fast paced Survivor Series with the appearance of 3 new guys! 

Bonus Survivor Series Match

Brodus Clay, Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel, Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio vs. Tensai, Epico, Primo w/Rose, Prime Time Player

-Kidd and Epico start, nice exchange.

-fast paced match and tags.

-red alert by SC on Primo!

-Albert chant…

-Tensai looking good here.

-hot tag to Clay

-Kidd and Gabriel make the dive setting up for the SC & Rey asai moonsaults to the outside.

-Tensai eliminates Clay after a Clay botch.

-#puppies sign, nice.

-Gabriel rolls up Tensai with a cruxafix for the pin.

-nice double underhook suplexz by Primo on Gabriel.

-hot tag to Kidd.

-heels keeping the consistent tags.

-Kidd pins Titus.

-sharpshooter is locked on Epico and he taps!

-hot tag to Rey.

-619 is avoided by Primo.

-Primo is rolled up by Rey.

-619 to Young.

-SC with the swanton.

-Kidd with the elbow drop.

-Rey with the splash for the pin.

Winner: Rey, Sin Cara, Kidd and Gabriel

-good opener, but I wish they would have pushed this match prior to the ppv.


-backstage, Aksana tried to jump Kaitlyn again with the wig, didn’t work this time…


Kaitlyn vs. Diva’s Champion Eve

-Eve takes a wig to the face before getting beat on by Kaitlyn.

-JBL plays up the brand split, at least someone is….

-Kaitlyn takes Eve to the outside to beat on her.

-Kaitlyn is looking very “Trish Stratus” tonight with her outfit.

-Eve makes a comeback with slaps.

-oversold kick by Kaitlyn…

-submission leg lock by Eve… Kaitlyn finally makes it to the ropes.

-Eve to the top for the moonsault is cut off.

-Eve begs but Kaitlyn isn’t having it.

-nice shoulder block by Kaitlyn.

-GTS? No it’s a stomach breaker by Kaitlyn for a 2 count.

-Eve pulls the apron out of Kaitlyn then hits the neck breaker for the pin.

Winner: Eve

-wow, not a horrible match and Kaitlyn looked pretty good here. Good shit I have to say.


-in the back, Del Rio puts over Team Ziggler before crapping on Ziggler.

-also in the back Team Foley argues (except for Orton who’s just wrapping up his wrists) before Mick cuts them all off.

-Foley gets a team “bang bang”, well except from Orton who tells Foley he hates him. haha!


United States Champion Antonio Cesaro vs. R-Truth

-quick rollup attempt by Truth right off the bat.

-arm lock by Cesaro for a USA chant.

-foot stomp by Cesaro for a 2 count.

-Cesaro trying to wear Truth down.

-awkward conversation about black people by Cole and JBL…. Lawler says he’s just “going to be over here” taking himself out of this shit….

-gut wrench by Cesaro for a 2 count.

-sunset flip by Truth for a 2.

-come back by Truth

-close 2 by Truth.

-inverted suplex by Truth for a 2.

-Cesaro with a stiff uppercut into the neutralizer for the pin.

Winner: Cesaro
-ok match, quick and to the point. Like Puma pointed out, Cesaro needs to work on his selling shit in the WWE. I like this push thus far but he definitely has a lot of work in front of him.


-attorney style commercial by Otunga for the TLC ppv next month.

-Cole pushes the Rock watching the ppv and getting ready for the Royal Rumble.

-Cole takes about the AJ scandal.

-we get video footage of AJ’s voice mails….


-AJ is out next to share some evidence of her own…

-short, cut off jean shorts on AJ… mmmmm.

-Vicki comes out…

-we get stupid photoshop footage of Vicki sharing burritos with Ricardo Rodriguez…

-now, its photoshop of her eating JR’s BBQ sauce….

-annnnd Clay and Vicki dancing while she sports a leopard print bathing suit…

-AJ is trying to teach a lesson.

-AJ alerts Vicki that she cant touch her…

-Tamina of all people comes out and jumps AJ.

-Superfly splash by Tamina.

-Tamina is wearing an all flames outfit now.

