11-26-12 WWE RAW


The Shield is officially the name of this trio, love gets too much air time and Rey vs. Bryan was good shit.

-recap dude goes over the Cena/AJ make out session… Ziggler beating on Cena only to have Cena put him in the STF on the stage on Smackdown… Ryback being jumped by Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns… we’re hearing from this trio tonight… I hope the WWE doesn’t fuck this up, this really could kill it…


-Ryback is out to start the show.

-he needs pyro, I mean fuck even Kofi gets pyro.

-Michael Cole says he conducted an email with these NXT three.

Ryback vs. Titus O’Neil w/Darren Young

-why are you feeding the PTP’s to Ryback? You don’t fuck up your tag division by jobbing it to singles wrestlers… or your World Champion…

-feed me more chant.

-Ryback with the Thesz Press.

-mostly one sided.

-this spills to the outside.

-Young causes the distraction for the sitdown powerbomb by Titus.

-he recovers and hits a spin buster, lariat clothesline and the shellshock for the win.

Winner: Ryback

-with some many dudes on the roster why job tag teams right now??

-after the match he gets on the mic talking shit about Punk and those three dudes. He ain’t going no where until he gets them.

-we come back from break and he’s still chanting feed me more…

-all of a sudden staff looking security comes down to the ring.

-one dude gets thrown over the top rope before Vicki comes out.

-she’s not putting up with this shit from him tonight.

-Ryback wants Punk at the ppv.

-he cuts her off… he wants a TLC match against Punk at the ppv….

-Vicki gives him the match if he can leave the ring so she can go on with the show..

-instead the crowd chants and Ryback scares off the last four security guards.

-soooo I guess Ryback is leaving…


-Cole brings up an issue with Rosa… no not the Brad Maddox video, its that Hornswoggle bullshit.

-in the back Hornswoggle and Rosa argue when Del Rio walks up.

-Del Rio goes after Hornswoggle only to have Khali come in, Alberto bounces… sigh.

Alberto Del Rio vs. The Great Khali w/Hornswoggle

-before this starts we get a commercial break, after it we come back to Khali beating up Del Rio and playing up to the crowd by chopping on Del Rio’s chest.

-Khali is finally grounded

-flash kick to Khali’s arm.

-Khali comes back and hits his head chop.

-Rodriguez and Hornswoggle go at it at ringside while Del Rio gets the arm breaker.

Winner: Del Rio

-Rosa was watching in the back… just give Del Rio a Hispanic faction already.

-Cole calls this an “impressive” victory…


-Vicki in the back reading the WWE magazine.

-Punk and Heyman walk up not happy about this TLC match.

-Paul blames Vicki acting like this because of the shit with AJ and Cena.

-Vicki is flubbing here forgetting Reigns name when accusing Punk being in cahoots with them… then Daniel Bryan’s name.

-he’s either getting Bryan or Kane tonight… quit… jobbing… teams…


-they love pushing this Attitude Era DVD… better to watch that stuff then the shit we’re watching now a days…


-another recap of Ryback getting jumped last week.

-Heyman’s face was classic, how did I miss that the first time…?


-Cole cuts to the interview with these three from earlier today.

-Dean wants Cole to get right to the point.

-Dean says they aren’t working for Punk.

-Rollins calls the WWE Universe a popularity contest and how they righted the wrongs and how they are the shield against injustice.

-they aren’t working for Punk is stated again… how they are just there to right the wrongs…

-Reigns keeps it short, saying when he wants to say something he’ll say it.

-Ambrose says they aren’t the Nexus or the nWo and if you want that go by the DVD.

-Dean finally calls the group the Shield.

-Roman decides he’s got something to say… that they’ve said enough and all three bounce.

-well, that was just ok. Nothing ground breaking or making me get excited, it was just ok. They were fine in their deliveries but thus far why am I caring? You’re not giving me anything to care about with this. MAKE ME care to know if they really are with Punk or not!

-Cole says he doesn’t see a connection with Punk here… Lawler’s not buying it.


