10-15-12 WWE RAW


CM Punk finally gets an opponent for Hell in a Cell… 

-recap of last weeks match with McMahon and Punk starts the show. Ryback shows up as does Cena to tease the shell shock. Punk has to choose his opponent for the ppv tonight, Cena or Ryback.

-We’re in Nashville tonight.

-Big Show is out to start the show.

-its JR and Cole on commentary tonight.

-he’s getting booed while trying to talk about this stupid debate they had a couple of weeks ago.

-he cuts to footage of him blocking the brogue kick from last week and sending Sheamus to the floor.

-Show gets a you suck chant.

-he brings up this punch scale on Smackdown and how he showed up Sheamus at that too.

-he’s going to KO Sheamus at the ppv and win the title, or so he says.

-Show brings up his 45 second World Title reign and how he’s going to make up good on that tonight.

-45 seconds gets chant.

-he calls Daniel Bryan out to erase this very short reign.

-this gets a YES chant.

-Daniel Bryan chant as we cut to the back with Kane, Truth and a bunch of dudes. Bryan isn’t going out there but AJ comes in and forces him…

-Kane laughs at having Bryan’s back.

-Bryan chants NO and the entire place chants YES.

-Bryan finally comes out to YES chants.

-they are making goat face paper masks… fuck.


WWE Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan vs. The Big Show

-off the bat Big Show over powers Bryan and keeps him grounded.

-lots of YES chants here.

-STIFF spear by Show to Bryan during the break… come on, during the break!??!

-Bryan finally dropkicks Show’s leg.

-YES kicks to the chest then the kick to the back of the head for a 2!

-crowd loves this dude.

-Bryan gets caught coming off the top into the chokeslam for the pin.

Winner: Show

-crowd loved Bryan.

-Kane is out now!?

-Kane comes in to protect Bryan in the ring.

-Big Show slowly leaves.

-good start to RAW, I liked this.

-after Show leaves Team Hell No argues. Looked like Kane was going for the hug. Ha.

-after the break Paul Heyman is in the ring with the WWE Title and something covered in black.

-he talks about Punk making his choice tonight before introducing Punk. Fucking Paul Heyman is always money.

-Cole and JR keep bringing up the Undertaker here… interesting.

-Punk talks about proving everyone wrong.

-he threatens the crowd not to touch him.

-Punk craps on Vince and how he slapped the shit out of him last week.

-he says you will never see Vince compete ever again after he kicked his ass.

-he brings up how it took 2 dudes to save Vince.

-Punk then shows the cover for Hell in a Cell where he looks like the devil.

-he says the devil doesn’t exist… but the devil he doesn’t know is Ryback but the devil he knows is Cena.

-Punk is going to unveil this thing to show us who he’s taking on at the ppv…

-he teases making his choice since the crowd is booing him.

-Vince is out!

-from the stage he reminds Punk that if he didn’t make a choice he was going to blow it, so he did apparently…

-Vince is going to decide and he goes with… nope he’s not telling us now either… we have to wait to the contract signing… ugh. Just get to it!

-Punk yells while Heyman tries to keep him cool.

-we’re getting a rematch of Barrett and Sheamus, these dudes hit HARD in that last match.

-recap of Del Rio getting beat up by Orton on Smackdown.

-Rodriguez is a champ for taking an RKO on the table.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Brodus Clay

-Clay corners ADR  with a series of knees

-should block sends ADR to the outside.

-Del Rio using the ropes to his advantage on Clay’s arm.

-nice kick to Clays shoulder.

-Clay fights off Del Rio with a head butt to the chest.

-Del Rio side steps Clay in the corner, kick to the back into the head and the arm breaker for the win.

Winner: Del Rio

-was interested to see this one go longer to see if Clay could hang with Del Rio.

-Punk and Heyman in the back.

-Punk is mad about McMahon being the choice.

-he wants to fight Vince again tonight.

-Heyman isn’t happy about having to go tell Vince about this…

Santino & Zack Ryder vs. Primetime Players

-PTP don’t even get an intro… after the break the match is in process… so basically we didn’t know who Santino and Ryder were facing before the break.

-hot tag already to Ryder!?

-broski boot to Titus.

-Young makes the save.

-everyone hits their finishers, Titus was the last with the sit down powerbomb on Ryder for the pin.

Winners: Young & O’Neil

-after the match Aces and Eights The Band jump Ryder.

-the band is wearing matching jeans and tough guy jackets.

-Slater calls themselves the 3MB…. That sucks worse than the Band!

-recaps of Punk and McMahon from earlier… really!? I think we got it we don’t need recaps this early in the show.

-Vicki and Ziggler interrupt Cole and JR talking about this shit.

-Ziggler is shocked that Ryback could possibly get a title shot.

-he rants about what he’s done so far but its not enough so he then won the MITB contract.