-Vicki laughs at AJ and she bounces.


-nice promo by Heyman pushing the main event.


World Champion The Big Show vs. Sheamus

-Sheamus starts off strong but Show isn’t having any of this.

-fast paces thus far.

-Sheamus sweeps the leg from under Show.

-Show tied up in the ropes, Sheamus takes advantage and lands his series of pounds to his chest.

-shortly after that Show goes to the outside but Sheamus stays on top of him.

-spear (more like a shoulder block) from Show when Sheamus was coming off the top rope!!! Fuck!

-Sheamus grounded by Show.

-JBL reminds us that Big Show beat Hulk Hogan for the WCW Title in his first match.

-nice elbow drop by Show.

-close 2 by Show.

-Sheamus makes a comeback with a sleeper hold on Show.

-electric chair by Sheamus for a 2½

-brogue kick is blocked.

-white noise to Show.1…2… 2½

-Sheamus sets up for the brogue but ends up hitting the ref!

-officials out to check on Scott Armstrong.

-knockout punch by Show for the pin while everyone is checking on the ref.

Winner:  Big Show

-after the match Big Show was DQ’d for knocking out the ref inadvertently.

Winner: Sheamus by DQ

-good, fast paced match with a stupid ending. This was my favorite match of between the two thus far.

-Sheamus takes out Show with a chair after the match.

-we want tables chant?

-Sheamus keeps working over Show’s leg with a chair.

-Show begs as the crowd chants one more time… Sheamus ends up throwing the chair down and hitting a brogue kick.

-Sheamus celebrates.

-this last too long as we see Big Show crawling away.

-a “we want Taker” chant…?


-Rolling Stones commercial.


Survivor Series Match

-Team Ziggler (Alberto Del Rio, Damien Sandow, David Otunga (replacing Cody Rhodes), Wade Barrett & Dolph Ziggler) vs. Team Foley (Team Hell No, Kofi Kingston, The Miz & Randy Orton w/Mick Foley)

-1953 Rolls Royce is the car of choice by Del Rio tonight.

-Kofi tries a quick pin on Otunga.

-nice dive to the outside by Kofi onto Otunga.

-Bryan tagged in to a loud ovation of YES chants.

-elbow of distain by Sandow to Bryan.

-nice dropkick by Bryan in the corner to Sandow setting up for a series of kicks.

-Sandow is done and tries to walk out but Kane isn’t going to let him.

-Kane tags himself in and chokeslams Sandow for the pin.

-Bryan and Kane argue and Bryan gets pushed over the top setting up for the Zig Zag pin on Kane!

-nice slingshot suplex by Orton on Ziggler for a 2 count.

-super bump by Ziggler off of a Kofi move! God damn!

-Bryan is cornered by Ziggler’s team.

-Bryan misses the dropkick in the corner on Barrett.

-NO lock put on Otunga and he taps out!

-nice tilt a whirl by Del Rio on Bryan.

-boom boom drop to Del Rio.

-nice springboard cross body by Kofi on ADR.

-side walk slam by Barrett into the elbow for the pin on Kofi.

-NO lock teased on ADR.

-flash kick by ADR on Bryan into the arm lock for the tap out.

-Miz and ADR exchange.

-Miz actually tags in Orton.

-arm drop buy Del Rio on Orton for a 2 count.

-hot tag to Miz.

-SCF is teased on Barrett.

-pump handle is teased but Miz gets the SCF for the pin.

-nice German by ADR on Miz.

-Miz goes for the clothesline in the corner when ADR hits the flash kick to pin Miz.

-Dolph & Alberto vs. Orton.

-Ziggler and Del Rio work over Orton.

-Orton come back on Del Rio.

-RR gets involved causing the distraction and almost a 3 count.

-Foley punched Ricardo and pulls out socko on him!

-bang bang!

-RKO to Del Rio for the pin.

-its down to Ziggler and Orton.

-Orton sets up for the RKO but Orton blocks it, ZIG ZAG…1…2…KICKOUT!

-inverted DDT by Orton.

-set up for the RKO but Ziggler isn’t moving…!?

