12-24-12 WWE RAW (Christmas Eve Edition)



-Show starts with the entire roster singing made up Christmas songs led by Cena…


-Santa is the guest host… this lasts 2 minutes before Alberto Del Rio runs Santa’s ass over…!? Haha! Wasn’t this dude turning face!? Not if you’re killing Santa. Oh well.

-After the break the roster is in an uproar outside of Santa’s locker room… no one is taking this shit seriously but no one more than John Cena.

-Santa (from the scripted grave) makes a match between Del Rio and Cena tonight… A Miracle on 34th Street Fight… oh boy.

-Oh and we got police tape around Del Rio’s car. Haha


-WWE Tag Team Champion Kane beats Cody Rhodes… thus Cody gets NO revenge for his shoulder injury from a couple of weeks.


-Kaitlyn wins an 8 Diva tag team match where they were dressed up all Christmasy…


-Dolph Ziggler and AJ cuddle on the floor while watching AJ’s favorite Christmas movie… WWE TLC where she costs Cena the Money in the Bank briefcase. This was awkward for the most part.


-In a lumberjack match where all the ‘Jacks wore Santa hats… Sheamus beat World Champion Big Show with the brogue kick. After the match this breaks out in a short brawl that the goodies wins.


-David Otunga comes out to the ring and basically breaks Santa’s case against Del Rio apart… this brings Zack Ryder out for a match which he wins. He gets a lot of chants.


-Vicki isn’t here tonight so Booker is in charge, gives Brad Maddox ANOTHER chance to win a contract… this dude gets a lot of fucking chances.


-Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston & The Miz beat United States Champion Antonio Cesaro & Wade Barrett after a TIP kick and the SCF to Barrett. Seemed long and slow.


-AJ and Ziggler have another awkward segment, this time under an Xmas tree where she gives him the MITB briefcase. Oh shit opens up her robe… to show off her new cut up Dolph Ziggler shirt…


-Brad Maddox is SO “TNA” its not even funny… he loses a match to the Great Khali who was dressed as a giant retarded elf. Hornswoggle came out with Khali looking just as dumb. After the match… Khali sings some awkward song that uh… no one knows how to react to… is Khali deaf!?


-WWE Champion CM Punk and Heyman come out to start the third hour… It funny, Lawler hopes Punk keeps it civil since its Christmas, instead Punk clowns Khali’s singing, funny. He goes over the usual, for instance his injury and blaming Ryback for it. Good stuff by both Heyman and Punk. Ryback comes out and says he’s getting Punk in a TLC match on RAW in 2 weeks! Well damn!


-WWE Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan and Damien Sandow get into a chant war in the ring. It’s between the words “silence” and of course “no”. Funny. Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole just have the most awkward exchange during this match, just awkward… Anyhow, Bryan wins this with the NO lock and Team Hell No beats the Scholars individually.


-This match was just trying to fix as many dudes as it could. In consisted of Brodus Clay, Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd, the Uso’s and Santino Marella taking on The Primetime Players, Tensai and 3MB. Team good guys wrestled in Santa hats…match feels long, Uso’s win the match with the splash off the top.


-In the back Team Hell No argues about Christmas even though Kane, who claims to hate Christmas gives Bryan a present… a Slammy. Bryan gives Kane… a dog! Haha Kane wanted to eat the dog and Bryan freaked out.


-AJ read Bryan Christmas stories that sounded more like a recap of the TLC match. This leads to kissing under the mistletoe…


-Santa Claus’s pulse is Jingle Bells… FML….


-The Miracle on 34th street ended this goofy shit night. Cena came to the ring saying “for Santa”… sigh. Rodriguez couldn’t even get his intro in because he’s crying about Santa getting ran over. Haha, so stupid. During the match Del Rio keeps insisting it was an accident while simultaneously beating on Cena. Nothing serious about this match. This match was a doozy… Steel Chairs wrapped as gifts, Cena continually yelling “Santa”, a pie in the face of Rodriguez, flying TV monitors, using a Christmas trees as a weapon, Cena using a bowling ball on the nuts of Del Rio, a fire extinguisher, Rodriguez gets a sleeper on Cena and of course the come back of the year by Santa Clause. This mess ends when Santa uses a red socko into the AA for the pin… yeah it looks like Santa was Mick Foley all along.













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