Smackdown Thoughts & Review [November 23, 2012]


Dolph Ziggler actually wins clean over one of the WWE’s Golden Boys in Randy Orton

Grand Rapids, MI

Quick Results

  1. They show a comprehensive video recap of all the current feuds and storylines.
  2. MizTV starts the show. Miz’s guest is John Cena. Miz grills Cena about his “TMZ” relationship with AJ. Miz also asks Cena about his tweaked knee. Cena says that he tweeted that his knee can’t move laterally, but he can still go in the WWE. Cena also mentions that he liked kissing AJ. AJ comes out and tries to let Cena off the hook. Miz channels his inner-7th grader and asks them if they’re in LOOOOVE. Dolph Ziggler comes out and starts talking shit about Cena and his injured knee. Vicky joins the conversation and disses AJ. Cena retorts on AJ’s behalf and suggests that Vicky isn’t a ‘woman.’ Both parties hurl insults with Cena getting the last word.
  3. Titus O’Neil joins the announcing team.
  4. Ryback pins Darren Young via Shell Shocked Running Samoan Drop
  5. Titus gets on the mic and cuts starts blowing his referee whistle at Ryback, which earned him getting dropped with another Shell Shock.
  6. non-title match
    R-Truth pins Antonio Cesaro with the Lil’ Jimmy reverse STO
  7. Sheamus speaks with Booker T backstage. Booker T sets up Sheamus vs. Big Show in a Chairs match at the TLC pay per view.
  8. Alberto Del Rio submits Sin Cara via Cross Arm Breaker
  9. Daniel Bryan and Kane have a great segment in the back. Kane wants to kick Santa’s ass.
  10. William Regal and Sheamus are in a skybox suite watching the Big Show match.
  11. Handicap Match
    Big Show defeats Team Hell No when Show hit Bryan with a Chokeslam
  12. After the match, Kane and Daniel Bryan run Big Show out of the ring.
  13. Wade Barrett joins the announcing team.
  14. Intercontinental Championship Match
    Kofi Kingston pins Damien Sandow via Trouble in Paradise
  15. Dolph Ziggler pins Randy Orton via RKO counter into a roll up
  16. After the match, Ricardo Rodriguez runs in and gets RKO’d, and John Cena puts Ziggler in a STF at the top of the stage.

Highlights and other points

Miz is a face now but his interview voice is so creepy and corny. Miz reminded my of Michael Fassbender’s boss in Shame. The opening segment was okay, and I’m still baffled by the fact that WWE doesn’t want to turn Vicky face. I’m positive that the crowds would root for her just as much they rooted against her now.

I liked the Ryback match. It’s always interesting to see how Ryback sells an opponent’s offense. Darren got in a boot or two, which made Ryback winced appropriately like a good Ryback should.

Truth and Cesaro was solid. It was refreshing to see Cesaro wrestle at R-Truth’s fast pace and make R-Truth look like a formidable challenge for the U.S. Champion.

I’m looking forward to the Big Show-Sheamus feud to be over. I liked their big man match at the Survivor Series, but I guess I’m tired of watching them talk shit and jump each other every week.

ADR-Sin Cara went as well as you can expect. Sin Cara did a sick Frankensteiner that got a two-count. So they’ve established that ADR can beat the midcarders, can they make us believe that ADR can actually win against the WWE’s golden boys in the main event?

In my own pro wrestling dream world, I would center my promotion around Kane and Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan proved why he’s the real Best in the World. His match with Big Show was a very entertaining David vs. Goliath match. Bryan’s chokeslam counter into a guillotine choke was seamless. Also, I wouldn’t mind seeing Big Show feud with Kane for the World Heavyweight Championship.

I wish all title matches would be hyped up for at least a few weeks in advance. I think the title would mean more if they were hyped up as much as they hype twitter comments. If they told me that Kofi was going to defend his title against Damien Sandow last month, I would have been excited for that whole month. C’mon, WWE, get it together!

I also hated when the announcers hardly called the Kofi match and just rambled about the Show-Sheamus feud instead.

Sandow-Kingston was very good. However, Sandow’s still missing something, and I think it’s the lack of a few more signature moves. The Elbow of Disdain and his finisher can only take him so far. I loved the way Sandow took Kofi’s finisher, and then slowly collapsed to the mat. Cool.

Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton put on a spectacular main event performance. I reluctantly praise Orton’s ability to hang with the best wrestlers on the roster. Does that mean he’s also one of the best technical wrestlers on the roster? I don’t know the answer to that but I would enjoy an Orton-Ziggler main event every week until the end of the year. I’m not sure why nobody has done Ziggler’s counter to the RKO, but it looked good.

This Smackdown was heavy on the wrestling and light on drama, which is how I like them. Both hours are worth catching if you have the time.

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