-blood on Orton’s chin…

-Orton sets up for the punt!

-superkick by Ziggler out of nowhere!!!!

Winners: Ziggler

-another good fast paced Survivor Series match. I’ve enjoyed these matches this year.


-Rock is on Twitter about the Royal Rumble… so far the WWE’s poll shows people want to see CM Punk vs. Rock at the Rumble.


WWE Champion CM Punk w/Paul Heyman vs. Ryback vs. John Cena

-video package involves Brad Maddox… hmmmm…

-Cena’s got new gear…

-Punk is ONE day away from being champion for one full year.

-why is the Champion coming out in the middle!??!!

-its time to do real pyro for Ryback already, come on…

-cautious start.

-Punk to the outside with Cena chaseing, then Ryback chasing.

-Ryback vs. Cena is teased.

-Goldberg chant.

-Ryback over powering Punk.

-bulldog by Cena.

-Ryback and Cena are left in the ring…

-stare down… into the collar and elbow.

-Cena gets throw down into the dueling chants for Cena.

-Cena is trying to wrestle Ryback and teases the AA but he fights out of it.

-Cena is cornered and over powered.

-Punk is back in when Cena ends up on the outside.

-suplex by Punk but Ryback no sells it and press slams him into the fall away slam.

-Cena come back out of nowhere to jump on Ryback.

-head lock on Ryback by Cena.

-double axe handle off the top by Punk to Ryback.

-2nd one is caught by Ryback but Punk hits the leg lariat.

-Cena back in to tease the AA but Punk gets a DDT for a 2 count.

-submission head lock by Punk but Ryback stops this shit into the poweslam.

-Ryback isn’t phased the Cena side slam.

-yay/boo chants for Cena and Ryback.

-Cena sent into the steel steps on the outside by Punk.

-Ryback hung up on the top rope setting up for the spring board clothesline for the 2 count.

-rest hold head lock by Punk to Ryback.

-feed me more chant.
-Ryback runs over Punk to escape the head lock.

-lariat clothesline by Ryback.

-Shell shock is set up on Punk but Cena stops this shit and locks in the STF to Ryback!

-Ryback is hulking up when Punk comes off the top rope with the Macho Man elbow off the top!

-all three are down.

-Punk signals the GTS and teases Cena but he fights out.

-YAY/boo by Punk and Cena but Ryback with the double clothesline.

-Ryback throws BOTH over the top to the outside.

-Ryback sets up for the double shell shock on the outside but Cena and Punk double team Ryback to break out of it.

-Cena and Punk clear off the announce table to hit the double suplex through the table!!!!

-Cena come back in the ring for the 5 moves of death.

-AA is teased but Punk turns it into the GTS..1….2….KICKOUT!!!!
-AA is hit out of no where..1….2…KICKOUT!!!!

-CM PUNK chant

-series of kicks by Punk.

-STF is teased by Punk fights out.

-running knee in the corner by Punk.

-STF is finally locked in by Cena on Punk.

-Ryback pulls Cena out and clotheslines the shit out of him.

-lariat to Punk in the ring.

-shell shock to PunK!!!! 1….2…Cena makes the save.

-AA is avoided to Ryback.

-Shell shock to Cena!

-3 dudes jump Ryback, its Seith Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose!!!! OH FUCK!

-Michael Cole called them by their names!!!!

-these 3 put Ryback threw the fucking table!!!

-Punk covers Cena…..1….2….THREEE!!!!

Winner: Punk

-dope! Please let this be a Paul Heyman clique!

-Punk and Heyman celebrate while we go off the air.

-fuck I hope these 3 wont end up being fed to Ryback on 3 on 1 matches.


-overall this night was fast paced and went by quick! Yes, these survivor series matches wont lead to shit but overall they were good matches. The main event was good and the surprise of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns was a nice cameo. Hopefully they wont kill these three dudes to Ryback over the next couple of weeks. I’m good with this ppv, it flowed.


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One Response to “11-18-12 WWE SURVIVOR SERIES”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    Figures. Punk can only beat Ryback by cheating.

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