-he shits on Ryback not being around in 2 months.

-Ziggler says HE deserves that title shot so he can beat Punk then Sheamus in the same night to be a double champion.

-Ziggler is interrupted by… David Otunga… he shits on Ryback AND Ziggler… he wants the title shot… oh god please noooo.

-AJ comes out now… skipping of course.

-she sets up a 2 on 1 match for night now…

-oh shit, Ryback!

Ryback vs. David Otunga & Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki

-this will be interesting… can Ziggler make Ryback look good here…

-loud feed me more chant.

-Vicki with the distraction but that doesn’t do shit as Ryback runs through Ziggler with a clothesline.

-Goldberg chant while Ziggler makes the tag.

-Otunga is down with some sort of neck breaker.

-Ziggler tries to jump Ryback but gets caught, he bounce the fuck out of dodge.

-Otunga takes a shell shock for the pin. Otunga was picked up with ease.

Winner: Ryback

-feed me more chant. come on, just do it put the dude in the match. why not!?

-Vince on the phone when Heyman comes in.

-Heyman sucks up to Vince while telling him he’s getting challenged again tonight.

-Paul says that if Punk wins he chooses the opponent.

-Vince makes the match against Heyman not himself… huh??

-makes no sense.

-AJ in the back when Matt Striker walks up and brings up and talks about what Team Hell No did to him on Smackdown.

-he wants an apology.

-she laughs at him before she says he’s in a match against Kane… this is an odd night of matches…!?

-Cena was at the Jets game… he was the honorary Jets captain.. .whatever the fuck that means.

United States Champion Antonio Cesaro vs. Justin Gabriel

-before the match Cesaro gets a cut away promo video about how he’s making the US title something.

-Justin is grounded as Cole brings up that space jump from yesterday.

-Cesaro says on top of him when we FINALLY get a USA chant. about time people…

-JR is cut off by Cole when putting over Cesaro paying his dues to get to the WWE.

-moonsault dive DDT by Gabriel.

-405 splash by Gabriel for the 2 count before Cesaro got his foot on the ropes.

-Justin goes for a springboard… NOOOO uppercut by Cesaro!!!

-neutralizer for the pin.

Winner: Cesaro

-they are trying to get Cesaro over that’s for sure. Good shit for him.

Matt Striker vs. WWE Tag Team Champion Kane

-hey at least Striker had his tights with him… you just never know when a wrestling match will bring out.

-JR puts over Striker keeping up with the old tradition of always having your gear with you.

-recap of what happened to Striker last week with Bryan’s NO lock and a chokeslam by Kane.

-Striker gets on the mic before the match saying he doesn’t want this to happen and tries to tell Kane all he wants is an apology.

-he brings up Dr. Shelby.

-Kane calls for the hug! Haha

-they hug… before Kane calls him in for another hug…

-it’s a bear hug… into the chokeslam.

Winner: Kane

-Kane gets on the mic and lays next to Striker talking like an interviewer and interviewing Striker! Haha

-Kane then says he’s the tag team champions before his music hits. Funny.

-unnecessary recap of Miz on Larry King’s segment last week.

-MizTV is after the break, his guest… Kofi…

-Miz shits on Nashville while bringing up how Kofi challenged him for Main Event.

-Kofi is out all suited up.. in a suit.. looks odd.

-Miz shits on Kofi and how he ain’t done shit in the WWE.

-not sure what the chant is here for Kofi.

-Kofi says he will add a memorable moment at Main Event when he wins the title.

-Kofi challenges Miz tonight…

-Miz accepts… this makes no sense giving it away right now when you can wait till Wednesday.

-Miz pushes Kofi a little bit more until Kofi attacks.

-Miz takes off and Kofi poses with the title and his torn up pants.

-dumb idea giving this away now, push Main Event by having people tune into it for shit.

World Champion Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett

-Barrett has always had crappy theme music.

-collar and elbow into the corner is broken up by the ref cleanly.

-arm lock by Sheamus

-quick chain wrestling exchange.

-both fight in the ropes while Barrett fights off Sheamus’ attempt to the chest pounds in the ropes.

-JR and Cole bring up how Ziggler said he is cashing in at this ppv.

-rolling senton by Sheamus

-Wade to the outside.

-shoulder block by Sheamus on the apron.

-Big Show’s music hits, he comes out with a steel chair.

-after the break the match is back in the ring.

-high knee by Sheamus in the ropes but Wade kicks Sheamus off the apron.

-Show is sitting in the chair he had with him.

-Barrett with a kick to the face of Sheamus in the ropes.

-a lot of rope work in this one.

-on the outside Wade smashes Sheamus onto the announce table.

-rear chin lock by Wade in the middle of the ring.

-irish curse back breaker to break out.

-double axe handles into the shoulder block in the corner.

-powerslam by Sheamus for a close 2.

