Smackdown Review [November 30, 2012]



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Team Hell No with Kofi Kingston steal the show.

Quick Results

  • John Cena comes out, hams to the crowd, and hypes up the main event between him and Dolph Ziggler. Cena tries to bury Ziggler in the only way Cena can. Alberto Del Rio comes out and the two start talking shit to each other, which sets up the following Del Rio job.

  • John Cena pins Alberto Del Rio via Super Leg Drop

  • After the match Dolph Ziggler smashes Cena with the Money in the Back briefcase.

  • Kane scowls at Daniel Bryan backstage. Kofi Kingston pleads with them to get along during their six man tag match later tonight. Bryan and Kane play each other’s hype men and end with a YES! chant. Awesome.

  • Booker T and Cena talk about Dolph Ziggler backstage. Booker T tells Cena to stand down and not wreck his show.

  • The Great Khali w/ Hornswoggle pins David Otunga via Head Chop of Doom

  • Kane, Daniel Bryan, & Kofi Kingston defeat Wade Barrett & The Prime Time Players when Daniel Bryan submitted Darren Young with the No! Lock

  • Matt Striker interviews Sheamus. Sheamus panders to the crowd and blabbers on about beating Big Show at the TLC pay per view, as well beating Ziggler later on tonight.

  • Damien Sandow brings a fan into the ran for a quiz. Sandow asks some relatively easy questions and then asks about the velocity of Jupiter’s moon, Europa. The fan says he has no idea and is abruptly kicked out of the ring.

  • Damien Sandow pins Tyson Kidd via Straight Jacket Neckbreaker

  • Dolph Ziggler is interviewed by Striker. Ziggler calls Cena the ‘golden boy’ and doubts that Cena will not attack him tonight. Ziggler goes on about being ‘sick of being so damned sick’ and says that he’s going to be a next World Heavyweight Champion.

  • 3MB (Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal) defeat The Usos when Jinder pins Jey Uso with a Full Nelson Slam

  • Sheamus defeats Dolph Ziggler via DQ when Big Show attacks Sheamus. Cena runs down and give Ziggler an AA. Then Cena and Sheamus suplex Big Show out of the ring to end the show.



  • The last thing Smackdown needs is John Cena opening the show. Ugh.
  • The Cena-Del Rio match was good and they displayed a lot more chemistry since their last outing. It bothers me whenever Cena counters anyone’s submission hold and then ‘flows’ into the STF.
  • Seeing Team Hell No actually get along and praise each other was great to see. I want to see more whether they’re functional or not.
  • Khali vs. Otunga left a bad taste in my mouth. It’s a shame they treat Otunga like a Harvard educated Drew McIntyre.
  • The Team Hell No Six Man tag ran on all cylinders. I marked out a little bit for Kane and Bryan’s double team running elbow. The PTP double teams were nice aswell. Also Kudos to Darren Young for a lovely Northern Lights Suplex into the bridging pin attempt. Overall this was the best match of the night. Diving Headbutts FTW!!!
  • I wish Tyson Kidd would get a decent run with a mid-major title. He deserves at least that. Kidd’s match with Sandow was solid and featured enough offense from Kidd to make it an entertaining back and forth match.
  • “Sick of being so damn sick?” I think Dolph Ziggler just found his best catchphrase.
  • I like 3MB and I want 3MB to win every now and then. That being said, I like the Usos just as much.
  • Ziggler and Sheamus gave us roughly 20 minutes of brilliance before the run-ins. I hope that Dolph Ziggler cashes in and wins before the end of 2012. If not, I’m smelling a cash in at the Elimination Chamber in February next year.
  • Overall this was an entertaining episode of Smackdown. We were graced by Team Hell No and one of the best workers in the company, Dolph Ziggler, worked the main event. Definitely try to skip to the Hell No six man tag if haven’t seen this episode.

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