10-29-12 WWE RAW



Let’s see how the fuck they explain this bullshit with the ref from last night’s main event and move to the next level with these two…

-annnd we start with a recap of the main event last night… nothing else is recapped.

-CM Punk is then introduced as “STILL your WWE Champion”.

-Punk comes out with his ribs taped up and limping with Paul Heyman in tow.

-JR and Cole are on commentary, no JBL at the moment.

-boos to Punk before he says we said it couldn’t be done to beat the undefeated Ryback.

-he then starts pointing at people saying that they were wrong.

-day 344 for Punk.

-Punk shits on people he’s beat like Mysterio, Orton and the resident Superman, Cena.

-he then says he had nothing to do with the refs shenanigans and was shocked by it.

-Punk then craps on Maddox and how AJ hired him.

-we’re told over again that he had nothing to do with it.

-he’s goes back to crapping on people he’s beaten shit talking the WWE machine.

-Punk says Ryback wont get a rematch.

-Mick Foley’s music hits and he heads down to the ring with his over sized suit jacket.

-he craps on Foley looking homeless like the people affected by the hurricane.

-Foley isn’t having it and tells Punk to “stay classy” sarcastically with his hurricane remark.

-Mick brings up the shell shock on the top of the cage.

-Punk brings up the last time he saw Foley which was after he slapped the shit out of him

-Mick shills Charlotte before telling Punk he blew it trying to become a legend.

-Punk shows his scars from last night talking about Foley’s tradition to be hardcore for all those years ago.

-Punk tells Charlotte they suck before challenging Foley to a traditional survivor series match.

-Foley agrees which gets a Foley chant.

-before Punk could say anything else about that match Ryback is out.

-Punk and Heyman leave through the crowd.

-so out of nowhere Foley who they have treated as a joke since he came back, now gets a ppv main event!? Normally I would be cool with this but how am I going to take Foley seriously when you (the WWE) don’t!?



Ryback vs. JTG

-back from the break and Ryback is in the ring waiting for the reluctant JTG.

-Goldberg chant…

-Ryback with the Thesz Press!?

-this is a beat down.

-feed me more chant.

-crowd is better than last night.

-lariat clothesline into the shell shock for the pin

Winner: Ryback


-Josh tries to interview Ryback after the match but he takes the mic from him and cuts a short promo. he then leads the crowd into a “feed me Punk” chant. not bad, short and too the point.


-slow motion recap of Big Show knocking out Sheamus from last night.


Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett

-Orton is the only one who gets an entrance here.

-Cole brings up those affected by this hurricane back east.

-cautious start.

-Cole and JR keep sticking the point that Barrett is rested not like Orton.

-this picks up the paceas it spills to the outside.

-Barrett works over the arm ADR did last night.

-this ends up back in the ring for the Orton stomp.

-Barrett in the ropes for an Orton clothesline to send him over.

-back from the break Wade has taken over and is working over the arm of Orton who took the ringpost to the shoulder during the commercial.

-Orton tries to fight back but Wade goes back to the arm.

-Orton makes a comeback into his move set that ends with the rolling power slam.

-inverted DDT is hit.

-Orton then signals for the RKO but Barrett fights it out into a black hole slam for a 2 count.

-souvenir is avoided, RKO and pin.

Winner: Orton

-I thought his was a decent match. Parts of it felt like Orton and Barrett weren’t on the same page on some moves.

-Cole tries to turn this into a feud bringing up old shit from their history together… from like a year ago…


-Vicki in the back with AJ, she wants to take about this “affair”….

-AJ denies this and says AJ needs to prove herself if Vicki is going to hire her back…

-AJ apologizes because she wants to compete.

-Vicki asks AJ what her biggest weakness is… maybe a garden gnome collection?

-AJ goes with says she can be too emotionally attached to her job.

-Vicki pushes buttons before saying she will consider it…

-just went you thought we were all clear from Clare Lynch…


WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No vs. Prime Time Players

-Bryan and Young start this off.

-leg sweep into NO kicks to the chest of Young.

-Kane and Bryan keep tagging themselves in.

-dropkick to Young in the corner.

-Titus comes in and runs over Bryan.

-Titus then does his stupid bark, you know the one where he sounds like a seal…

-Bryan kept cornered during PTP’s makes frequent tags.

-did Cole just call Young, “Darren O’Neil” and say he calls himself “nose days off”…?

-Bryan comes back with a clothesline before Kane tags himself in.

-side walk slam for a 2 count by Kane.

-clothesline off the top by Kane to Young.

-chokeslam to Young before Kane sends Titus to the outside.

-Bryan then tags himself in and gets the NO lock for the tapout

Winners: Team Hell No

-after the match Bryan celebrates with both belts before Kane walks up and signals his pyro.

-they keep arguing.


-recap from earlier with Foley and Punk.

-Cole and JR then talk about Brad Maddox.

-his “mistake” in the Punk vs. Cena match from last month is shown.

-This is when Punk had his foot on the ropes but still got counted as pinned.

