10-22-12 WWE RAW


this was no go-home show… this was the soap opera on AJ Lee’s life…


-RIGHT off the bat we go right to the finals of the tournament…

-Cole and JR pull some sort of “emergency” thing AJ had to go to at WWE headquarters


#1 Contenders Tag Team Tournament Finals

Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs. Rhodes Scholars

-Rey has a new shirt, its stupid. its got his body as a cartoon of him with the head cut off in a way to make it look like your head (when you’re wearing the shirt) IS the head of the cartoon.

-NICE springboard moonsault by Sin Cara while Rey held Sandow between the ropes. dude looked nervous trying this shit out. he must know about the botch memes going around about him. bah!

-Sin Cara chant!? Well, that’s a first!

-Sandow made a save for Rhodes by diving in front of the ref!

-this causes the distraction for the cross roads and the win!

-this was a pretty good tag team match, started off fast and kept up a good pace. Lots of good spots here.

Winners & #1 contenders: Rhodes Scholars

-both celebrate before we get Team Hell No on the screen. This was kind of an awkward promo with goofy jokes.


Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Michael McGillicutty

-Miz is on commentary for this and Hennig is actually on RAW!?

-they of course the footage of Miz getting knocked the fuck out by Kofi last Monday into the footage of Kofi winning the title on Main Event.

-was that a Mr. Perfect chant!?

-Ryback’s taking on Miz tonight… oh no.

-Kofi wins with the TIP. Match was ok, nothing too exciting.

Winner: Kofi


-recap of Cena admitting he can’t beat Punk’s ass when he just leaves and lets Ryback sign this contract. It’s basically what happened here.

-great we find out from Cena tonight why he stepped aside… I don’t want to hear the shit they make up for this…

-New York Giants at ringside with a custom WWE spinner title. Still ugly.


-Cena is out now…

-he yip yaps about how Punk wanted change and how on Sunday we’re going to get that. He’s basically cutting promos for Ryback here since apparently he doesn’t.

-he says the face of the WWE will change on Sunday… uh what?

-Punk is out to stop this bullshit with Paul Heyman. Punk shits on the New York Giants.

-Punk says he’s been champion for 337 days which means those are days Cena didn’t have the title. Ha! he then says now THAT is change. 😉

-Punk promises that he will walk out of HIAC as the champion.

-oh no Cena tells us he’s medically cleared….

-he doesn’t want to fuck with the ppv match but wants to beat on Punk right now.

-Heyman tries to stop Punk from heading to the ring.

-Punk gets on the ring apron but Paul talks him down and they bounce.

-Heyman keeps telling Punk not to fight for free. Sound advice.


-AJ tweet is talked about…


United States Champion Antonio Cesaro vs. Justin Gabriel  

-rematch from last week, even though Gabriel lost… makes no sense.

-Gabriel dives to the outside onto Cesaro to start the match but other than that it’s a beating for Gabriel.

-assholes chanting boring. Fuck you guys.

-Gabriel tries a small comeback.

-both go at it from the top before Cesaro gets the uppercut.

-Gabriel then comes back hits the 450 and pins the champion.

Winner: Gabriel

-well… did NOT except that.

-this would be a good feud but Cesaro already past this level that Gabriel is on?


-limo shows up and Vince is there… he brings AJ out of the limo. They don’t look happy…

-after the break Vince and AJ are in the ring.

-Vince runs down what happened at this meeting AJ was in.

-AJ tells us she has to resign because of some relationship with had with a WWE Superstar… Punk? Is that what we’re talking about… cause I don’t know what this means!? She says this info is false and that she could have been fired a long time ago.

-she gets a YES chant after she says some guys just love crazy chicks…

-AJ the shills New York, before talking about how she’s come from nothing to being the boss. She’s trying to sell the shit out of this but the crowd isn’t having it.

-Vince hugs her before they try to leave…

-Paul Heyman then comes out!?

-he shit’s on how AJ came up from being homeless to this. He calls her a “Jersey girl”.

-Paul is trying to put himself over to Vince about being the RAW GM while basically kissing his ass.

-Paul gets a no…

-he’s naming a “managing supervisor” for RAW… its Vicki Guerrero… crowd seemed pissed it wasn’t Paul.

-Vicki comes out kissing the boards ass while the crowd shits on her.

-Paul interrupts and the crowd cheers. They go back about the ppv match.

-She makes Punk vs. Sheamus tonight… it’s a lumberjack match.

-Paul has to sell this like he gives a shit about this news. He leaves.

-Vicki then craps on AJ’s time as GM.

-Vicki claims AJ had an affair… then tells her to bounce.

-instead she jumps on Vicki and starts to rip her clothes!?

-Vicki bounces… so uh, what just happened here…

-AJ skips away


Ryback vs. The Miz

-Miz comes to the ring reluctantly.

-feed me more chants begin as do the Goldberg chants. Funny its like his own dueling chant.

-basically a squash into the lariat and shell shock for the pin.

Winner: Ryback

-JR reminds us that Ryback has never lost.


-Eve in the back on the phone talking shit about AJ when Kaitlyn walks up on her.

-Kaitlyn has evidence, pictures on her iPad… plug plug plug for iPad. Haha

-this ends up in a brawl of course.

-annnddd Layla gets involved…


-Josh in the back with a brawling buddy of Sheamus before he walks in.

-he’s got brawling buddy jokes.

-Sheamus is asked about his match tonight and at the ppv.

-Show walks in and knocks the buddy out of Sheamus’ hand.

-Big Show has no time for jokes…


WWE Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki

-crowd is awesome for Bryan here.

-nice chain wrestling to start this one.

