Super Smackdown Live [December 18, 2012]


Super Smackdown 2012

The Shield take out the luchadores and Big E. Langston punks Super Cena again.

Pittsburgh, PA

Quick Results

  • They show Big E. Langston’s debut on Raw and Big Show’s altercation with Sheamus.

  • They mention that tonight’s episode is commercial free a few times.

  • MizTV interviews Dolph Ziggler and AJ walk out with Big E. Langston behind them. AJ gives a long winded explanation on why she turned on John Cena. Miz then insults AJ and Big E. stares him down. Ziggler talks about stealing the show and his girlfriend. Miz calls Ziggler the sixth member of One Direction. Big E. takes Miz out to a chorus of boos, and stands over him.

  • Booker T and Teddy Long speak backstage. Teddy tells Booker that he should look at Brad Maddox tonight. Booker says the ‘kid’ is creepy but Teddy says Maddox is hungry and has talent. Booker agrees to give Maddox a match.

  • Sin Cara makes his entrance to face Damien Sandow. They play Rey Mysterio’s music but Rey doesn’t walk out onstage. Sin Cara looks baffled by Rey’s absence.

  • Damien Sandow w/ Cody Rhodes defeats Sin Cara via his finisher, Terminus

  • Just before the finish, the Shield walk down to ringside. Roman Reigns throws Rey’s mask into the ring to distract Sin Cara for the finish.

  • After the match, the Shield beat Sin Cara down and injure Sin Cara’s leg when Seth Rollins hit it with a diving knee from the top rope.

  • Santino pins Tensai with a pin after Tensai misses a running senton

  • Kofi Kingston talks with Team Hell No in the locker room. Daniel Bryan throws a temper, and Kane explains that Daniel is upset that he didn’t win a Slammy last night.

  • Wade Barrett & The Primetime Players defeat Kofi Kingston & Team Hell No when Kane chokeslammed Darren Young

  • John Cena and Sheamus have a cornball moment in the locker room. Cena puts Big E. Langston’s strength over.

  • CM Punk comes out and talks about how he should have won the Superstar of the Year Slammy. Punk then shits on the Pittsburgh crowd. He also adds that keeping the WWE World Title for a year is more impressive than winning the World Title 16 times like Ric Flair. He goes on and on about how no one is going to take his title away.

  • Punk is interrupted by Ryback. Sheamus says he has his sights set on the first Raw of 2013 to challenge for Punk’s title. He starts his chant and the crowd responds.

  • Ryback pins Antonio Cesaro via Shell Shocked

  • Kaitlyn runs into AJ in the back. AJ gets hurt when Kaitlyn blows her off. They scuffle for a little bit until the refs pull them apart.

  • Kaitlyn defeats Eve Torres by DQ when Eve kept holding on to the ref’s leg to avoid Kaitlyn’s offense

  • They cut to the back where Big Show lets Dolph Ziggler know that he doesn’t trust him at all. Show also warns Ziggler not to cash in on him tonight.

  • Brad Maddox comes out repeating his name over and over. He says that nobody will ever forget his name and that he’s going to win his match tonight.

  • Brodus Clay pins Brad Maddox via Running Splash

  • After the match The Shield run in and destroy Brodus Clay with the Shield Bomb.

  • John Cena & Sheamus defeat Big Show & Dolph Ziggler by DQ when Big E. Langston interfered after Cena rocked Ziggler with an AA

  • After the match AJ comforts Ziggler and makes out with him.


  • Miz’s opening remarks made it seem like his guests were going to be the Shield. I was disappointed to see Miz and AJ walking out.
  • Not sure what happened to AJ on MizTV. For some reason, her explanation and acting fell flat. The most entertaining part was watching Dolph Ziggler look out into the crowd as if he was dying of boredom, waiting for AJ to get her part of the promo over with.
  • I think Big E.’s finisher would look better if the opponents were facing the opposite direction.
  • Damien Sandow’s Side Russian Legsweep bugs the shit out of me. He never fully wraps his ankle around his opponent’s leg before he pulls them down. Argh! Overall, the match was the typical Sin Cara match along with a lovely post-match Shield beatdown.
  • I always appreciate a body slam spot when it’s done well. Santino and Tensai put forth an entertaining match. I can’t remember the last time two wrestlers put effort in building a great moment using such a basic wrestling move. This was a solid comedy match.
  • I will never get tired of seeing Team Hell No in any situation. I’m glad Kofi got to interact with the hottest duo in professional wrestling.
  • I’m so stoked that Bryan put Darren Young in a Mexican Surfboard! I haven’t seen the Mexican Surfboard used in such a long time. I think it’s very underrated. Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m also think it’s good attention to detail when Kane looks around for the Shield from time to time.
  • Why would you have Ryback beat Cesaro so easily? It was competitive for most of the match but I was disappointed by the rather easy finish from Ryback. This defeat to Ryback seemed to cheapen the prestige of the title. I would prefer the WWE to protect Cesaro for as long as he is the U.S. Champion. Why not build Cesaro slowly and keep his aura of invincibility for a while instead of sacrificing him to Ryback so soon?
  • Kaitlyn did a good job of looking bothered when she came out to face Eve. It was a decent outing and I was pleased with the finish.
  • I love seeing the Shield but I like it more when they decimate their opponents quietly. Lately Roman Reigns has been howling and Seth Rollins has been yelling out tough guy-isms. It seems like they’re trying a little too hard when they certainly don’t need to. Remember guys, less is more. You’ll get your chance to shine as individuals soon enough.
  • Just when you thought the making out would end, AJ and Ziggler CLOSE this episode making out. UGH! At this point AJ should make her way through the WWE roster by 2015. The main event was okay for a Cena and Sheamus match. I wish they put more focus on the possibility of Ziggler cashing in instead of the recent dominance of Big E. Langston.

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