11-09-12 WWE RAW


Lawler is back and its not long before they turn a heart attack into an angle….

-we start with a Veteran’s Day package with Cena dubbed over it. Good piece.

-oh no the TNA recap voice type guy is back to recap the current bowlshit on this show and the return of Jerry Lawler tonight!

-Cena vs. Punk tonight…. so tired of this feud…


Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler

-Cole and JR are on commentary thus far.

-Team Foley needs another member still.

-nice sling shot suplex by Orton.

-its been back and forth so far.

-series of elbow drops by Ziggler.

-Orton goes through the series of his moves finishing up with the horizontal DDT.

-Del Rio distracts but Ziggler STILL gets rolled up for the pin….!?

Winner: Orton

-after the match Ziggler and Del Rio beat on Orton until Kofi makes the save.

-Teddy Long is out… he’s making this a tag team match right now… great

Randy Orton & Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler

-typical tag match.

-Orton gets the hot tag.

-Kofi goes for the Del Rio pin and Ziggler is completely late to save the pin as the ref counted 3 but just kept going with the match… the fuck?

-another botched spot with Kofi and Rodriguez setting up for the Del Rio flash kick and pin.

Winners: Del Rio & Ziggler

-RR wasn’t even doing anything when Kofi took a swing at him. odd.


-Cole builds up Lawler’s return… so when is this happening?

-Vicki does the walk in the back.

-after the commercial break Vicki is in the ring with Ziggler. Kids getting a lot of time tonight…

-he’s out there for the truth before rolling to the same old shit we’ve seen with AJ and Cena controversy.

-Vicki is getting booed out the building, apparently she’s the hottest heel right now.

-Vicki wants AJ to come out and explain herself… again… we’ve seen this before folks and even my old ass remembers that.

-AJ comes out and the bicker fest begins.

-AJ finally admits about the her and Cena… are just friends.

-AJ then says this is all about Vicki being jealous of her.

-they get low with AJ making weight jokes… not cool.

-Vicki’s got voice mails…. She plays them… AJ denies this even though its her voice and says these messages where cut together.

-Ziggler makes a “you can’t see him” joke. Ugh.

-hey look, the 4th piece of the puzzle is out…. Cena looks all serious.

-AJ holds him back from beating on Ziggler.

-AJ then smacks Ziggler, then a right from Cena…



-Cole calls Cena vs. Punk a “2 year old rivalry”… so over it.

-JR talks about this mobile phone footage of Big Show jumping Sheamus at a pub.

-Cole cuts to another veterans video package.


-AJ and Cena in the back trying to figure this shit out.

-he says this would never happen, then correct himself after AJ questions him and changed it to something that didn’t happen… hmmm.

-they flirt and Cena bounces before this turns into some shit.


-footage of last week and Big Show being on Regal and Sheamus.


William Regal vs. World Champion Big Show

-fuck Regal is finally back on TV and they are probably going to squash him quick…

-Regal is trying to fight but Show keeps him grounded.

-is that a lets go Regal chant?

-Regal’s chest is beat red.

-choke slam…

Winner: Big Show

-Regal’s chest looks NASTY…

-well at least Regal was on RAW again…

-Show goes to knockout Regal but Sheamus comes out for the save.

-one last try to get this match over for the ppv.


Kaitlyn vs. Layla

-Eve is on commentary, winner of this match gets Eve on the ppv.

-we want puppies chant.

-Kaitlyn gets the reverse DDT for the pin.

Winner: Kaitlyn

-Eve and Kaitlyn eye fuck at ringside.


-Cole talks how its been 9 weeks since Lawler’s heart attack.

-Yes, we even get a video package of this… geez.

-dude this video is graphic… were these assholes really filming the whole time backstage?! Ugh.


-after the break Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler are in the ring.

-they talk about the miracle of Lawler recovering.

-Lawler gets a great ovation from the crowd here, good shit.

-good to see the King back.

-you can see he’s getting choked up.

-JR gets the first hug followed by Cole.

-Lawler gets the mic and Cole and JR leave the ring.

-loud Jerry chants.

-he’s touched by the reaction.

-he references the movie It’s a Wonderful Life and how it took this happening for him to realize how much he’s loved by friends, family and fans.

-oh shit! In typical wrestling fashion CM Punk and Paul Heyman interrupt this!!!!

-Cole brings up what Lawler said about Punk turning his back on people and their brief history before the heart attack.

-by the time Punk gets in the ring, Lawler was already on commentary.

-Punk and Heyman look over at Lawler before he says the King is lucky he left the ring because he would have beat him to death, again… ouch.

-Punk calls Lawler a zombie for coming back to life.

-Punk cuts a promo on Lawler and how it was his match that caused Lawler’s attack.

