Smackdown Thoughts & Review [December 7, 2012]


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The Shield present an edgy low-res video of themselves and Sheamus wins because he’s Sheamus.

Quick Results

  • They start with a lovely video update on CM Punk’s knee injury and how Ryback and Team Hell No will now take on the Shield at the TLC pay per view.

  • Booker T comes out and talks about how he needs to have Big Show and Sheamus sign a no-contact until TLC agreement. Booker says that if Sheamus breaks the agreement, he will not have a title shot. Big Show will be stripped of the title if he breaks the agreement and attacks Sheamus.

  • Sheamus talks Christmas-themed shit to Big Show and says he can’t wait to beat him and regain the World Heavyweight Championship. Show responds and says that Sheamus is going to be destroyed by a steel chair. Big Show also adds that he’s more experienced and a better tactician in the ring.

  • In a stroke of genius, Big Show shoves Sheamus across the ring, and then signs the no-contact agreement.

  • Big Show pins Daniel Bryan after a Chokeslam (Bryan was caught on the top turnbuckle)

  • After the match the Shield circles Daniel Bryan, and then pummels him stomps. Kane tries to save Bryan but is eventually swarmed and Shieldbombed through the announcing table.

  • Damien Sandow Apprentice Search

  • The first question was 5+5. The second question was ‘who is the current president of the United States.’ The answer to the third question was 17th century art genre, vanitas. Of course the contestant failed the third question and was excused from the ring. The Miz comes in and insults Damien Sandow and his robe of excellence. Sandow doesn’t say anything and Miz leaves.

  • 3MB defeat Brodus Clay & The Usos when Drew McIntyre rocked Jey Uso with a Future Shock DDT

  • Matt Striker interviews Wade Barrett about Randy Orton. Wade says his elbow is the only thing Orton should be worried about.

  • Randy Orton pins Wade Barrett with an RKO (after a Kofi Kingston distraction)

  • The Great Khali and Hornswoggle w/Natalya defeats Primo and Epico w/Rosa Mendes via ‘swoggle’s Sperm Splash after Khali double chopped Primo and Epico

  • They show a low-res video featuring the Shield. They recap their actions and philosophy.

  • Antonio Cesaro cuts a promo and shits on America, gets a dig on Dusty Rhodes, and drops a giant turd on R-Truth. Truth comes out and opens up a can of American verbal whup ass on Cesaro. The two men have a quick exchange and have a brief brawl before Cesaro walks out of the ring. Great stuff.

  • Sheamus submits Alberto Del Rio via Cloverleaf

  • After the match, Sheamus threw Ricardo Rodriguez into Big Show’s balls after Show dared him to hit him.

Thoughts & Highlights

  • I really liked the opening video highlighting the Shield. It’s always thrilling when the WWE invests some time, money and energy into wrestlers that I mark out for. The Shield looks like a big deal after that video.
  • Sheamus had the nerve to say that he made Big Show relevant again, which is one of the most absurd comments I’ve ever heard. Big Show has been relevant and main event worthy for a few years now because he’s made the most of every opportunity and angle that has been thrown at him. I think Big Show is building on an already amazing legacy that casts a long shadow over Sheamus’s fifteen minutes of fame. The best part about this segment was Big Show’s grade school teasing after he signed the agreement. Classic.
  • Show versus Bryan was solid. Big Show’s headbutts are looking almost as devastating as the Junk Yard Dog’s. Not really, but they do look good. Loved Big Show’s giant chest slap to counter Bryan’s flying knee off the apron. The Shield attack was well done. Lately, I’m getting this feeling that Roman Reigns has the look and potential to be the next Batista.
  • The Damien Sandow Apprentice Search is becoming one my favorite things to look forward to seeing on Smackdown. I liked Miz’s involvement but I still want to see more of him battling CM Punk on the mic and in the ring.
  • The 3MB-Usos-Clay match was fine for what it was. I wonder when an Uso’s push is coming again. They’ve improved so much and their matches are never boring.
  • I didn’t think I would have to sit through another Orton-Barrett match since their last feud was over. Those matches weren’t bad or anything, I just felt that there was nothing more they could do with each other and this match proved that point. That being said, the RKO finish was sick, and Barrett still looked strong despite the loss.
  • I don’t feel the need to comment about any Hornswoggle matches but Epico and Primo earned their paychecks tonight selling for Khali.
  • Holy shit. The Shield promo was the freshest, innovative piece I’ve seen this year on Smackdown. The men absolutely killed it. This should be the first thing you skip to view.
  • I liked Cesaro’s promo. I like the slow build for his character so far and I hope he eventually reaches greater heights within the next few years. I’m looking forward to seeing R-Truth guide Cesaro to a great match at the pay per view. R-Truth’s promo was damn good and very poignant. I always mark out whenever a wrestler mentions ‘hard times.’
  • Alberto Del Rio’s jumping enziguiri to Sheamus’s fat head was as good as it gets. ADR also missed a moonsault, which also looked great. I hope ADR actually starts using the moonsault in his moveset in the future.
  • Son of a bitch. Why is Alberto Del Rio tapping to anyone, including Sheamus? If Sheamus is going over one of the top heels in ADR, why not do it with shady interference? Why chop another foot off of ADR’s credibility with another clean loss? It’s going to take a long time for ADR to be considered a formidable main event heel if he keeps putting over the wrestlers in the WWE’s elite inner circle.
  • Overall, this was an okay show where the segments and promos were more entertaining than the actual matches.

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One Response to “Smackdown Thoughts & Review [December 7, 2012]”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    Why not just throw Del Rio and Cesaro out of the country? With their egos there’s no room for Americans.

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