Smackdown Thoughts & Review [October 26, 2012]


This week’s episode should have been called Talking Smack-down. That being said, Team Hell No and Team Rhode Scholars carried the show.

Randy Orton comes out and cuts a promo on Alberto Del Rio. Orton says he’s going to give him a beating.

Alberto Del Rio interrupts and says he’s going to crush him and that he’s the new Apex Predator.

Orton patronizes Rhode Island for a cheap pop. He then says ADR has no balls. Orton urges ADR to come down and face him but ADR declines and heads to the back.

While Orton stared down ADR, Wade Barrett drops Orton from behind and walks away.

~ Wow. Watching Sheamus all these weeks made me really appreciate Randy Orton. He’s definitely the lesser of the two evils.

Backstage, Teddy Long accuses Alberto Del Rio of setting up Wade Barrett’s attack. Wade Barrett arrives and says something to ADR. Long makes a match between Wade Barrett and Sheamus for tonight’s main event.

Damien Sandow and Daniel Bryan join the announcing team for the following match.

Kane pins Cody Rhodes via Chokeslam

~ Good match. The real stars of this match were the guest announcers. Sandow and Bryan shined brightly on the microphone and traded insults and threats.

Big Show tells Booker T that he’s going to be the new World Champion on Sunday.

The Miz pins Yoshi Tatsu via Skullcrushing Finale

~ This was a decent and short match. I like Miz’s running knee lift while Yoshi was hanging off the apron. I think he should do a nice Yakuza Kick instead. I was pleased that Yoshi got in about 2 moves of offense until Miz turned it around and finished the match.

Oh Yoshi. How I wish the WWE would give you a decent push before you head back to Japan. I hope the WWE is paying you well.

Booker T is with Eve, Aksana, Kaitlyn, and Layla backstage. Booker asks Aksana about Eve’s email, which asked Aksana to attack Kaitlyn. Booker fires Eve as his assistant. Then Booker makes a tag match between Eve and Aksana versus Kaitlyn and Layla. Booker also makes a Divas title defense at the pay per view, with Eve defending against Kaitlyn and Layla.

Wade Barrett pins Randy Orton via The Souvenir Elbow when Alberto Del Rio came down and distracted Orton

~ Decent match. I’m not a fan of either wrestler so I my opinion might be a little bit skewed. Most of the match was methodical and slow paced, but it definitely picked up near the end until the finish. Barrett’s finish is more of a short arm elbow, which kind of looks weak. I think he should consider using a roaring elbow to finish opponents off. #wrestlingnerd

Eve & Aksana defeat Kaitlyn & Layla when Eve covered Kaitlyn after Layla accidentally Headkicked her teammate

~ Entertaining match. Being a Kaitlyn fanboy also means I’m a Kaitlyn apologist. She’s still green in the ring and her matches don’t seem to have that ‘flow’ to them like Layla and Beth Phoenix matches do. However, I still root for her and I hope she has a good match this Sunday.

Backstage, Sheamus tells Booker that he can’t promise that he’s not going to cause any drama tonight with the Big Show.

They cut to Kane bragging to Daniel Bryan that he won his match. Kane reiterates that he’s not the weak link and that he’s the Tag Team Champions.

Damien Sandow pins Daniel Bryan via Straight Jacket Neck Breaker (after Cody distracted Daniel)

~ Great match, and I’m very sure these two could do a lot more together. Sandow’s insults at the start of the match were hilarious.

Josh Mathews interviews Sheamus and Big Show. The ring is loaded with security personnel and they form a wall between the two rivals. Sheamus claims he’s going to Brogue Kick Show on Sunday. Big Show says it can’t be done because he’s too tall and out of Sheamus’s range, and that Sheamus is delusional. Sheamus starts yelling, “The time for fighting is NOW!”

Sheamus rushes through the security and attacks the Big Show. Security pulls them apart but both Show and Sheamus start beating them off.

Big Show narrowly escapes a Brogue Kick and walks up the ramp while Shemaus stares him down to end the show.

~ This was an odd way to end the show. I really hope they’re not making Big Show into an unstoppable force that Sheamus eventually overcomes at the pay per view. This didn’t really get me any more excited to see Show vs. Sheamus. The main match that has caught my interest is Team Hell No’s tag team title defense.

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  1. Estell Newton Says:

    I say give A J back her job. Vicki is doing the same with Ziggler that A J lost the position over.

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