12-10-12 WWE RAW



Now THAT was a good go-home show!

-SO apparently CM Punk is out of the ppv and the Shield is in… ? I’ve been out of the country and out of the loop so I’m not sure what’s going on here…


-Ziggler opened the show standing on a ladder in the middle of the ring under his Money in the Bank briefcase. Good promo about the ppv and Cena here before Sheamus interrupts this with his goofy new t-shirt. It has a boot print on the front. Isn’t that giving people a target? Sheamus yaps about his World Title match at the ppv. Big Show then interrupts him. Sheamus and Big Show banter before Sheamus pulls an asshole move and pushes Ziggler’s ladder over sending him over the top rope… yeah, why not injure this kid before the match…!? ugh.


-Cesaro and Kofi are at ringside for the Wade Barrett vs…. nevermind, Vince McMahon is out to a lukewarm reaction. He brings up Vicki making Cena vs. Ziggler at the ppv before bringing her out… he forces her to make matches before putting HER in a match with AJ tonight… Anyhow it was Barrett vs. R-Truth in a fairly quick match that Truth won. Needless to say this breaks down after the match with Cesaro and Truth pairing up while Kofi lands a high cross body from the top to Barrett.


-AJ has awkward exchanges with people telling them about her match with Vicki tonight. She walks into the men’s locker room to tell Cena but he’s all embarrassed cause its around all the dudes half naked dudes. He weirded out by her all of a sudden…


-fatal four way between the Primetime Players, Primo & Epico, Rhodes Scholars and the Uso’s for the #1 contender spot for the tag team titles. Its elimination style, Primo & Epico are the first to get eliminated followed by Primetime Players and the Uso’s. Scholars become the #1 contenders. Funniest moment was Cody’s new mustache getting its own chant. haha! Not a bad match, good to see Cody back but hopefully he’s not back too soon.


-Eve beat Alicia Fox to retain the title, didn’t watch the match. Eve has a ringside photographer brought into the ring to photographer her.


-CM Punk and Heyman come out, Punk’s on crutches… he puts over being hurt legit and not to duck Ryback. Heyman’s promo is gold. This dude could sell melted ice cream to kids on a hot summer day. God damn. Punk doesn’t think he should be stripped of the title. Oh god, this isn’t going to be good isn’t it. Anyhow, Punk claims he’ll be there on Sunday to watch the Shield beat on Ryback….!? OK, Michael Cole clears up this ppv main event match… it’s a TLC match between Ryback and Team Hell No vs. the Shield… interesting.


-Sheamus and Ziggler had a really good match. Ziggler and Sheamus have good chemistry which hopefully sets up World Title matches between the two down the road. Ziggler hitting the X Factor off the top rope was one of many great spots in this one… but it end in a DQ win for Sheamus when Ziggler brings in a chair. It backfired on Ziggler when the chair takes a brogue kick. At least they leave it open for possibly another match. Ziggler got “let’s go Ziggler” chants in this one.


-Kermit is tweeting tonight as he’s the social ambassador tonight.


-Hornswoggle and Khali walk into Vicki getting ready for her match. This turns into odd positions of helping Vicki stretch before Vince come in and says he thought this was a family show… eheh.


-Shield promo video its like the old nWo promo videos just in color… I thought we were told to buy the DVD for this kind of shit? Good shit for the most part. This was better than their first promo. Ambrose did most of the talking here.


-almost 2 hours in and we get Del Rio taking on Zack Ryder… Ryder does get a good reaction and chant before the arm breaker for the ADR win. This one went a little too long…


-Ryback vs. Del Rio on Main Event this week, oh boy that could be bad.


-AJ gets a good home town reaction when she comes out for her match. Vicki comes out asking for a ref… she gets one in Brad Maddox… AJ lands a stiff slap to Vicki and goes for the pin but Maddox doesn’t count. He does though when Vicki rolls up AJ from behind for the pin. After the match AJ flips out and starts throwing shit around ringside before slapping the shit out of Justin Roberts… bonkers.


-This continues in the back when Cena finally tries to stop her crazy ass. He looks scared out of his mind.


-Cesaro and Kofi are up next, champion vs. champion and not mention of it. Cesaro shit’s on New Jersey before the match, good shit. This was match of the night! Kofi and Cesaro did some really good shit here and had some crazy spots that I’d never seen. So good, see this match. Cesaro wins this one but you’ll have to watch it to find out how. I ain’t telling you its worth seeing.


-MizTV is next, now its on the stage and not in the ring. Terrible white suit on Miz but not as bad as Cody’s mustache. Cody’s upper lip gets another couple of chants. Haha! They banter back and forth before I realize that the Scholars aren’t taking on the champions at the ppv, its Rey and Sin Cara… what? Miz ends up trying to cause dissention here. I hate to say it but I liked this segment and thought everyone got over, even Miz for the most part… no wait I take that back he dropped the ball at the end while “giving” the Scholars a new tag name. stupid.


-Cena runs into AJ in the back. She wants to go out to the ring with Cena, he isn’t having it. She finally agrees.


-Ziggler’s out again, this time for commentary in the Cena vs. Big Show match. Some little girl was crying at ringside for Cena. haha, that’s silly. Between Big Show’s ring gear and Cena’s, this looks like a military match. Good match overall, Big Show worked hard here, Cena did fine. Match is thrown out when the Shield jump John Cena. Team Hell No try to make the save before Ziggler comes in to help them and Show. Sheamus is now out before Show takes a spear threw a table by Cena. Finally Ryback comes out and to a loud ovation! Oh shit, Ryback throws a ladder at all three guys before attacking them in the ring. The show goes off the air as everyone continues to brawl. Wow, good shit to end the show with.


-Damn overall I think this was a pretty good RAW with a lot of good matches and some decent mic work. This is how you are suppose to run this show god dammit. Solid go home show.


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