-stiff dropkick to kill the momentum in this one by Ziggler.

-nice figure four out of nowhere by Bryan for a WOOOO chant.

-Bryan suplexed to the outside before Kane comes out.

-Bryan is holding his leg, playing up hurt.

-after the break, Bryan hits a STIFF dropkick in the corner! Fuck!! 2 ½ count!

-YES/NO kicks to Ziggler.

-counters blocked by both.

-these 2 dudes need to slow down! Too fast to type!


-Bryan with the dive to Ziggler.

-this is awesome chant!

-facebuster from the top rope by Ziggler! This match is dope!

-Ziggler gets corked in the head before Kane gets the crowd to chant YES!

-Bryan is distracted… Ziggler with the zig zag from behind for the pin.

Winner: Ziggler

-AJ and Cole talk about Ziggler threatening to cash in at the ppv.

-Kane walks into the ring to argue with Bryan.

-hug it out chant.

-Matt Striker on the ramp interrupts this… Vicki has a surprise for these 2… she’s put Kane and Bryan on a therapy game show… like the newlywed game… oh god… Striker is going to be hosting this shit and this involves Rhodes Scholars…!? This is weird.


Newlywed tag game….

Team Rhodes Scholars vs. Team Hell No

-they are sitting on steel chairs for this… and introducing themselves.

-Kane says he’s a scorpio, likes long walks on the beach and loves rainbows and puppies. Hahah what!?

-the number one contenders say they wont get involved with this and walk off…

-Kane shits on this before Striker names them the winners of this bullshit…

-Bryan gets all excited about winning but Kane wants to beat up Striker… he gets the hell out of there.

-Striker goes up the ramp saying he doesn’t wish these 2 well at the ppv… oh shit, is Striker going to be the new manager of the Rhodes Scholars?!

-Big Show walks up from behind and throws Matt out of the way…

-there is a lot of weird on this show.


WWE Tag Team Champion Kane vs. The Big Show

-match starts during the break, Show has the advantage over Kane.

-big spear by Show!

-Kane makes a comeback getting a DDT for a 2 count.

-Rhodes  Scholars come out during the match to distract Kane for the Big Show knockout punch.

Winner: Big Show

-Rhodes and Sandow jump Bryan after this.

-cross roads to Bryan and the tag champs are laid out.


-Santino and AJ in the back.

-he kisses her ass before Cena walks up.

-Cena offers to help AJ.

-AJ brings up the affair and Cena wants to talk to this person but then AJ tells Cena it was HIM…

-he doesn’t know what the fuck she’s talking about… neither do we.

-he brings up a “business dinner” and how the board freaked about this.

-AJ blames Vicki.

-Cena consoles AJ and says he’s going to take care of it… he looks guilty.

-dude they aren’t really going to do an affair angle with Cena who just got divorced…!?


-Cena stops Vince in the back.

-he’s pissed that he believed Vicki’s bullshit.

-Vince basically says it is what it is… so let me interpret, fuck you dog.


Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Zack Ryder

-doesn’t the WWE worry that people are going to throw shit at these cars that they rent for Del Rio? I mean fuck, with as expensive as these cars are you figured it would make them nervous to have these kind of vehicles around stupid wrestling fans. Anyhow, Del Rio wins with the tap out.

-Ryder had a few chants at least.

Winner: Del Rio

-Del Rio’s is now making an example of Ryder while calling him “Randy”.

-ADR keeps the arm breaker on long here.


-Cena walks into Vicki’s office… he ‘s trying to get down to the nitty gritty.

-why are we focusing on this stupid story line.

-Vicki says this is all Cena’s fault…

-where is this all going folks!?


-Josh in the back with Dolph Ziggler.

-Ziggler brings up the AJ thing… again, who cares…!?

-he blames John Cena for this mess and would have thought AJ would have had better taste…!?

-this is weird.


-video package for Ryback, good video.


-Punk and Heyman in the back watching this video.

-Punk plays up stressed.

-he’s not happy about this match tonight and says he misses AJ already.

-Heyman talks up Punk.


Champion vs. Champion Lumberkjack match (aka the largest lumberjack match in history)

WWE Champion CM Punk vs. World Champion Sheamus

-locker room spills out to ringside before the break.

-they keep trying to put this match over as the largest lumberjack match, I call bowlshit.

-Cole brings up Stone Colds tweet about Sheamus… Cole spins this into a good tweet and not the fact that Austin said Sheamus “wasn’t ready”….

-slow start.

-Sheamus sent to the outside but no one fucks with him at ringside.

-Punk is thrown out but he’s pushed back in by these lumberjacks.

-finally the heal lumberjacks get a chance to beat up on Sheamus before the break.

-Big Show gets pissed at ringside when Cole and AJ bring up his 45 second title run.

-I think this crowd is falling asleep after sitting here for 3 hours.

-Punk goes for the macho man elbow but doesn’t give it to Sheamus cause the crowd was cheering for it. haha

-nice super plex by Sheamus for a 2 count.

-brogue kick is teased but hit to other wrestlers.

-Show gets the chokeslam on Sheamus for the Punk pin.

Winner: Punk

-Ryback comes to the ring as Punk tries to escape… he gets thrown back in…

-Punk tries to leave but gets thrown in again.

-Choke into a poweslam by Ryback! Fuck!

-Punk tries again to escape.

-press slam to Punk and he’s sent to the outside!

-holy fuck!


-those last few second seconds did so much more to sell that ppv then the last THREE hours!


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  1. Estell Newton Says:

    Vicki has been after AJ’s job all along and she makes up excuses to get AJ’s job just as Eve is after Teddy’s and eventually Booker T’s.

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