12-03-12 WWE RAW



Lie detectors, girlfriends and new guys keep trying to make an “impact”

-Recap dude recaps. Show, Sheamus, Ziggler, Cena stuff that sets up for a tag match tonight. The Shield stuff.

-we’re off with Kane and Daniel Bryan to start the show… pyro wasn’t timed right, hope that’s not a sign for what we’re up for tonight.

-The Shield is in a luxury box watching.

-Kane cuts a promo on these three.

-they don’t react.

-the Primetime Players have new music… they fucked it up and should have stayed with what they had which was catchy.

-Cole puts over that Vince McMahon MIGHT be here tonight.

WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hello No vs. The Primetime Players

-Cole butchers the name of Dean Ambrose.

-this is more about the Shield than this match.

-apparently Reigns and Rollins disappeared from the luxury box.

-Kane apparently has wrestled 899 matches in the WWE… how the fuck do you even know this Michael Cole!?

-now they show Reigns in come other luxury box.

-something is going on in the crowd and Cole’s trying to play it off as the Shield up to something.

-now the crowd is chanting “Cena”?

-hard to pay attention to this match when the WWE isn’t either.

-they show a little girl waving at Reigns while he tries to act like he didn’t see it. ha.

-Cole shits on Darren Young saying more in the ring right now than when he was on commentary.

-Shield end up at ringside while THN watches on.

-Young goes for the rollup on Bryan but he reverses it for the win.

Winners: Team Hell No

-after the match the Shield attack Kane. The Bryan.

-Kane’s arm is taken out with the steel steps.

-feed me more chant.

-Bryan takes the super power bomb.

-after they finish the take off through the crowd.


-Sheamus and Cena chit chat in the back…

-its like having 2 Cena’s with the stupid humor here.


-AJ does the walk, she’s actually wrestling tonight.


-WWE app commercial. Smart to let people know you had an update, kind of genius actually.


Tamina Snuka vs. AJ

-blow off match already?

-luckily Tamina has better tights this go round.

-did Cole just make a Lindsay Lohan reference/joke??

-AJ kept grounded right now… its killing the crowd.

-this finally ends with AJ rolling up Tamina out of nowhere.

Winner: AJ

-well at least it was nice to see AJ back in tights if you know what I mean… and by that I mean her butt.


-WWE Champion CM Punk and Paul Heyman are out next.

-Paul goes off about the new WWE Encyclopedia and it not having a lot on Punk.

-He then mentions that at midnight Punk will pass Cena as longest WWE Champion.

-good shit by Heyman here putting over Punk as only he can.

-good follow up on Punk saying that he needs to be on the Mount Rushmoore of the WWE past dudes like Cena, Rock and Undertaker.

-Punk then shits on the crowd saying his reign is longer than most of their marriages. Haha

-Punk brings up the Shield and how he isn’t part of that shit.

-CM Punk they shits on RAW being 3 hours by calling it “a dismal 3 hours” haha! Oh shit.

-he dares people to change the channel and leave the arena.

-this brings out… The Miz… ? What?

-he doesn’t believe this shit coming from Punk.

-they bicker back and forth.

-Miz wants Punk… on MizTV to take a lie detector test…?

-Heyman brings up how Punk doesn’t like Miz “behind the scenes” before getting called a walrus.

-this gets a walrus chant that Miz stops for.

-Miz actually makes a valid point on Punk taking this test.

-Punk ends up agreeing.


-the nWo DVD is the #1 sports DVD right now… !? damn.


-oh no its John Cena. Did you hear about Tyler Reks crapping on Cena on Twitter? Not surprised about this dude.

John Cena & Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler & World Champion The Big Show

-Ziggler and Sheamus open this one.

-Cena’s trying to wrestle Ziggler.

-Cena is now sporting New Balance…

-Show completely blocks Cena’s attempt at a shoulder block.

-Cena almost gets pinned on the attempt to lift Show.

-10 elbow drops by Ziggler for a 2.

-hot tag to Sheamus.

-spear buy Big Show on Sheamus who was coming off the top!

-Ziggler is literally orange next to Sheamus.

-at the same time Cena hits Ziggler with the AA, Sheamus hits Show with the White Noise. Good visual.

Winner: Cena & Sheamus

-I guess if they had to do a pin Ziggler was the guy to beat seeing how many times they pin this dude on TV. Good match otherwise.

-Cena celebrates and interrupts Cole and Lawler recapping what’s happened here tonight.


-they gut to a Miss Pissy video with Flo Rida…

-oh, they are shilling the Tribute the Troops event this year…


-Damien Sandow is out now.

-have I mentioned how much I enjoy the way he holds the mic like a glass of wine?

-he is auditioning for an apprentice… he picks one of two plants in the audience.

-this dude is wearing a Little Jimmy shirt…

-he gets questions, he answers them.

-he ends up getting one wrong which gets him booted by Sandow.

-Santino comes down… he tries to question Sandow but can’t say “seashore”.

-Santino makes a dumb conk shell joke which gets him knocked down… slowest punch attempt by Santino…

Damien Sandow vs. Santino

-after the commercial we join this one mid match.

-the elbow of distain is hit for a 2 count.

-Lawler tries to make a conk joke too… sounded like has going to go dirty with it before he turns quick.

-Sandow runs away from the cobra before catching Santino in the ropes.

-head butt off the top is missed by Santino setting up for the Sandow neck breaker.

Winner: Sandow

-we are asked to Tout and try to stump Sandow…


-Ziggler and Vicki talk about how Big Show sucks.

-Ziggler wants a rematch against Cena at the ppv, Vicki is reluctant but does it.

