11-19-12 WWE RAW


Can they follow up the Survivor Series tonight?

-TNA sounding recap dude recaps Survivor Series happenings with the World Title match, Punk winning and the 3 dudes who jumped Ryback.


-show opens with…. Ryback… on lord is he going to talk?!?!

-Michael Cole brings up the 3 dudes from NXT.

-yup, he’s talking… he blames Punk for these three dudes.

-a lot of puns here on eating…

-he calls out all 3 dudes.

-feed me more chant.

-Vicki is out.

-she tells Ryback he blew it in his title matches and that if he destroys anything tonight she’s going to take care of his ass.

-Vicki sends Tensai to the ring… oh no, not again. Please don’t fuck up the shell shock again Tensai!

Ryback vs. Tensai

-back and forth until Tensai is taken out with a clothesline.

-Tensai ends up recovering and cornering Ryback

-Ryback forced to sell.

-Ryback is doing the Thesz press now.

-feed me more chant.

-power spot which Tensai gets out of and hits the baldo bomb and splash for a 2 count.

-power bomb by Ryback… you could call it a mile away. Totally setting up for it.

-lariat over the top rope by Ryback.

-Ryback takes Tensai into the barricade.

-back in the ring Ryback sets up for the lariat again and knocks Albert on his ass.

-oh no here we go….. YES he gets him up for the shell shock!!!

Winner: Ryback

-a little unprotect was Ryback here, but only a little bit. Glad he got the shell shock this time on Tensai.


-Sheamus in the back arguing with the ref from last night.


-1 year as WWE Champion celebration tonight.


-Kofi and Barrett to the walk in the back.


Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Wade Barrett

-oh no Barrett is back to wearing his crappy coat in his intro…

-apparently last night Barrett did an interview on pinning the IC Champ last night.

-kick by Kofi to the legs of Barrett.

-nice rope work by Kofi and Barrett.

-Wade finally grounds Kofi and corners him.

-Kofi being taken apart still after the break, Barrett working on Kofi’s eye.

-Kofi kicked in the head sending him to the outside.

-slow match.

-Kofi finally makes a comeback and that send Barrett to the outside.

-Wade comes back in and sets up for Kofi’s move set that leads into the boom drop which he hits.

-Kofi walks into a black slam for a close 2 count.

-Barrett takes a high cross body from the top for a 2.

-SOS for a close 2 ½.

-Kofi’s eye gets racked on the ropes which sets up the renamed elbow now known as the bull hammer.

Winner: Barrett

-Cole plays up Barrett deserving an IC Title match for this.


-The King and Cole recap the main event last night with Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns.

-they then cut to footage on Brad Maddox and his shenanigans.

-Cole tells us to go to youtube to see the Brad Maddox Experience.


-Paul Heyman is walking around with a big poster of Punk from last night.

-He shows up to Punk’s locker and Punk is wearing the I’M A PAUL HEYMAN GUY t-shirt.

-they are sucking each other off… with words.

-Matt Striker walks up and asks what happened last night and asks him about his relationship with these dudes…

-Punk isn’t happy about any of these questions.

-Heyman play’s cooler heads and says tonight they are celebrating Punk’s 365th day. He even invites Ryback.

-Punk isn’t happy about this bowlshit.


Kaitlyn vs. Aksana

-forward job.

-Kaitlyn wins with the knee to the gut of this chick.

Winner: Kaitlyn

-she’s nice looking but I ain’t trying to watch an Aksana match.


-WWE is doing an episode of The Soup. Haha

-these fools are in their tights.


-Truth on commentary for the next match.

Brodus Clay vs. United State Champion Antonio Cesaro

-The King’s got heart medication jokes…

-looks like Cesaro has shaken… his entire body…

-not long before Cesaro grounds Clay.

-Clay comes back with a headbutt and a splash in the corner.

-Cesaro side steps a swagger bomb from the 2nd rope.

-Cesaro with a twisting forearm from the 2nd rope! Dope!!!

-neutralizer on Clay for the pin.

Winner: Cesaro

-this right here is my up and coming new guy. I’m digging what they’ve done with him since winning the US Title.

-Truth added nothing important.


-video of Cena giving out his 300th wish. It was touching, good shit.


-Vicki in the back talking to 2 strangers in the back.

-after the break she comes back out with these people.

-recap of what Tamina did to AJ last night.

-group is loud for Vicki.

-she yaps about Cena and AJ again.

-Whitney Smith, as she is introduced is a waitress at the hotel in Sacramento. She claims Cena and AJ wanted a private table and how they were flirting the whole time.

-Doug Brady is a parking attendant who “saw” Cena and AJ doing some shit in a parked car for an hour.

-AJ is out now and is sick of this fake BS.

-they bicker back and forth.

