Smackdown Thoughts & Review [December 14, 2012]


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Kofi Kingston and Antonio Cesaro shine bright in their respective battles.

Bridgeport, CT

Quick Results

  • Antonio Cesaro and Sheamus sit with the announcing team.
  • Big Show pins R-Truth by KO Punch
  • After the match, Cesaro pushed Sheamus into Big Show, which made Big Show tease Sheamus about their match being off due to the no-contact clause.
  • Booker T tells Big Show that his chairs match with Cesaro is still on.
  • Damien Sandow introduced Cody’s Mustache, which was being carried by Cody Rhodes. Cody gets on the mic and says that Sandow’s search for an intern has come to an end because he’s here.
  • The Rhodes Scholars defeat The Usos when Sandow rolled up Jimmy Uso
  • David Otunga goes over the no-contact clause with Big Show in the back. Otunga says they share Big Show’s grievance publicly in the ring.
  • Big Show and David Otunga make their case to the audience, declare Booker T as a biased general manager, and demand that the matter be solved by the WWE’s Board of Directors. They also want Booker T removed from his position. Booker T comes out and insults Otunga and says that the match is still on at TLC. Otunga brings up Booker T’s prison tenure and says that he’s going to try to get Booker and Sheamus fired. Sheamus comes out and walks towards the ring with a chair. Sheamus says that if they call off the match now, Sheamus is going to destroy him with a chair at that moment. Big Show stands down and agrees to their match at TLC. Sheamus ends the segment with a Brogue Kick to Otunga’s face.
  • They cut to The Shield completing a beatdown on Randy Orton.
  • Kaitlyn pins Aksana via Gutbuster
  • They update Randy Orton’s separated shoulder injury.
  • Miz interviews Team Hell No on MizTV. Daniel Bryan and Kane put each other over and how they are more unified than ever. A jittery Shield video interrupts their interview and threatens team Hell No. They cut to the Shield standing in a suite and then tease the Shield coming down through the crowd. Ryback’s music hits and the Shield retreats up the stairs.
  • Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel, Great Khali, & Hornswoggle defeat Primo, Epico, & The Prime Time Players when Kidd rolled up Primo
  • Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston pinned Alberto Del Rio via suplex counter into a roll up
  • After the match, Wade Barrett tried to attack Kofi but was met with a Trouble in Paradise kick.
  • William Regal gives Sheamus a pep talk in the locker room.
  • Antonio Cesaro defeats Sheamus via count out when Sheamus chased after Big Show
  • During the match, Big Show came out with a hurt William Regal. Sheamus couldn’t retaliate due to the no-contact clause and was counted out.


  • Big Show’s domination of R-Truth was well done. I wish most Big Show matches were like this. Show always look dominant and be booked like the heir apparent to Andre the Giant. Instead, he’s been treated like an average big man heel for most of his career. Big Show can only have a giant legacy if he’s booked like one. I also liked how Cesaro got his receipt on Sheamus after being pushed back into his chair.
  • It hurts whenever the Usos lose. This was a decent match but I’m craving to see a tag team win with a legit tag team double team finisher.
  • I’m really tired of seeing David Otunga being bullied and abused.
  • Big ups to Randy Orton for selling The Shield’s beatdown. He didn’t do any Terry Funk twitching but he did a good job of wincing in pain over the debris.
  • I know Aksana knows more pro wrestling offense than that 2 minute long headlock. Kaitlyn is looking better than ever and it’s nice to see her improve every week.
  • I love seeing Hornswoggle get tossed around. I realize his WWE existence is purely for the 8 and under set but I would really like the WWE to do some “Who killed Kenny” shit with Hornswoggle on every pay per view. Is that wrong?
  • The 8-man tag match was sad. There was way too much talent in that ring for it to be so short. Gabriel and Kidd gave us double suicide dives after the match but that was about it. This may be the worst go-home Smackdown this year.
  • Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi was solid with an amazing finish. I thought Kofi’s counter to Del Rio’s suplex into a rollup was great. Hopefully it reminded the WWE front office that Kofi Kingston belongs in the main event scene. Kofi gets great crowd support in every match and always performs at a high level. ADR was ADR, extremely sharp and fluid throughout the match.
  • Cesaro proved he could hang with Sheamus. This was definitely match of the night and was like great battle between two bulls. Cesaro made Sheamus look strong while making himself look more than formidable in the process. Great match despite the countout finish.
  • Overall this was an average show that finished with two strong matches. Tables Ladders and Chairs looks like a one match pay per view that is probably going to filled with pleasant surprises. I’m looking forward to Sunday.

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