12-16-12 WWE TLC


TLC logo 2012

Way to finish off the year WWE!

-26 bell salute for the victims of the Connecticut shootings.


#1 Contenters Tables Match

Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

-Most of the beginning of the match was lead by TRS. Solid table shots you’ve never seen before in this one. The end saw Sin Cara get pushed off a springboard attempt and into a ringside table. Really good opener with some good spots!

Winners: Rhodes Scholars


United States Championship

Antonio Cesaro vs. R-Truth

-slow paced to start which the crowd wasn’t having. It did pick up and they got back into it even leading to a “lets go Jimmy” chant. Good match that ended with Cesaro finally getting the neutralizer.

Winner: Cesaro

-Striker tries to interview Cesaro. He cuts a promo on the states and how we shouldn’t boo our own country by booing him. dope.


-Josh interviews Ziggler in the back. Good serious shit here. Teasing something big tonight?



-he calls 3MB a train wreck before calling them out for an interview. They banter back and forth before Slater says they are performing on RAW tomorrow night. 3MB start shit with the Spanish announcers when Ricardo Rodriguez come out to talk them out of it. The crowd calls for Alberto Del Rio and he comes out to a nice ovation. He beats up on them briefly before 3MB get the advantage on him. Miz comes back in and makes the save! Slater challenges Miz and Del Rio to find a partner tonight to face them. The match is on for tonight. Wow Del Rio face turn, job well done here!


-Kane and Bryan chit chat about their match and Ryback tonight. Funny shit that leads to a YES chant by Bryan and the crowd.


-Striker interviews Barrett, it was whatever.


Intercontinental Championship

Kofi Kingston vs. Wade Barrett

-Crowd is into this one and split between these guys. Slower paced but still had some good spots. Barrett tries a full nelson slam, it was a awkward. Nice ending spot with Barrett going for the bullhammer but Kofi getting the trouble in paradise out of nowhere. Good stuff.

Winner: Kofi


-Punk and Heyman in a luxary box. Punk is wearing a “knees to faces” to combat “boots to asses”, nice. He shit on New York and Ryback missing out on an ass kicking tonight. Good promo.


TLC Match

WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No vs. The Shield

-Shields music sucks, god dammit.

-Shield comes in through the crowd.

-Brawl is on at ringside off the bat.

-Feed me more chant.

-Goldberg chant.

-Ambrose looked good with Ryback.

-Rollins dropkicks the ladder into Kane.

-Shield take out Bryan with a ladder but not Ryback.

-Ryback slamming the later into Ambrose and Rollins before Reigns saves with a chair.

-YES kicks by Bryan in the corner to Reigns, crowd was into that.

-THN take out Reigns with a ladder.

-dope DDT by Ambrose to Kane on a chair!

-Ryback is cornered by Rollins and Ambrose before an awkward head drop with by Ryback…

-Ryback double suplexes Ambrose and Rollins onto a ladder! Oh fuck!

-Ryback goes for the double shell shock but Reigns stops that.

-super powerbomb to Ryback through the Spanish announce table by the Shield!

-Bryan tries to jump in by Shield cut him down.

-Kane even things out.

-body slam to Bryan WITH a chair by Ambrose!

-a table is set up on the top rope by the Shield…

-Bryan is put on the top of the table… while Rollins and Ambrose superplex him OFF the table!!!!

-Shield is dominating here!

-Kane is not put on top of this table on the top rope!

-Kane fights off and hits the clothesline from the top of the table onto Ambrose!



-Shield is covering Kane with furniture!

-this is awesome chant.

-YES lock in the middle off the ring but the shield breaks that shit out!

-YES lock to Reigns but Ambrose stops that shit.

-this is a Shield beat down.

-series of YES series of kicks to Ambrose and Rollins!!!

-Head stomp to Bryan by Rollins onto the chair!

-Ryback come back.

-battling Goldberg/feed me more chants!

-Ambrose takes the shell shock!!!! Shield makes the save.

-wow this match is awesome!

-Ryback is grounded down the ramp way.

-Ryback is taking a beating at the ring entrance.

-Ryback is set on a table and Rollins is climbing this huge ladder…!?