-Sheamus pounds on Wade’s chest in the ropes for the count of 10.

-suplex brings Wade back into the ring for a 2.

-clothesline by Wade to take Sheamus back down.

-2nd rope elbow by Barrett for a 2.

-Wade goes wasteland but Sheamus fights out and takes a black hole slam for another 2.

-this has been solid!

-Sheamus blocks the Wade kick into the texas cloverleaf.

-Show then gets involved and pulls the rope down on Sheamus.

Winner: Sheamus by DQ

-after the match brogue kick for Wade and Show gets sent over the top rope.

-I enjoyed this match, good shit. I like these two together, they gelled.

-another recap of Punk and McMahon from earlier.

-Vince in the back on the phone. He’s got a crappy iPhone case.

-Cena walks in.

-Vince wants to know what the doctors said.

-Cena doesn’t care what doctors say…

-Cena says he belongs out there and he will do what he does if Vince chooses him…

Diva’s Champion Eve vs. Layla

-Eve plays a good cocky bitch.

-man I am happy for Mathew Fox getting another movie but co-starring with Tyler Perry!? Come on…

-Eve spends a good amount of time working on Lalya’s arm.

-Eve on top most of the match here.

-Eve’s got moves now, nice head scissors by her.

-this gets a this is awesome chant.

-kick by Layla for a 2.

-high cross body by Layla for a 2.

-Eve and Layla fight in the corner.

-Eve sweeps Layla’s leg on the rope, she dives.

-Eve covers her for the pin but Layla had her leg on the ropes. ref doesn’t see it.

Winner: Eve

-had a few good moments.

-Stephanie McMahon was at summit for Africa… even when she’s taking about it she sounds like she’s cutting a promo…

-in the back Bryan and Kane argue as usual.

-YES / NO back and forth.

-Bryan wants Kane to face Big Show next week.

-Vince in the back with Ryback.

-Vince talks and Ryback just stares out into the distance.

-Vince puts over Ryback being the “new king on the mountain”.

-the crowd chants feed me more, Ryback say feed me Punk before walking off.

Tag Team Tournament Finals

Team Rhodes Scholars vs. Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara Primo & Epico w/Rosa

-apparently Rey Mysterio has the flu so the tournament final is NEXT week now… well shit.

-Long commercial break cuts to 3MB showing up at some Nashville bar… the fuck!? its like these people in the bar have no idea whats going on… some dude is trying to high five Jinder Mahal. they start signing before security kicks them out…!? I thought we had a match!?!?

-after this we go to the match in the ring…

-these guys are all brawling.. the ref finally takes charge and finally starts the match!? this is so weird…

-Primo is cornered in the Rhodes Scholars corner.

-elbow of distain by Sandow for a 2.

-fading with 20+ minutes to spare in this show…

-Epico gets the hot tag

-a series of belly to back suplex by Epico.

-Sandow finally gets his neck breaker for the pin

Winner: Rhodes & Sandow

-gave these dudes something to do since Rey and Sin Cara weren’t around.

Intercontinental Champion The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston

-starts off fast with both brawling.

-spills to the outside briefly.

-running dropkick by Kofi in the ring.

-stiff clothesline by Miz

-these dudes are running through this match like they were told they had 2 minutes to get everything in.

-double axe handle by Miz from the top for a 2.

-Miz rolls out of the way of the boom drop.

-SCF is blocked… something got botched.

-god damn Kofi gets a STIFF trouble in paradise to the FACE of Miz!

Winner: Kofi

-FUCK Kofi hit Miz HARD!

-doctor is checking on Miz, yeah no shit that was a legit ass kick right there, fuck!

-Vince and his pin stripes do the walk in the back.

-after the break Vince is out for the contract signing…

-Vince first brings out CM Punk who comes out with Paul Heyman again.

-Punk changes his look more than I do.

-Vince then calls out Ryback… and John Cena.

-lets go Cena / CM Punk chants.

-Punk cuts off Vince to talk shit tonight.

-Punk signs the contract and tells Vince to choose so he can break them like he did Vince.

-Cena cuts off Punk to a mixed reaction. he gets the cheap “shut the hell up” pop.

-Cena cuts off Vince… to say that Ryback’s just out to kick someone’s ass and Punk deserves that.

-Cena puts over Ryback by repeating his catchphrase of feed me more.

-the crowd chants as Ryback signs the contract!!!

-wise choice here!

-Punk talks trash to Ryback before he gets sent head first into the table.

-Ryback puts Punk up and lands the shell shock!!

-good shit here, I’m glad they went with him and not Cena.

-loooong night with a couple of weird spots glad that ultimately we’re getting something fresh and new to main event a ppv!

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  1. Estell Newton Says:

    I wish someone would give that stupid band a good kick. They should not be allowed to beat up people after their match just to look stupid.

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