-Brady apparently has cell phone pictures. Vicki claims this is going to have nudity…

-before the picture is shown Cena comes out and the witnesses head for the arena floor.

-Cena comes in and…..MAKES OUT WITH AJ?!?!

-ok this is a little awkward and long…

-Cena claims to have given people something to talk about before AJ lip locks Cena… this is long.

-Ziggler is out to attack Cena out of no where.

-this spills to the outside and stupid fucking Cena rolls his ankle… basically limping all the way to the back while chasing Ziggler.



-Orton does the walk.


2 out of 3 falls match

Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio

-Rodriguez calls Del Rio, the new apex predator in his intro.

-not into watching this match right now. I’m pretty over this feud.

-back and forth so far.

-RKO chant.

-Del Rio now working on the arm of Orton.

-arm lock blocked and ADR sent to the outside.

-Del Rio works over Orton with the ringpost until the ref has to DQ him

Winner of the first fall: Orton by DQ

-after the break Orton makes a come back in the ring.

-Del Rio fights back and gets the arm breaker for the tap out.

Winner of the second fall: Del Rio

-Orton has trouble getting to his feet but the ref forces him before the match starts again.

-ADR goes back to working on the injured arm.

-close 2 ½ by Orton with a rollup in the corner.

-flash kick in the corner on the injured arm for a Del Rio 2.

-back breaker by Orton.

-Rodriguez grabs Orton’s leg and he gets ejected for this.

-back stabber by Del Rio for a 2 ½.

-ADR mocks the RKO set up.

-he goes for Orton’s RKO but gets hit with an inverted DDT instead.

-Orton sets up for the RKO only to have Del Rio lock the arm breaker again.

-Orton is fighting it but he finally gets it on.

-Del Rio is forced to break the hold when Orton rolls him onto his back for a pin attempt.

-flash kick #2 is blocked which leads to the RKO

Winner of the third fall: Orton

-that was actually a good, fast paced match.

-good shit, glad I watched it and didn’t give a forward job.


-recap of the kiss-a-thon from earlier.

-Cena is getting his leg looked at in the back and getting it wrapped up.

-AJ watches on concerned.


Great Khali vs. Primo & Epico w/Rosa

-Hornswoggle comes out before the match with flowers… uh. he comes out to hang out.

-he’s trying to flirt with Rosa.

-crowd has been taken out by this bullshit.

-Hornswoggle wants a kiss and she goes to give it to him but he squirts her with water!? Heelish.

-in the ring Khali finish off this tag team

Winner: Khali

-Hornswoggle and Khali dance after…

-the fuck did I just watch!?

-Cole and Lawler slow mo the squirting water. pervy


-assistants in the back go over things for the celebration.

-Heyman walks up and is concerned there are no balloons and flips his shit over it.


-Miz does the walk.


David Otunga vs. The Miz

-Cole asks Lawler how he’s doing. He says he’s good and Inside Edition did a piece on him airing tomorrow.

-Otunga starts off strong.

-Miz is awesome chant.

-Miz takes the corner post.

-side Russian by Otunga for a 1 count.

-multiple elbows by Otunga.

-stiff shot to the back of Miz’s head, what the fuck man!

-shoulder tackle by DO for a 2 count, he’s bringing it tonight.

-Cole says this might be the best he’s seen out of Otunga, I must agree.

-sunset flip by Miz, nice.

-Miz comeback.

-clothesline in the corner by Miz.

-Miz with a double axe handle off the top.

-crowd is catching on with him.

-SCF on Otunga

Winner: Miz

-a little off but overall a good match and Otunga was showing and proving tonight. good stuff.


-recap of the World Title shit from last night.

-strange ending.


-recap of Ryback’s promo from earlier.


-Sheamus comes down and gets on the mic. He recaps his current feud with Big Show before calling him out.

-Big Show comes out to the stage favoring his leg. He told Sheamus exactly what he did.

-Sheamus keeps interrupting Show and he’s getting pissed.

-this is getting heated.

-Damien Sandow them interrupts this with his entrance.

Sheamus w/a chair vs. Damien Sandow

-Sandow starts cautious with Sheamus

-Sheamus finally catches him and keeps him grounded.

-Sandow corners Sheamus with kicks and elbows.

-Sheamus smiles this off and goes to beating Sandow in the corner.

-Sheamus works over the arm of Sandow.

-beard toss over the top rope to Sandow?! Not cool man, don’t fuck with a dudes beard.

-after the break Sandow is on top.

-Sandow using the exposed knee on Sheamus.

-rest hold head lock… this is going long.

-elbow of distain is avoided for the Sheamus back breaker.

-Sandow takes the pounds to the chest spot into a suplex to bring him back into the ring.

-Sheamus off  the top with a shoulder block.

-white noise.

-brogue kick is set up and he takes it…

Winner: Sheamus

-really wished they would have found a way not to pin Sandow here. They could have had Sheamus win some other way than that.


