Smackdown [November 2, 2012] Quick Review


Alberto Del Rio and Randy Orton put craft services through hell.

Quick Results

  1. Miz TV. Miz talks shit about WWE current events. Miz introduces Sheamus and they talk shit to each other. Kofi Kingston comes out and piles on the Miz. Big Show comes out and calls Miz out on why he isn’t interviewing a winner. Miz tries to attack Kofi, but he gets thrown out of the ring.
  2. Backstage, Booker T makes the main event of Big Show & The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston & Sheamus.
  3. Darren Young w/ Titus O’Neil pins Sin Cara w/ Rey Mysterio via Firemen’s Carry into a Gutbuster. After the match, Titus got on the match and challenged Rey to a match.
  4. Rey Mysterio pins Titus O’Neil via rollup after Titus missed a tackle into the turnbuckles.
  5. Teddy Long and Booker T are talking in the back. Natalya hints at working for Booker T but David Otunga interrupts her. Booker T sets up a match between Otunga and the Great Khali. Otunga spit out coffee on both Natalya and Teddy.
  6. Wade Barrett pins Randy Orton via rollup when Alberto Del Rio distracted Orton.
  7. In the back, Orton attacks ADR while he’s speaking with Matt Striker. Striker ends up with food on his face as 3MB look on and laugh.
  8. The Great Khali pins David Otunga via Head Chop
  9. Natalya has an odd encounter with Khali in the back.
  10. R-Truth pins Justin Gabriel via reverse STO.
  11. The Miz & Big Show defeat Kofi Kingston & Sheamus via Miz pinning Kofi after Big Show KO’d him.


The narrator’s voice during the opening video package was great. He sounded like the NFL films voice. Classic.

The opening was okay. I liked that Kofi got some a moment to shine on the mic but that’s about it. Big Show is so gangsta right now. I hope his World Title run last longer than a few months.

Loved that JBL mentioned Ultimo Dragon and other masked legends during Sin Cara’s match. The match itself was okay.

Prime Time Player matches were good. The WWE should have given these matches longer times so we could see what Titus and Darren could really do in the ring. They did fine with what they were given. Are they ready to hold mid-major titles? No. But I think they’ve improved over the last year.

The ADR-Orton brawl in the back was much better than the Orton-Barrett match. Poor Ricardo Rodriguez got burned with hot coffee and a large pot of hot chili. This featured some of the best action of the night.

Kudos to David Otunga for making Khali look great in his return. I think he carried this match with solid expertise.
I really liked how Miz and Show interacted in the locker room. Big Show stole this segment and treated Miz like a biatch.

All in all, the rest of the matches were okay. The best ‘match’ of the night was probably Orton and Alberto Del Rio brawling in the back, which probably means you didn’t miss much if you didn’t catch this episode.


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