-Punk blames Lawler for this. Crowd might not be happy with this… they are getting quiet in an awkward way.

-Punk says he’s tied Diesel’s record but next week he’s going to be one year strong.

-Punk tells Lawler he is glad he is back so he can watch first hand at what he does to Cena and Ryback. Oh and not to crock before the ppv…. Oh…

-Lawler says its HIS reign as WWE Champion that’s on life support.

-Heyman is in the ring and looks to be choking or something and collapses…

-Punk is concerned and throws up the X.

-Punk is doing CPR at ringside.

-Lawler looks on disgusted…

-Heyman says he’s ok and sits up like the Undertaker.

-Heyman then laughs and points at Lawler.

-Punk says Heyman almost gave him a heart attack.

-Mick Foley’s music hits…

-Cole apologizes for what we just say while Foley is waddling to the ring.

-Foley chant.

-Foley is offended at this shit.

-Punk’s says Paul just had a heart attack and he saved him and didn’t need 9 weeks off. Haha!

-Punk is annoyed that Vince is screwing him and he’s not going to wrestle Foley’s team.

-apparently we get to pick Foley’s last person for his team.

-Foley gets serious about what happened with Lawler and how he died.

-Foley’s not happy that their match got changed for the ppv.

-Punk then shits on Foley and how none of this involves him.

-Foley announces he’s the special ring enforcer for Punk vs. Cena tonight… means nada.

-boy they really tried to save Foley being on this ppv…


-Brad Maddox in the back getting ready for his match… seeing how Punk was just on, I don’t see him coming right back out to cause a distraction win for Maddox…


-in the back Punk and Heyman are chatting.

-Heyman says they might be out of options.

-Paul does mention Maddox… ok so Heyman will get involved for this…


Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd vs. The Prime Time Players, Primo & Epico w/Rosa

-Lawler says hes already sick of Cole. Haha

-who sees this match turning into a traditional survivor series match at the ppv…?

-Ricardo Rodriguez comes out of nowhere and talks to Rose at ringside… he slips her a letter… interesting!

-high paced match.

-this gets cautious at ringside with all four teams holding their ground before the break.

-nice exchanges from Rey and Primo.

-good hot tag to Kidd.

-Kidd goes for the sharpshooter but takes a back cracker.

-this completely breaks down between all the teams.

-head scissors by Kidd on Young into the ropes, 619 by Rey and a 450 by Gabriel for the pin.

Winner: Mysterio, Sin Cara, Kidd and Gabriel

-I love some tag team shit and I’m glad they are trying to bring this back.

-Sin Cara and Rey mock the PTP’s dance.


-another veteran’s commercial. This time the WWE is talking about all they do for the vets.

-we have national guard’s here.


-Maddox is still warming up with Heyman walks up.

-he wants the cameras off and walks off with Maddox.


-another fandango(o) video, yup its Johnny Curtis.

-he’s basically doing dancing with the stars…


-Miz is the back, he’s talking to someone on the phone about being on the poster for the survivor series and not being on the show.

-Ziggler walks up and says its only a matter of time before Miz is begging back onto his team.

-they start to argue before Foley walks up….

-Foley’s making matches now… it’s the Rhodes Scholars vs. Kane and whoever the WWE Universe picks for Foley’s team…

-Miz and Foley agree that they don’t like each other but talk about Miz getting onto Team Foley.

-Foley will put Miz on this ballot…

-the final member will either be Miz, Santino or Ryder…

-hmmmm… let’s see if their experiment works.


R-Truth vs. Tensai

-Antonio Cesaro and his man purse come out before the match to taunt Truth.

-He shit’s on Little Jimmy and “this” country. Yes, its veterans day but this is wrestling business brother!

-no intro for Tensai after the break, we’re getting Alberto chants.

-Lawler asks about Cesaro’s purse at ringside…

-Cole asks if Cesaro he has artifacts in his satchel… ok so both guys were at first were keeping things cool until they both turn on Cesaro making him look weak and speechless. Awkward.

-Truth wins.

Winner: Truth

-commentary was too distracting in this match.

-after the match Cesaro and Truth have a stare down and words at ringside.

-wow if there was ever prevalent that Cesaro needs a mouth piece… this was it.


-WWE 13 plug with created wrestlers Maddox and Ryback.


-hey look a commercial for that now dvd that came out last week…


-recap of Maddox and Vince from last week.

-this kid is SOOOO TNA…


-recap of these phone messages from AJ.

-and not a recap of Lawler’s comeback being interrupted by Punk.


Brad Maddox vs. Ryback

-no music for Maddox.

-all of a sudden an ambulance backs up to the stage.

