fall away slam from the 2nd rope. This one finally ends when Langston teases a fight with Sheamus setting up for the Sheild to come in out of nowhere and beat on Sheamus. He takes the super power bomb to end this segment.


-In the back Wade Barrett talks his way into another Intercontinental Title match against Kofi.


-Also in the back Brad Maddox walks in on CM Punk and Paul Heyman. He wants a job and they aren’t having it, especially Paul who boots this kid out.


-Mae Young is having stomach cramps… oh boy… a doctor walks in and tells this group of people at this stupid party that Mae cant compete because she’s knocked up again… yup.


-Eve comes down to defend her title, since Mae isn’t having the match not because she’s old as fuck but like I said, she’s knocked up… again. Kaitlyn comes down before the ref can announce Eve as the winner and a fight breaks out, no match tho.


-Del Rio and Rodriguez has a pep talk in the back. Alberto is remorseful for treating Ricardo like shit in the past and give him the keys to tonight’s car. Del Rio’s back to being a goody.


-The Big Show comes out first for the World Title match, he’s grinning about this match. Ricardo comes out in a red Benz before Alberto comes out to second double R. The match is what you would expect with Show beating on Rodriguez. Double R does get a come back and even gets a flash kick… that is before Big Show chops double R in mid air. Ricardo couldn’t take this anymore and comes in causing the DQ. He kicks Show in the mush before walking off holding Rodriguez.


-In the next match Kofi loses the Intercontinental Title to Wade Barrett after he hits the bull hammer for the pin. Good match.


-so I guess Mae Young might be giving birth tonight… Khali had this old lady’s legs up in the air… I don’t even know… Vicki called this shit a “new years baby”… uh… Hornswoggle is dressed as the new years baby… Lawler basically says he would have been preferred to be dead than watch this shit again.


-Shield came through the crowd for their match with Ryback. Match doesn’t last long as Sheamus comes in to try to help Ryback. After he gets beat down Randy Orton runs down to get involved. Ambrose takes an RKO before the Shield retreats for once.


-AJ and Dolph Ziggler are in the ring after the break for their toast dressed all in white… this isn’t going to end well is it? Ziggler wants to do a recap on Cena’s failures this year like losing to the Rock, getting beat up by Brock Lesnar, losing to Mr. People Power, losing his Money in the Bank match and lastly by losing to Ziggler at TLC. Langston is sent to the outside to keep Cena from crashing this toast…. Needless to say Cena comes out to the stage to… agree with Ziggler about his past failures in 2012…. Before he goes into bad photoshopped pictures. Cena is very longwinded before getting to Ziggler being in the WWE for seven years and how he ain’t done shit… he runs down Ziggler’s past gimmicks including being a caddy and a cheerleader. Cena then announces he’s entering the Royal Rumble. This ends with Cena calling for what is hinted to be shit coming down from the arena ceiling. Stupid, gross and didn’t make sense… too bad it was going well promo-wise.


-Well, see you next year folks…



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