Team Hell No and the Big Show help out Sheamus and Wade Barrett in the main event.

MizTV starts the show. Miz runs down his IC Title loss to Kofi Kingston on Main Event. Miz says he wants a rematch at Hell in a Cell. He introduces Team Hell No.

Daniel Bryan and Kane come to the ring. Miz talks shit to Bryan and says that he’s the problem. He also thinks DB is the main reason they’re going to lose the titles at the pay per view. Kane says that if DB is the problem than he’s the solution. Bryan and Kane start to argue.

Big Show comes down and runs his mouth about winning the World Title. Dolph Ziggler follows and does the same.

Booker T joins the discussion. He orders Team Hell No vs. Ziggler and Show for later on tonight. Booker T also books Miz to face Randy Orton right now.

~ This was an entertaining first segment. Miz calling out Booker T on being unpredictable was hilarious. It’s a shame none of these men are wrestling in the main event.

Randy Orton pins The Miz via RKO

  • During the match, they interview Alberto Del Rio in a suite situated in the upper level. ADR talks about taking Randy Orton out at Hell in a Cell.

~ Good match. I love Miz’s low level DDT. This RKO had some extra funk on it.

Teddy Long interviews Sheamus in the back. Sheamus says some pandering shit about some other shit. Whatever.

Team Rhodes Scholars defeats Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel via Rhodes’s Beautiful Disaster Kick on Tyson Kidd

~ Oh Tyson Kidd how I wish the WWE gave you the respect you deserve. That is all.

Eve accuses Teddy Long of stealing her idea about the main event in front of Booker T. Jerk!

Team Hell No defeat Big Show and Dolph Ziggler via Daniel Bryan submitting Ziggler with the No! Lock.

  • After the match, Team Rhodes Scholars attacked Team Hell No at the top of the ramp, which leaves little doubt on to who is winning the tag team tournament. Sigh.

~ Great match. Big Show gorilla pressing Daniel Bryan, and then dropping him outside of the ring, was a sick moment. They don’t highlight Big Show’s strength enough. Big Show giving Daniel Bryan’s liver the Iron Claw was also an interesting moment. Basically, Big Show and Bryan kept this match going. I also think Daniel Bryan out-Rick Morton’d Ricky Morton in this match.

Antonio Cesaro pins Ted DiBiase via The Gotch Neutralizer

  • A video of Cesaro cutting a promo on Nashville music icons aired prior to the match. This brought a lot of heat.

~ Good squash. Glad they’re giving Cesaro a nice run. I’m digging the way Cesaro is doing his finisher these days. It almost looks like he’s putting all of his body into the lift and the drop. It hardly looks like a Styles Clash these days. Also, I hope they let his streak build up steam before they eventually do something stupid with him. #cynical

Brodus Clay interrupts a 3MB performance.

Heath Slater pins Brodus Clay via twisting face buster after Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal distracted Clay

~ Good. I like 3MB. Pro Wrestling needs a faction that the audience can throw bottles at. Characters to hate on also equals box office success. I find them entertaining.

Matt Striker interviews Beard Barrett, and Barrett says some stupid tough guy shit because he’s a tough guy.

Layla pins Natalya via Head Kick

  • Eve was guest commentating.

~ Bad editing job from the production crew. Too much time was spent on Eve’s fine ass face before the finish happened.

Teddy Long shows Kaitlyn something from Eve’s iPad. Kaitlyn takes photos of whatever Teddy showed her.

~ Sigh. Kaitlyn.

Lumberjack Match
Sheamus pins Wade Barrett via Brogue Kick

  • Near the end of the match, Team Hell No came down to retaliate against Team Rhodes Scholars and cleared out most of the lumberjacks in the process.
  • After the match, Ziggler ran in a hit his reverse STO on Sheamus. Ziggler threatened to cash in but Show knocked him out on the apron. Sick!
  • Show ends the show with a dope promo on Sheamus. He told Sheamus to look over at Ziggler because that’s what’s going to happen to him at the pay per view.

~ I like any lumberjack match where the lumberkjacks actually get to give some punishment to both of the opponents. I also liked Barrett’s side kick to a kneeling Sheamus’s face. Entertaining match.

Show was looking fly in his Otunga-ish hoody. This was a very good ending to a solid show.

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2 Responses to “”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    3mb should be changed to 3bi (3 blooming idiots) and should be kept away from the ring if not fighting. Hooray for Big Show for stopping Ziggler from cashing in his money in the bank case. Ziggler knows he has no chance of defeating Sheamus unless he’s worn donw.
    Come to think of it, he can’t defeat Sheamus if Sheamu were knocked out.

  2. Great Puma Says:

    Haha Estelle. 3 Blooming Idiots is a great name! Thanks for stopping by.

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