-another Fandango video.


Alicia Fox vs. Tamina Snuka

-she’s got ominous music now.

-during a cut away video she says she doesn’t like a woman who doesn’t know her place…

-her gear does nothing for her…

-Fox just kicked her in the boob legit… ouch.

-basically a squash.

Winner: Tamina

-good superfly splash but still don’t care about this storyline with Vicki.


-smiley faced Cena is doing the walk in the back, oh no…

-recap of the shit between Cena and Ziggler again.

-Cena comes out and has kissing jokes…

-Vicki luckily stop this from getting too far.

-she’s got a gift for this couple… matching bath ropes… Christ.

-now Vicki can’t wait to watch AJ and Cena implode.

-we get a rundown of AJ’s past relationships here in the WWE.

-AJ is out, she admits to being unstable in relationshops… but is trying to learn…

-AJ is making this uncomfortable by flirting with Cena… awkward.

-this is going too long and its bad.

-Ziggler finally interrupts this bad in-the-park theater session.

-Ziggler’s trying the reign this back into this Cena/Ziggler thing we’re doing here.

-… no wait, he didn’t, he says AJ is hot for him too.

-Vicki makes Cena vs. Ziggler tonight… it would be dumb to do this match before the ppv.


-only an hour in…


-footage of the Washington Redskins getting a WWE Replica title.


-Barrett’s on commentary for this next match.

Tensai vs. Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston

-Tensai is going to get fed to Kofi… boy he’s fallen.

-typical David and Goliath match.

-Kofi wins with a springboard frog splash.

Winner: Kofi

-Barrett heads into the ring with the IC Title.

-he hands it to Kofi and just walks off smiling.


-Bryan and Kane argue about who’s going to win this poll tonight.

-Bryan has graphics… he’s winning the entire planet in this poll.

-Josh interrupts to give us the results…. Kane wins… but Bryan gets a match against.


WWE Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Rey Mysterio

-oh please let this match save this night.

-what’s up with Rey looking like he gave Ronald McDonald a BJ with this red goatee?!

-good chain wrestling here.

-nice rope work between them both.

-Rey misses the senton off the apron but Bryan doesn’t miss the running knee from the apron, fuck yeah!!!

-good exchanges here. Slower paced but still doing the same work a fast pace match would have.

-no kicks while Rey’s in the tree of woe. Dope.

-Rey sent into the ringpost at ringside.

-superplex is blocked by Rey.

-pace is picking up here.

-Stiff kick to Bryan’s head for a 2.

-NO lock is locked but Rey’s in the ropes.

-NO lock blocked and Bryan takes the 2nd turnbuckle into a 619 from the apron, using the ringpost to launch himself into Bryan! FUCK!

-splash from the top for the pin.

Winner: Mysterio

-really nice match right here. Shouldn’t be jobbing the tag champs but solid nonetheless.


-Del Rio and Rodriguez in the back when Rosa walks up.

-she gives him a little spanglish.


-Ziggler is walked into by Josh.

-good promo by Ziggler, let him beat Cena fair right here people…


-Sandow vs. Cena this Wednesday, hmmm…


-another recap of Ziggler and Cena in the bathroom.

-recap of Ziggler beating Orton then getting the STF after the match.


Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena

-fool says in his promo that he was main eventing RAW tonight and we’re only 1:47 in…?! guess who’s not main eventing tonight…

-rope work into an arm lock by Cena, we’re starting cautious.

-Cena wants to play with the dueling chant, keeps turning his head every time they chant for or against…

-after the break we learn that Cena has been sent into the steel steps at ringside.

-Ziggler does situps but Cena rolls him up for a quick pin attempt.

-series of elbows by Ziggler, nice!

-kick to the head of Cena when he was going to for the fist drop.

-jumping DDT by Ziggler, fuck! 1..2… 2 1/2!

-STF is blocked into the sleeper hold.

-Cena fights and puts on the STF… Ziggler fights… and gets to the ropes.

-high dropkick by Ziggler out of nowhere!

