Read along with a folks and see how the WWE worked around putting the title on Ryback….

-Video package recapping what’s happening tonight starts off the show then RIGHT into the first match.

-on commentary tonight, Michael Cole, Jim Ross and JBL.


Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Randy Orton

-off the bat Orton starts strong before going to the outside for some more.

-poor ring announce table takes a Del Rio head smash.

-JBL’s hat gets knocked off the table only to have Orton gently put it back.

-Garvin stomp.

-ADR takes the advantage working over the left arm.

-Del Rio keeps the arm breaker in the ropes for a 4½ count.

-Orton takes the shoulder to the corner.

-Del Rio gets side stepped in the corner for an Orton roll up for a 2.

-Shortly after Del Rio hits the back stabber on the arm of Orton.

-JBL might be trying to put this feud over more than he needs to…

-ADR sent to the outside, slow to get up but RR comes to help.

-Orton tries for the rolling power bomb but ADR delays this into the arm breaker!

-Orton to the ropes then goes to tease the inverted DDT.

-Del Rio taunts Orton with his mat stomp punches.

-Orton finally gets his inverted DDT and sets up for the RKO.

-Back stabber by Del Rio out of not where for a 2.

-Orton gets the rolling power slam out of nowhere for a 2! Nice!

-Orton in the ropes and Del Rio comes off the top with a stomp to the chest of Orton for another 2 count! Damn!

-Del Rio comes off the top rope with… uh…err… well folks Del Rio just jumped in front of Orton and did…. Nothing… what the fuck was that!?

-Orton tries to save this spot by landing a dropkick off Del Rio who’s coming off the ropes.

-Orton teases again with the RKO but Del Rio fights him off.

-RR gets involved and takes Orton’s shoulder into the corner post.

-Del Rio with the arm breaker.

-Orton fights for a while before turning this into a pin attempt.

-Del Rio goes for the flash kick, oh shit he gets caught with the RKO!!!!! Holy shit!!!

Winner: Orton

-WELL other than that fuck up by Del Rio that was a pretty good match right there.


-Cole, JBL and JR recap this bullshit by Vicki, AJ and Cena.

-Vicki and Cena bicker… on twitter…

-Vicki has more evidence on Monday.

-they recap the pre show where Vicki interrupted Cena and Ziggler tries to jump Cena before he runs off when Cena teases the AA.


-we cut to Josh and Vicki in the back.

-she has photos of this affair…

-so we’re basically biting Clare Lynch.

-Heyman walks up and tries to talk Vicki out of the main event.

-she plays up Ryback…

-they both agree that AJ got what she deserved.

-Paul kisses up to her before bouncing…

-hey look this Atlanta, GA!


WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

-have you seen all these Team Hell No Halloween costumes this year!? Its been pretty funny!

-TRS cut a promo on the way to the ring, lots of big words to basically say they will be the tag team champions!  They repeat it a couple of times.

-YES chant to start the match.

-No kicks to Sandow in the corner by Bryan to start the match.

-rope work into a high knee by Bryan before a tag.

-Cody gets tagged in as does Cody who takes the short dropkick while he’s sitting.

-Cody is cornered by the tag team champions and use double team moves.

-no kicks to Cody in the corner to start a YES chant.

-Kane tagged back in for a kick.

-light Daniel Bryan chant.

-tag to Sandow which Kane doesn’t noticed.

-TRS takes the advantage in the match.

-Kane is cornered and has his leg worked over.

-Kane tries to fight out of the opposing corner but Cody lands a dropkick to the knee of Kane.

-Kane with the right to Sandow into the tag.

-Bryan is hot here.

-NO kicks to Sandow before he is sent to the outside.

-Bryan dive onto Sandow!

-Cody causes the distraction on Bryan for the advantage and the tag.

-Bryan is cornered by TRS.

-hot tag to Kane.

-on the top Cody is thrown off onto the clothesline from the top.

-Bryan with the mind tag into the head butt from the top.

-both Kane and Bryan argue into the spots to the outside where Bryan accidentally lands a knee to Kane.

-both argue.

-cross roads by Cody for a close 2 that Kane makes the save for.

-ref calls the match when Kane goes nuts on TRS.