-the footage on the low blow is shown.

-Vicki then comes out…

-she calls this a new era for RAW… just like every couple of months…

-Vicki brings up this relationship with Cena and AJ.

-she brings out Cena.

-he wants to see the proof but she wants to start with the video of Cena asking AJ out 3 weeks ago.

-he calls that a joke…

-she then cuts to the footage of Cena hugging AJ from last week… dude that’s not even first base…

-he isn’t fazed by this which then gets pictures of this “dinner” he had with AJ… dude is a mark and wears his own t-shirt in public. Haha!

-he says that’s no big deal.

-she then cuts to footage from a fan cam where she gets on an elevator with Cena.

-Cena starts to look a little more concerned here…

-a “you are busted” chant starts. Haha!

-Cena of course spins this.

-he admits to walking AJ to her door of her hotel.

-Vicki is still poking… Cena gets defensive when Vicki starts to talk down AJ.

-Dolph Ziggler interrupts this…

-he says he sees Cena and AJ for what they really are.

-Cena threatens Ziggler about talking about them before he pushes Ziggler on his ass.

-Cena walks and Ziggler looks on… bitched out again…


Champion vs. Champion

United States Champion Antonio Cesaro vs. Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston

-Miz is on commentary.

-Cesaro claims the US has the fattest kids in America before crapping on Halloween and how people can’t see a problem when its even dressed up as a fat power ranger in front of them. HAHA!!! Dope!

-nice exchange to start the match.

-really fast paced.

-Kofi gets his legs swept on the top by Cesaro.

-Cole and Miz argue at ringside. #breakup

-dropkick by Kofi sends Cesaro to the outside. Kofi follows.

-Cesaro is sent over the announce table onto Miz.

-Miz gets pissed and beats on Kofi or the DQ

Winner: Kofi by DQ

-after the match Cesaro and Miz jump Kofi until R-Truth makes the save… guess the tag team is back…

-this match didn’t get a change to get off the ground.


-apparently we’re getting the teams for Foley and Punk tonight!?


-more shit with Vicki and AJ in the back.

-Guerrero keeps poking.

-all AJ has to admit is that she cares for Cena to get her job back.

-she ain’t having it and tries to walk off.

-Vicki stops her and hires her….!? huh!?

-the fuck?

-Vicki puts AJ in a match with Beth Phoenix.

-AJ leaves all nutty.


-Cole talks about 3MB…

-behind the music style interview with 3MB…!?

-Mahal says he’s the fun one while starring off all serious.

-these guys are goofy.

-Mahal is funny here.

-Drew still sucks.

-they got finger gestures for their group now.

-JR shits on this interview.


Zack Ryder & Santino vs. 3MB w/Drew McIntyre

-Mahal’s got tights that look like something out of M&M.

-broski boot to Mahal in the corner.

-Mahal hangs Ryder in the ropes to take the advantage in the match.

-Zack is kept cornered.

-Santino tries to start a chant, he gets a small one.

-this breaks down with Santino left in the ring with Slater teasing the cobra.

-Drew causes the distraction for the over drive by Slater for the pin.

Winners: 3MB

-short, got over the band.


-Jerry Lawler returns in 2 weeks!

-has it really been 2 months since the heart attack!??!


AJ vs. Beth Phoenix

-Beth tries to intimate AJ off the bat.

-AJ gets pushed down and looks to be going nuts… she does.

-Beth fights her off and keeps her grounded.

-AJ dumped to the outside.

-AJ takes the ring apron to the lower back.

-Beth gets a 2 count for this.

-AJ rolls up Beth out of nowhere for the pin.

Winner: AJ

-quick, nothing match.

-Vicki comes out to the stage after this to distract. Beth attacks from behind.

-Vicki now wants the match restarted.

AJ vs. Beth Phoenix (part 2)

-Beth goes for the glam slam and pins AJ.

Winner: Phoenix

-Phoenix celebrates while AJ recovers.


-WWE13 comes out tomorrow, I should be getting my pre order tomorrow. Its been a long time since I’ve bought a brand new wrestling game, looking forward to it.


-they keep showing Big Show’s knockout from last night.


-video package for the Brock Lesner old new DVD.


-former World Champion Sheamus comes out to the ring.

-he’s smiling after losing the title and calls Big Show the better man last night.

-he didn’t come to the WWE to win, he came to fight…

-Sheamus is trying to see the bright side of life.

-he says this isn’t over with Show.

-new World Champion Big Show comes out showing off the title.

-Big Show is all smiley about winning.

-Show puts over last night’s too.

-did Big Show just yell fire in a crowded arena!?

-Sheamus is told he cant beat Big Show.

-Sheamus becomes a sore loser and hits the white noise of Show.

-this feud continues.


-I’m at 2:04 and there is STILL an hour left…


-WrestleMania tickets go on sale in a couple of weeks… the graphic shows The Rock… Cena… and Brock Lesnar… you have to wonder if this hurricane going on at the moment will impact local ticket sales for the event seeing as people most likely will have to fork out for repairs to their places. Stay safe East coast.