-Cole says a cameraman has been following Maddox for some youtube show.

-Maddox gets a video promo during his intro… not good.

-recap of why we are here and what Maddox did at Hell in a Cell.

-a stretcher is being brought to ringside.

-Maddox goes to the apron as the match starts.

-feed me more chants.

-Maddox is wasting a lot of time here.

-he finally gets caught and thrown down.

-this isn’t going well for Maddox.

-ref looks like he’s going to call the match but Ryback keeps beating on this kid.

-running powerslam by Ryback.

-Maddox is clotheslined over the ropes.

-stiff power bomb series by Ryback! Damn dude!

-lariat clothesline while the crowd chants feed me.

-shell shock for the pin.

Winner: Ryback

-a squash and no contract.

-Maddox gets put on the stretcher only to have Ryback turn it over.

-kids mouth is bleeding while Ryback is being this kids ass at ringside.

-lariat at ringside.

-Ryback then carries this kid to the ambulance and slams him into it! haha

-Maddox gets thrown into the ambulance.

-they were really trying to make Ryback a big deal here. Not too bad.


-oh god, please not a David Otunga match… and this night wasn’t dragging like last week. Oh well for that.

David Otunga vs. Sheamus

-do you know how tired I am of listening to Otunga’s music in the WWE13 menus… ugh.

-McGillicutty, Regal and Aksana watching in the back… why are you watching this…!?

-this doesn’t last long, another squash.

-Sheamus is making his own chest bleed calling for the brogue kick…!?

Winner: Sheamus

-2 quashes in a row… they could have split these 2 segments better.

-Sheamus talks shit only to have the camera cut to the back where Big Show beats up and knocks out Regal…


-Josh give us an update on Regal, might have a “broken jaw”.


-another veterans video package on the wounded warrior project.


-Kane in the back does the walk, Bryan tries to talk to him but he’s playing hard of hearing.

-Bryan sounds jealous about Kane having another partner tonight! haha!

-Kane walks off while Bryan is ranting. He then busts into a NO chant.

-dude turns pitch red… they played him a little too fruity here.


Team Rhodes Scholars vs. Tag Team Champion Kane &…. The Miz!

-Miz was chosen by twitter followers.

-Daniel Bryan then comes out after Miz.

-Bryan comes down and forces Miz to shake his hand. Haha

-Bryan does not approve Miz and Kane working together.

-Miz is awesome chant. oh right, they are in Ohio.

-Miz takes a distracted flash kick.

-Bryan is now cheering Miz on…

-match is fine but this is all about Bryan at ringside tonight.

-Bryan went after Miz but he counters it sending Bryan into Cody that was on the outside who then takes the ring post.

-that sets up the chokeslam for Kane.

Winner: Kane and Miz

-Bryan comes in to celebrate with Kane.

-Miz and Bryan keep trying to raise Kane’s arm.

-so they’ve turned this into a love triangle!?


-the WWE has been doing the Tribute to the Troops for 10 years now. Damn!


WWE Champion CM Punk vs. John Cena – Special ring enforcer Mick Foley

-its been nice seeing John Cena not wrestling… that’s now over.

-they do the fast pace exchange to start, you know the one they’ve done multiple times.

-dueling chants for Cena.

-after the break this has slowed down with Punk getting this dude grounded.

-FYI, I marked Cena as “inactive” in my WWE13 game. I don’t want to see him on my games. It is dope that you can download peoples CAW. These people are good at this shit!

-Cena comeback into is knuckle shuffle….noooo Punk rolled this fool up for a 2.

-Punk side steps Cena’s 2nd attempt at the knuckle shuffle but not the 3rd.

-AA is teased.

-this is getting sloppy with the AA and GTS teased.

-submission by Punk but Cena gets to the ropes.

-STF by Cena… Heyman in the ring to stop the count.

-Foley gets involved pulling Heyman out of the ring… well at least he did something.

-close 2 count by Punk.

-GTS is blocked and turned into the AA.

-Punk fights and finally gets to the rope.

-Punk starts to walk up the ramp but Ryback shows up.

-Cena grabs Punk brings him into the ring, hits the AA and pins Punk….

Winner: Cena


-after the match Ryback and Cena are in the ring looking at the WWE Title laying in the ring.

-slow but we finally get a feed me more chant.

-both go for the title and end up holding one side of the belt while Punk is swatting to get the belt back.

-they do the spot over again so that Cena and Ryback don’t hold the title belt upside down…

-and that is your go-home show.


-better than last week but shit dragged in hour 3.


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One Response to “11-09-12 WWE RAW”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    Vicki needs to leave A J and Cena alone and so should everyone else. Let the have a life. Good going Cena. Welcome back Jerry.

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