Winners: Rhodes Scholars by DQ

-chokes slam to Sandow after the bell.

-Kane and Bryan argue after the match.

-good match I thought, glad the feud continues.


-Josh in the back with Miz about his title match.

-good promo by Miz.


Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz

-starts with a fight.

-this spills to the outside.

-Kofi sunset flips over the steps when Miz sends him into them! Fuck!

-Kofi tries to come back over to catch a boot to the face.

-Miz makes a comeback into his clothesline into the corner.

-Kofi comes back into the boom boom drop.

-SOS by Kofi for a pin.

-Miz works over Kofi’s left leg.

-Miz with a half crab.

-close roll up by Kofi.

-Miz tease the SCF, Kofi tries to fight off but Miz keeps it on.

-Kofi hits the TIP out of nowhere for the pin!

Winners: Kofi

-another good match, check this ppv out!

-Miz really looked good in this one, Kofi is always dope.

-Striker interviews Kofi in the ring after his match.

-he thanks the Miz for forcing himself to come out.


-in the back the tag team champions argue about losing the match.

-Kane brings up vegan candy for Halloween.

-these fools argue before Kane walks off saying he is the tag team champions.


United States Champion Antonio Cesaro vs. Justin Gabriel

-Cesaro keeping Gabriel grounded.

-uppercut by Cesaro for a 2 count.

-double stomp by Cesaro to Justin’s chest.

-springboard moonsault by Gabriel for a 2 count.

-405 is averted.

-moonsault DDT by Gabriel!

-AC sent to the outside, Gabriel goes for the dive and takes the forearm! Fuck!!!!

-neutralizer by Cesaro for the pin.

Winner: Cesaro

-quick but good shit.


-Ryback promo package, good shit.


-Vicki in the back with a back stage hand.

-Heyman walks in, he thinks the match is off.

-Vicki sets him straight on that shit.


Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs. Prime Time Players

-Rey and SC are wearing each other’s mask on the back of their own mask.

-Young is cornered right off the top.

-tides turn and not Rey is cornered.

-hot tag to Sin Cara.

-sorry got distracted with Once Upon A Time coming on. Sorry the wife LOVES that fucking show.

-Rey gets 619 and drops a dime for the pin.

Winner: Rey & Sin Cara

-Good match from what we saw.

-Sin Cara on the outside, the medics are checking him… god damn this kid.

-Rey pulls this moron into the ring to celebrate…

-apparently SC took a sliced bread wrong, stupid ass.


World Champion Sheamus vs. The Big Show

-collar and elbow to start, Show overpowers Sheamus.

-Sheamus is being over powered thus far.

-Sheamus finally corners Show.

-this spills to the outside.

-Sheamus gets sent into the barricade.

-Sheamus kept grounded.

-this spills to the outside again.

-Sheamus is sent over the announce table.

-Sheamus springboard shoulder block but he gets kicked down shortly.

-this gets slowed down by Show.

-Show hits the Swagger bomb in the corner for a 2 count.

-choke slam is averted by a DDT by Sheamus for a 2 count.

-Sheamus gets caught in the cornered but and eventually gets chokeslamed for a 2!

-Sheamus goes for the clover leaf but Show fights him off.

-back to the outside.

-Sheamus shoulder Show in the corner a couple of time.

-Sheamus gets white noise on Show!!! 1…2….KICKOUT!

-Show blocks the brogue kick and hits the right!!! 1…2…KICKOUT!

-Show cocks again.. Sheamus blocks and hits the brogue kick!!! 1..2….KICKOUT!!!!

-brogue… NOOOOOO knockout!!!! 1…2….THREEE!!!!!

Winner: Big Show

-wow that was a lot better than I thought it was going to be!

-glad the title is off Sheamus finally.

-Sheamus walks off after the match, gets a lukewarm clap….


-Booker in the back when Eve walks up.
-he has no time for time and bounces.

-Teddy Long walks up and tells Eve she’s got a triple threat match.

-Zack Ryder comes in dressed as a witch and says he’s dressed as Eve.


-Santino walks in dressed as Lady Gaga.

-Ron Simmons walks up for the DAMN… haha! Thank god he saved this.