-Tamina with Vicki in the back.

-AJ and Vicki bicker back and forth.

-AJ is going to do something about what happened to Cena earlier.


-2:20 in and I am ready to finish this show.


-AJ walking in the back when Layla tries to stop her.

-AJ walks up to the locker room door and walks into a lot of half naked dudes.

-She walks up and gets in Ziggler’s face.

-he shits in her latching on to every single dude but all she is, is alone and pathetic. Ouchy.

-he calls her trash before sitting back down.

-AJ turns on the tear job before beating on Ziggler.

-Cena comes in to stop her and this brawl starts.

-Ziggler and Cena go through the bathroom stalls!?!

-Cena is getting fucked up when Ziggler is pulled off.

-he breaks through and gets back onto him.

-Cena is favoring the injured leg.


-Josh in the back with an update… Cena might have some torn shit. Wink, wink.


Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio vs. WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No

-Primetime Players are on commentary. Titus claims to have just saved Cena’s life a second ago.

-this could potentially be a really good match.

-Kane rolls over SC from the get go.

-YES chants for Bryan who’s tagged in.

-tilt a whirl arm drag by SC into the double kicks to Bryan by Rey and SC.

-Kane tags himself in, they argue about it.

-Rey works over the legs of Kane and attempts a 619 that Kane moves away from.

-this spills to the outside setting up for dives by Bryan and SC.

-after the break, Kane is working over SC.

-Young needs to leave the talking to Titus… wait, did I just say that.

-nice submission by Bryan on SC.

-Titus and Lawler argue about wash rags.

-Cole then shits on Young over not saying anything.

-Titus then asks Lawler if he is old school and just puts “tussin” on everything! HAA!

-SC avoids the Bryan dropkick in the corner for the tornado DDT.

-hot tag to Rey.

-Lawler and Titus keep going, Young finally tells them to watch the match and Cole shits on Young, Christ….

-Kane lands a stiff upper cut off Rey who’s coming off the top for a close 2.

-619 to Kane.

-splash from the top by Rey… NOOO Kane grabs Rey for the chokeslam but the Primetime Players shut the fuck up and attack Kane.

-the PTP get double teamed by Rey, SC, Kane and Bryan. Oops.

Winner: THN by DQ

-match was good but commentary was too distracting.


-in the back Punk and Heyman talk about this upcoming celebration.

-Heyman is guaranteeing that no one is going to fuck this up for Punk tonight… oops, you just jinxed it.


-recap of Cena and AJ’s make out session leading into this shit with Ziggler.


-Paul Heyman in the ring.

-there is a big red X on the ring apron like the one on the video game cover.

-Heyman doesn’t appreciate the boos.

-there are pictures of Punk in the ring and a list of longest reigning WWE Champions, Bruno’s on top.

-oh shit Heyman says last week they gave the people a taste of the attitude era and then didn’t like it! haha dudes, got a point.

-he says they chant ECW but when he gives them a taste of extreme, people gets butt hurt. Nice.

-he puts over Punk and this celebration.

-Punk comes out with the Paul Heyman tee shirt.

-Punk decides not to climb the turn buckles, just waving his hands like, fuck it.

-he lists off HBK, HHH, The Hitman, Undertaker, The Rock and how they couldn’t do what he’s done holding onto the title for one year.

-we go into a video package on CM Punk and his days as champion. Its actually a good video.

-this gets a scattered CM PUNK chant.

-Punk says he wont stop until he’s on top of the list behind him and says he is looking forward to July 25th 2018 on the 355th episode of WWE Main Event when he passes Bruno’s Sammartino.

-Heyman puts over Bruno and how he deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame. Nice!

-Heyman then says Bruno could never beat Punk nor could Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold (Punk makes fun of him) and The Rock.

-Punk says his most important victory was last night after beating Cena and Ryback singlehandedly.

-Ryback then interrupts this and comes out.

-before he can get to the ring, Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose attack Ryback.

-he fights them off but only for a moment.

-feed me more chant.

-they are beating on Ryback at ringside.

-the announce table is being cleared off like last night.

-they powerbomb Ryback through the table once again.

-these 3 and Punk stare at each other for a moment before Punk heads to the outside and these three head for the inside.

-Punk then stands over Ryback and smiles. He then puts his foot on Ryback and poses with the title.


-yet another long night but I thought it was an ok night. Otunga, Cesaro and Miz looked strong and hopefully they wont fuck up the NXT team. Hopefully Ziggler can keep Cena out of the title picture. We shall see.


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One Response to “11-19-12 WWE RAW”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    Punk couldn’t hold the title if he didn’t cheat. And for crying out loud. Can’t anyone leave A J and Cena alone? Is Ziggler jealous because he can’t get A J? Guess sicki Vicki isn’t enough for him.

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