-Cena and AJ in the back chit chatting.

-Vicki was spying on this.

-Beth Phoenix walks up and thanks Vicki.

-Vicki isn’t happy about having to restart matches.

-Vicki then fires Beth Phoenix… so long Phoenix, it’s a god damn shame the women’s division in the WWE sucks balls.


Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

-Rey’s tights are day of the dead and part of his face is painting like a sugar skull. Nice.

-spaced out for a sec.

-Sin Cara forces Sandow into a tag to Cody.

-double kicks to Cody by Rey & SC.

-nice double team by the masked dudes.

-SC doesn’t botch the Asai moonsault while Rey lands a seated senton to the outside.

-after the break the scholars have taken over with SC cornered.

-delayed vertical suplex by Cody for a 2.

-Sandow’s going to make a solid singles run at some point. I was hoping Cody would already be main event.

-nice tilt a whirl by SC.

-hot tag to Rey.

-an even better tilt a whirl by Rey.

-Sandow cheap shots Rey behind the refs back.

-elbow of distain by Sandow for a 2.

-619 chant.

-Jim Ross brings up back in the day when people hinted at two refs for a tag match. damn I forgot about that.

-Rey turns a double suplex into a double DDT for a hot tag.

-Tajiri style springboard elbow by SC.

-arm drag off the ropes by SC.

-head scissors into ropes by SC and the 619 is teased.

-this pills to the outside .

-Sandow moves out of the way of the Swanton for a neck breaker and the win.

Winner: Rhodes & Sandow

-that was an ugly swanton but that’s on Sandow for being too close to the corner.


-Foley in the back with Kaitlyn talking about WWE13.

-Heyman interrupts.

-they argue about their Survivor Series teams.

-Heyman gives Foley a bang bang hand gestures. Haha


-after the break we get a Susan G. Komen video package.

-we then cut to Vince and the roster on the stage?!

-Cena is in the ring with people repping the Komen foundation.

-Cena talks about the WWE helping fight breast cancer.

-the WWE is giving them one million dollars! Holy shit!

-good on them dammit. They are dumb asses most of the time but they do come through on these causes.

-the lady from the group sounds moved by this legit.


-hey look, they only time I like seeing Cena in a WWE ring! can he just go around being the ambassador for the WWE and stop wrestling maybe?


-2:42, almost there.


Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Justin Gabriel

-I think Del Rio really could be refreshed if you gave him a small stable.

-aggressive Del Rio tonight

-snap suplex by Del Rio.

-fast paced.

-ADR sent to the outside but he recovers.

-he then uses the ropes on Gabriel’s arm before getting an arm lock.

-JR and Cole put over the arm breaker.

-tilt a whirl back breaker by ADR.

-wait, did Jim Ross just say Chael Sonnen?! Don’t tease.

-Gabriel kept grounded.

-Gabriel makes a short comeback, hitting a springboard moonsault for a 2 count.

-flash kick in the corner by ADR.

-arm breaker and the tap out.

Winner: Del Rio

-this had its few moments for what it was.


-after the break Paul Heyman is in the ring.

-he intros CM Punk, always a good job from Heyman.

-Nice WWE13 hoodie that Punk is sporting.

-Punk throws up the XXX, old school.

-We get a giant banner for the WWE13 video game.

-Heyman gives another intro for Punk.

-Heyman names The Miz as the first person of Punk’s team… awkward if you’ve seen the Punk DVD.

-Paul then names the Rhodes Scholars and lastly, Alberto Del Rio

-Punk tells the crowd to shut up before talking about celebrating at the Survivor Series his one year as champion.

-he craps on Mick before he comes out to the ring… who smells a brawl to end the show?! 😉

-Mick craps on Punk blaming him for the ref shit from last night.

-he denies it again.

-Mick then names Kofi, Team Hell No and Randy Orton.

-Punk lays out how his team is going to leave Foley as the sole survivor of his team… uh… Mick isn’t going to be in the match… its going to be Ryback.

-guess what??? a brawl breaks out!

-Punk leaves this mess with Heyman.

-Ryback eye fucks him while he stands in the middle of this brawl.

-Cody takes a lariat for good measure as Punk and Heyman watch on.

-Goldberg chant while Cody takes a shell shock.

-both eye fuck and the show is over.


-well I’m glad they go right into promoting the Survivor Series and better yet with a traditional SS match. they kept talking about Brad Maddox but no sign of this dude tonight. Bummer to see Beth go. These long 3 hour RAW’s are draining, especially after 3 hours of a ppv.

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2 Responses to “10-29-12 WWE RAW”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    Why would A J have to admit to feelings toward Cena? It’s nobody’s business except theirs. But then again, Vicki admitted to having an affair with Ziggler. She must want everyone to stoop to her level. Ryback should have a rematch and it’s not up to Punk. He’s just trying to run the total show. I wish someone would shut his mouth.

  2. zankarne Says:

    This recap had better moments then the show itself

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