-Vince on the phone in the back when Punk walks in.

-they chit chat about shit, oh and Ryback…

-not much here…


Diva’s Champion Eve vs. Layla vs. Kaitlyn

-good pin attempt sequence by Layla and Kaitlyn.

-Eve works the leg of Kaitlyn over.

-Kaitlyn with a cross armbreaker out of nowhere on Layla!

-I’m just calling highlights at this point, too drunk to do anything else…

-Eve goes for a swanton that she basically missed….

-she moves Kaitlyn and pins Layla.

Winner: Eve

-decent match more shit than I called.


-Big Show in the back with Josh.

-he yells about becoming World Champion.

-he dares anyone to come at him.


-Sheamus in the back getting checked out while Striker gives us a recap.


Hell in a Cell

WWE Champion CM Punk w/Paul Heyman vs. Ryback

-Punk comes out first… WHY!?

-He’s cautious and hugs Heyman before going into the cage. HA!

-feed me more chants before the bell.

-Goldberg chant after the bell…. Get over it.

-Punk starts off cautious, heading to the outside a couple of times.

-Punk chops are brushed off.

-big boot by Ryback.

-Punk tries for a tornado DDT but Ryback avoids it and sends him to the outside.

-Punk is trying to get out of the cage.

-Ryback sends him into the cage multiple times.

-Goldberg chants again…

-Punk runs under the ring while Heyman hells at Ryback.

-Punk with the extinguisher to the face!

-Ryback is grounded on the arena floor with kicks.

-Punk with a chair but its kicked into his own face!

-Ryback presses Punk back into the ring, then presses him in the ring.

-feed me more chant.

-Punk side steps Ryback in the corner.

-Punk with the springboard clothesline from the ropes.

-Punk to the top with a double axe handle… and again… and again… NO he’s caught and taken into the corner.

-Ryback taken to the outside for the Punk dive!

-neck breaker outside the ring by Punk.

-another neck breaker… NO Ryback rights out of it but ends up taking the ring steps! Ouchy!

-after, Punk with a rear chin lock.

-Bubba bomb by Ryback out of the chin lock.

-knee to Ryback in the corner by Punk and a clothesline.

-Macho Man elbow from the top by Punk!

-Punk goes to the outside and under the ring for a kendo stick!

-Punk taunts the feed me more chant.

-cane shots to the back of Rynback!

-he’s standing up and takes the cane away from Ryback!

-Ryback comeback.

-spinbuster by Ryback into the chant from the crowd.

-stiff clothesline to Punk.

-Ryback goes for shell shock!!!!!

-the ref stops him and nut shots him!?

-Punk rolls him up for the pin?!!?

Winner: Punk

-apparently Punk paid off the ref…. ?!

-both cant get out of the cage after and Ryback beats up on Punk and the ref…

-Ref takes the cage, a stiff lariat and a press slam to the outside for his troubles…

-Ryback runs off Heyman and continues to beat on Punk.

-Punk climbs the cage and Rybac is in tow.

-both make it to the top and Punk is trying to run.

-shell shock to Punk on the top of the cage!!!!

-feed me more chant while Ryback stands at the top of the cage strong.

-Ryback puts his foot on Punk on the top of the cage while he calls for his chant of feed me more.


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7 Responses to “10-28-12 WWE HELL IN A CELL”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    Now we’ll never be able to shut up Punk. I’m tired of his holier than thou attitude.

  2. Estell Newton Says:

    Where did Punk get the fire extinquisher? There should be a rematch in the cage. It’s gotten to the point where wrestling isn’t worth watching anymore. Seems like the wrestlers, with a few exceptions don’t know how to fight fair. Ryback should have won.

  3. ambar_hitman Says:

    wow I stopped watching wrestling after Punk turned heel and checked this blogpost today, and wow, they made Ryback a main eventer so soon? And no Cena? WTF happened?

  4. Estell Newton Says:

    Don’t know . Cena wanted Punk to fight Ryback instead of himself. The match should habe been called the other way since someone snuck in a fire extinguisher.

  5. ambar_hitman Says:

    I hope CM Punks cheats again at Survivor series and destroys Cena and Ryback both.

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