-Ryback is up and climbing after Rollins! This cant be good!

-fuck Ryback throws Rollins onto a stage of tables… ouch…

-powerbomb off the top and through a table to Bryan…1….2.. .THREEEE!!!!!

Winners: The Shield

-holy shit the Shield just got over there HUGE!!!

-on the recap Rollins took that table to the back of the head bad!

-such a solid fucking match, THAT should have finished the show, bad move WWE!


Diva’s Championship

Eve vs. Naomi

-I guess Naomi won the battle royal on the pre show for this title match. Naomi came out trying to show and prove but she gets hits with the neck breaker for the pin. Eve gets the camera man to take pictures of her in the ring after the match.

Winner: Eve


-Big Show interview in the back with Striker. Basic.


World Championship Chairs match

Big Show vs. Sheamus

-slower paced back and forth match. Sheamus and exchange stiff chair shots and we get an Ole! chant!? Big Show got a swagger bomb in the corner onto Sheamus who was sandwiched with a chair, good spot but not as big as the white noise onto TWO chairs for a Sheamus 2½ count. Show wins the match with a larger sized steel chair…?! Haha Good match but should have gone on earlier in the card. Right now the Shield match is the one to beat.

Winner: Show


-Cena in the back and AJ walks up… they are wearing matching Cena gear… didn’t pay attention.


3MB vs. Alberto Del Rio, Miz and… Brooklyn Brawler!!!

-cheap pop for Brooklyn but fuck it. basic match but quick and fun. Brawler puts away Mahal with the Boston crab.

Winner: Brawler, Del Rio & Miz


TLC Match for the Money in the Bank briefcase

Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena

-crowd is hot with mixed chants.

-cautious start and it looks like this crowd is behind Ziggler.

-lets go Ziggler chant is LOUD!

-chain wrestling into a Cena head lock.

-ugly fisherman’s suplex by Cena into a money flip from the corner, so sloppy looking by Cena.

-baseball slide into a ladder by Ziggler.

-Ziggler then takes the ladder to the head after attempting to set it up in the ring.

-Cena takes the steel steps to Ziggler on the outside.

-Ziggler recovers and sets up a ladder and starts the climb. Cena stops him.

-YAY/BOO change of punches.

-sleeper by Ziggler out of nowhere.

-Cena while in the sleeper then climbs the ladder!?!

-Cena is grabbing for the case but starts to fade.

-out of nowhere both dudes fall off the ladder and threw the table that was set up previously in the ring!

-Cena lifts Ziggler AND the ladder!!!… before going into his 5 moves of death….

-high leg drop by Ziggler

-dueling chants.

-Cena looks like he’s trying to roll up Ziggler before turning it into the STF. Ziggler gets to the ropes but taps… don’t matter.

-Ziggler fights off the AA and gets the zigzag!

-fist of death by Cena into the AA but its blocked again and Ziggler gets a jumping DDT!

-Ziggler pulls in a larger ladder and climbs, he’s close but Cena climbs too.

-both fight from the top of the ladder.

-Ziggler falls from the ladder…. Oh no…

-Cena climb up and is grasping the case.

-Ziggler runs up and climbs after Cena bringing him down.

-Cena sent into the ladder head first.

-Cena just did a botchy hurricaneranna sending Ziggler into a table in the corner. Ziggler had to sell the shit out of that one.

-dropkick by Ziggler to Cena which sends the ladder to the outside.

-Cena tries for a superplex but Ziggler fights him off.

-high cross body by Ziggler, Cena tries for the roll through AA but Ziggler grabs a chair and takes it to Cena’s legs.

-Ziggler cleans the ring of shit only to take the AA… he slides to the outside.

-Vicki is here and takes a chair into the ring, she’s going to hit Cena but AJ runs out and stops her.

-botchy brawl… AJ does the Cena fist drop and Vicki rolls out.


-Ziggler runs in and super kicks Cena.

-Ziggler and AJ stare briefly before AJ smiles and skips off!

-Ziggler climbs and takes down the briefcase!

-Good shit here but definitely not the show stealer of the night, that goes to the Shield!

Winner: Ziggler

-we get sad faced Cena to end the show.


-Fucking Solid ppv god dammit!


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