-Ziggler from the top but Cena rolls him into the AA….NOOO Ziggler blocks it and hits the zig zag…1..2… 2 1/2! That would have been a dope ending.

dueling mixed reaction punches between the two.

-Cena’s knee gives out.

-Ziggler unties the ringpost, AJ comes down as does Vicki.

-instead Ziggler goes for the briefcase shot, Cena ducks, getting the AA and wins. Fuck.

Winner: Cena

-good match but he really needed to lose this one for Ziggler’s push.

-after the match AJ’s in the ring and waiting for Cena to turn around to…. make out again. Awkward #2.

-they leave all smiley and huggy…


Sheamus vs. United States Champion Antonio Cesaro

-interesting match up here, good test for Cesaro to see if he can hang with dudes who’ve main evented.

-recap of Sheamus beating up on Show with a chair setting up a chairs match at the ppv.

-collar and elbow into the headlock… wrestling 101.

-back and forth thus far.

-Sheamus hangs Cesaro in the ropes only to have his legs dropkicked from under him on the apron.

-this spills to the outside.

-Sheamus has his legs swept again but this time on the steel steps.

-stiff clothesline by Cesaro for a 2.

-Cesaro muscles Sheamus for the gut wrench for a 2 count.

-oh shit Cesaro does a variation of Sheamus’ move where he pounds on a dudes chest while he’s tied in the ropes, except Cesaro is landing European upper cuts!

-stiff knees by Sheamus into this chest pound I was just speaking of.

-springboard shoulder into the irish curse back breaker.

-powerslam by Sheamus for a 2.

-cloverleaf is avoided when Cesaro gets to the ropes.

-crazy back breaker by Cesaro, looks like he torture rack for a second. For a close 2.



-brogue kick sends Cesaro to the outside.

-ref gets to a 6 count before Big Show comes out with a chair.

Winner: Sheamus by countout.

-Big then goes to walk away before Sheamus stops him to talk shit.

-um… Show then destroys the chair with his bare hands…


Damien Sandow vs. Zack Ryder

-what’s up with the ghostbuster tights on Ryder? Haha

-decent match you’d usually see on WWE Superstars on the interwebs.

-neck breaker by Sandow for the win.

Winner: Sandow


-Josh walks up on Paul Heyman who’s holding onto this shitty title belt.

-Heyman says Punk has passed Randy Savage on the all-time list.


-recap of the interview with Shield.


WWE Tag Team Champion Kane vs. WWE Champion CM Punk w/Paul Heyman

-oh look they are pushing Punk’s outside appearances…. After the fact. Sigh.

-back and forth start.

-after the break Kane’s been grounded.

-Cole tries to put over some shit about Punk having an injured knee…. Like an injury angle with Cena isn’t enough.

-CM Punk chant before he hits the high knee on Kane in the corner.

-Kane comeback and a near fall with a sidewalk slam.

-Kane off the top with a clothesline.

-Kane avoids the chokeslam with a neck breaker for a two.

-chokeslam to Punk.. Heyman is pulling Punk under the bottom rope.

-looks like the shield are coming through the crowd.

-Kane is distracted and takes the GTS for the pin.

Winner: Punk

-after the match the shield jump the barricade and surround the ring.

-Punk looks concerned… instead they jump Kane.

-Daniel Bryan tries to make the save but gets jumped.

-feed me more chant.

-his music finally hits and Punk runs away through the crowd.

-Ryback muscles off the shield.

-now they are all taking Ryback’s moves.

-Punk is back in but is about to get powerbomb by Ryback when Reigns spears Ryback mid move! OUCH!

-Reigns is trying to come off like the leader.

-he calls for the powerbomb set up and Ryback takes another by this group.

-Punk looks on shocked and confused.

-Punk stands over Ryback again while the shield leave through the crowd.


-well we had some good stuff tonight but some other stuff that made this feel like 3 hours. Still interested in the shield but I don’t think they will be able to pull this off. I don’t have faith in the WWE. Rey and Bryan was good as was Cena and Ziggler.


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