-Dolph goes in for what looks like a kiss before she stops him.

-he walks off.

-Vicki walks into her office and Brad Maddox is there with his own camera man.

-we go to commercial before he can do too much damage.

-oh wait, after the break we go back to this… he wants a contract.

-he kisses up to her while calling himself a “youtube sensation”…. Uh… what?

-she gives him a match tonight… he doesn’t know who he gets.

-Cole mentions that the Maddox cameraman’s name is Carson…


Sin Cara vs. Alberto Del Rio

-Cole tries to play up the relationship between Rosa and Del Rio…

-lucha moves going on here.

-Sin Cara stealing Daniel Bryan’s series of kicks to the grounded opponent.

-stiff kick to the face of ADR on the apron.

-good hurricaneranna by SC.

-Del Rio pushed SC to the outside on a springboard attempt.

-Sin Cara takes the barricade as payback.

-Del Rio almost has SC’s mask off in the rear chin lock.

-nice german by Del Rio.

-STIFF tornado DDT by Sin Cara.

-high crossbody by SC for a 2.

-Del Rio finally puts a stop to this Sin Cara move fest with the arm breaker.

Winner: Del Rio

-this seemed like a “how many moves can Sin Cara get in one match” kinda match.


-Mr. McMahon is in the back.

-he wants Vicki in the middle of the ring right now.


-Vicki comes out after the break. He walks in and intros Vince.

-she kisses up to him.

-he calls her… comely…?

-he tries to upstage Vince by making Ziggler vs. Cena at the ppv.

-she tries to make it a no DQ match, he wants her to try harder.

-she makes it a ladder match but says they aren’t champions so this probably wouldn’t work… oh no…

-yup, Vince brings up putting the briefcase on the line. Fuck.

-he forces her to make the match…

-he brings up the lie detector test and what happens if Punk is actually lying…

-Vince suggests Vicki into making Heyman vs. Ryback next week IF Punk is lying…



-Maddox makes the walk in the back.

Brad Maddox vs….. Randy Orton

-Maddox gets no music.

-not long before Orton is taking this kid apart.


Winner: Orton

-at least it was short.

-the shield then jump Orton!

-after his beat down he takes the 3 man powerbomb.


-after the break Ziggler and Vicki argue in the back.

-Dolph has compares Vicki to AJ in her run as GM.

-Heyman walks in after Ziggler walks out and they stare each other down…. This lasts uncomfortably long.

-he walks out and Cena walks in…

-he talks about no failing a 2nd time at the briefcase.

-they argue about this AJ bullshit, so bad.


Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. United States Champion Antonio Cesaro & Wade Barrett

-before the match Teddy Long comes out and makes this match a fatal four way for the one of these titles that we will vote on…

United States Championship Fatal Four match

Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs. R-Truth vs. United States Champion Antonio Cesaro vs. Wade Barrett

-after the break we find out people tweeted for the US Title…

-off the match all four pair off.

-high paced match.

-Kofi and Truth are left in the ring, both with the respect handshake.

-nice exchange of moves by both before Barrett and Cesaro come back in the ring.

-crazy uppercut by Cesaro to Kofi when he was coming off the steel steps.

-Barrett and Cesaro fight in the middle until Kofi comes off the top for a close 2.

-side slam by Barrett for a close 2.

-scissors kick by Truth to Barrett for a close 2.

-Cesaro takes an arm drag from the top!

-3 way superplex powerbomb with Kofi, Barrett and Truth.

-boom drop on Barrett.

-neutralizer to Wade is blocked by Truth.

-Kofi comes in for the trouble in paradise on Wade, he goes for the pin!

-Cesaro dead lifts Kofi into the neutralizer for the win!

Winner: Censaro

-good stuff here and further pushed Cesaro as something big.


-recap of shenanigans from Maddox and the Shield in reference to this lie detector test coming up.


-Orton vs. Barrett for the millionth time is announced for Smackdown.



-Miz got the lie detector dude and equipment set up in the ring.

-I don’t think Miz is catching on here…

-Punk is being strapped in while he cuts a promo… not even Punk can make the crowd care about Miz.

-Punk wants to be asked if Miz failed wrestling school and if Miz sucks…

-Miz got mama jokes.

-the graph is on the titantron while Punk is asked questions about his name, current title run, if Rey shaved Punk’s head bald, if Punk lost the year Miz main-evented WrestleMania, etc.

-walrus chant…

-Miz asks Punk if he can beat Ryback by himself, looks like he failed that one…

-he’s asked about Brad Maddox and the Shield… the shield then beat up on Miz before Punk could answer!

-Heyman and Paul bounce.

-Shield destroy MizTV before taking Miz apart.

-feed me more chant.

-3 man power bomb to Miz.

-Team Hell No come in but Shield beats on them.

-Ryback’s music finally hits.

-he comes down and takes down all three members.

-Ryback throws Ambrose over the barricade… not long before Team Hell No does the same.

-Punk ends up in the ring again questioning the downed Miz and kicking him.

-Miz is pushed to the outside before Punk’s music hits and he celebrates.

-Ryback surprises Punk and Punk takes the shell shock!

-Ryback then throws a chair and ladder into the ring.

-Punk takes the ladder to the stomach and a chair to the back.

-Ryback then goes for a table…

-feed me more chant before Ryback powerbombs Punk threw the table.

-feed me more chant while Ryback puts his foot over the downed Punk.

-well, I thought that was a good ending.


-overall not too bad of a show really, still too long but I think they did good work on building the ppv here.

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  1. Estell Newton Says:

    Show doesn’t want Vicki any more?

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