OK, lets see if Bound for Glory was one big shit sandwich or not…

-recap video of the ppv, Storm won… Devon is part of Aces & 8’s… and Jeff Hardy won the Title, ugh.


-A&8’s show up in the back, they can’t be stopped from being part of the show…

-a bunch of these dudes all masked up come to the ring.

-they point to a video package from the speaker of the group.

-they toast to the newest member of the group, Devon…

-he comes into the ring from the crowd as well.

-Devon gets some applause  but he shits on the crowd.

-he gets a you sold out chant.

-apparently these guys have been around Devon for a long time…?!

-more shitting on the crowd by Devon…

-Devon kind of makes it sound like someone’s in charge but it isn’t him.

-he brings up what happened with him and Bully Ray 2 years ago in TNA when they broke up…

-this gets a “Bully’s better” chant. haha

-Sting and Bully Ray come out with a bunch of the TNA roster.

-this of course breaks into an old fashioned brawl… I wonder how many TNA shows have been started with an all out brawl? Hmm.

-Hogan comes out with a bat and “scares” away this group.

-after the break Hogan calls A&8’s back out to tease another brawl.

-Hogan basically says he’s got run over this group like a GM….!? What?

-Sting challenges Devon tonight… he gets the match.

-sounds like a we want bully chant.

-well, I think Devon was good for shock factor with this since he was in fact out but it was kind of dumb he didn’t bring that up. You figured they would have played off something real ala Punk when he left the WWE. This could be Devon’s chance to raise up to main event like Bully Ray.


-a longer recap of the main event from the ppv.

-sounds like they got dueling chants.

-from these clips the match looked pretty good.

-in the clips Hardy calls himself “the best professional wrestler on the planet”… uh huh… sure, sure.


-Aries in the back watching the monitors and is all sarcastic about this celebration Hardy’s apparently getting.


-Hogan chatting with Anderson. He’s setting up a #1 contenders style matches tonight for a shot at Hardy next week.

-Joseph Park walks in and Hogan’s all concerned.

-Joe wants a moment alone with Hogan… cuddle time.


Robbie E. w/Robbie T vs. TNA TV Champion Samoa Joe

-basically a squash. Joe did get a nice dive to the outside to Terry. Muscle Buster takes E out. Both get choked out by Joe.

Winner: Samoa Joe


-Tara and some muscle head pose in the back for pictures.

-he says he’s “Jesse from Big Brother”…WHO!?

-the uh make out… this is awkward.


-TNA is doing some sort of zombie shorts on the website… goofy.


Knockouts Champion Tara w/Jesse vs. Knockouts Tag Team Champion OBD

-Before the match Tara played up her relationship with this dude, like I said it was awkward and a bit silly. OBD talks on the phone with Eric Young all the way to the ring… Anyhow, ODB talks on the phone during the ring and digs her tits into this Jesse’s guys face. Tara flips out and beats on ODB until she makes a comeback, Jesse causes a missed interruption and Tara takes a diamond cutter for the pin.

Winner: ODB

-after the match Tessmacher comes out to applaud ODB, she should really mind her own business. I tell ya! She’s getting a rematch next week.


-Taz points out being able to see a patch earlier on Devon’s vest… he must have great eye sight.


-AJ and Angle talking about not being a tag team anymore. Awww, they’re breaking up.

-both are wrestling Daniel’s tonight to become #1 contender… so I guess Anderson then fights the winner of this!? #confused.


-A&8’s in the back, looks like a sausage-fest.


-recap of the tag team title match from the ppv, Chavo and Hernandez won the belts.

-Daniel’s is cut into this video piece dude is good here.


Gunner & Kid Kash vs. Tag Team Champions Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez

-its officially bizarre world when the WWE Tag Team Titles mean more than the TNA Tag Team Titles… typical tag match which Hernandez getting the hot tag and Chavo getting a standing frog splash for the win.

Winners: Chavo & Hernandez


-the man of 1,000 goofy face paints does the walk in the back.


-backstage shenanigans with Sting, Hogan and Joseph Park.

-Bully Ray walks in to talk about Devon and wants the match tonight instead of Sting.

-Ray is ALSO fighting for a chance at Hardy next week.

-Bully isn’t happy about not facing Devon tonight.


-another recap of the main event from Sunday.

-This brings Hardy out, I didn’t think his music could get worse… but it has.

-fool comes out in a shirt and tie but with that stupid face on.

-ah fuck, Hardy had that nasty looking custom Title belt under his shirt… god, I was hoping that thing was LONG gone.

-he gets red, white and green confetti… he ain’t Mexican!

-they might have overdone it on the confetti, there is no way they can get that all cleaned up during the break…

-he’s such a bad promo. he still gets a “thank you Hardy” chant…

-Aries interrupts, he’s singing Cool and the Gang’s Celebration. he’s got balloons and cookies too! Haha

-we cant cookies chant. haha

-they go back and forth or so I think… the door bell rang and it was some kid trying to sell me the LA Times… dude its late shouldn’t you be home doing homework or some shit!? Come on.

-anyhow, Aries shits on Hardy’s custom belt and spits on it.

-a few punches are thrown and Aries takes off when Hardy teases the twist of fate.


-Daniels and his appletinni in the back talking about his triple threat match tonight.


#1 contender consideration match

AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle vs. Chris Daniels

-Styles and Angle spend the beginning moments of the match exchanging moves on Daniels. They finally go at it when Styles tries the styles clash on Daniels before Angle breaks it up. Pretty good triple threat match, lots of nice spots. Angle wins it with the Angle Slam on Daniels

Winner: Angle

-after the match Angle offers his hand only to have AJ smack it away and walk off. Shame on you sir.


-Joey Ryan gets TNA contract when Matt Morgan gets involved helping him win the match.

-in the back Ryan and Morgan walk up on Hogan.

-Morgan and Hogan argue about Matt’s past in TNA.

-Matt threatens Hogan and he plays all scared.

-they bounce and Hogan laughs… why you laughing you just got served.


-recap of a recap to come later of Sting’s hall of fame induction.


-recap of the Storm vs. Roode match.

-a lot of blood here.

-thumbtacks are used… ouch.

-after this clip Storm comes out, still hate his music.

-he’s got a 10 point bucketlist, 9 through 2 are all about beer. #drunk

-now HE’S competing to become #1 contender…?!

-Robert Roode comes out even though this should be over…

-Roode talks a lot of shit before taking a superkick… guess its not over…!?


Devon vs. Sting

-walked away for the start of this one but when I came back in Devon is beating on Sting to keep him grounded while Tenay and Taz discuss who is really in charge of this mysterious biker gang. There was a brief dueling chant, cute TNA… cute. Anyhow, Sting makes a comeback and gets the sharpshooter on Devon only to get jumped by the rest of Devon’s gang.

Winner: Sting by DQ

-Yet another brawl breaks out between these guys and the TNA locker… oh look Garrett Bischoff is trying to help, BAH!

-Bully Ray finally comes out with a bat and these dudes run off. The end…


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