Smackdown Thoughts & Review [October 12, 2012]


Kane, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, and Alberto Del Rio are here to save the day

San Jose, CA

Booker T comes out and hypes up Sheamus vs. Big Show at the next pay per view. Sheamus and Big Show come out and take turns striking an arcade punching bag rig. Big Show wins by a large margin, and then Tensai comes out and attacks Sheamus.

~ The best part of this piece was Big Show getting irate at the crowd and dialing off his past knockouts.

The fact that Big Show won this has me worried. Giving Big Show an aura of being dangerous is a typical WWE tool to get their audience to buy into the pay per view, and witness Sheamus overcoming the odds and winning in the end. They did this with Cena, Orton and now, Sheamus, and it’s the last outcome I want to see.

Sheamus pins Tensai via Brogue Kick

~ Well what did you expect? Typical Sheamus match where he gets his ass kicked for a little bit, and then comes back and wins with the Brogue Kick. I’m looking forward to Sheamus losing the title.

Ricardo Rodriguez and Alberto Del Rio talk about the possibility of Randy Orton coming back. Ricardo is worried but ADR tells him to go find him.

After a commercial break, they open with Ricardo walking in the back. He hears a hissing snake and it turns out to be Santino’s Cobra.

~ I like ADR a lot but Ricardo Rodriguez is so much more interesting. I think people would get behind him if they had the right story.

The Band (Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal) w/Drew McIntyre defeat Team COBRO (Santino Marella and Zack Ryder)

  • The Band cuts a promo, put us all on notice, and play synchronized air guitar. Oh god.

~ I suppose the Band was created to eventually feud with the USA Guy. As long as they’re getting their asses beat, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Band on my TV every week.

Kane defeats Dolph Ziggler via DQ when Ziggler smashed Kane with his Money in the Bank briefcase

  • After the match, Kane hit Ziggler out of the ring. Daniel Bryan comes in the ring to a huge pop and claims that he sent Ziggler packing. Hilarious.
  • Matt Striker comes in the ring and asks them if their bickering will cost them the tag titles at Hell in a Cell. Bryan takes Striker down and slaps on the No Lock. Kane stops it, puts Bryan in the corner and then chokeslams him.

~ This shit is gold. The Ziggler match was good but it was the post match antics that stole the moment. Daniel Bryan and Kane are the next big thing right now. I think they should just hold all the titles and be a two-man faction that wrecks shop on the entire WWE.

Ricardo Rodriguez is walking around backstage. He thinks he hears Randy Orton in a room and he opens the door. It turns out to be Hornswaggle playing with a Randy Orton Brawlin’ Buddy.

~ This is one of the few times where Hornswoggle was used right. Funny stuff.

Big Show pins Kofi Kingston via Knock Out Punch

  • After the match, the Miz, whom was guest announcing for the match, talks shit to a dazed Kofi.

~ I feel sad whenever I see Kofi. He has so much talent and he’s simply jobbing to the upper echelon talent and being wasted every week. This was a good match for what it was and I like Show’s double forearm block of Kofi’s Trouble in Paradise.

Sin Cara pins Damien Sandow w/ Cody Rhodes via modified hurricanrana off the top rope.

  • In the middle of the match Cody was ejected.

~ Damn it. Sin Cara should be the last person Damien Sandow puts over. I’m actually pissed that Sandow is stuck in the tag team division. Sandow should be hunting a mid-major title and feuding with established talent. Instead, he’s stuck in a tag team that has no chance against Team Hell No.

Daniel Bryan walks into ADR’s locker room. They talk shit to each other and trade insults. Bryan reminds ADR that he’s the tag team champions.

Eve walks into Booker T’s office and defends the accusation that Aksana found a blonde wig in her gym bag. Eve tells Booker that Teddy could have worn the wig and did it.

~ Layla, Eve, and Kaitlyn were all together in the same room, and Kaitlyn more than held her own. Damn.

Alberto Del Rio submits Daniel Bryan via Coss Arm Breaker

  • Near the end of the match Bryan had ADR in the No Lock. Ricardo distracted the ref but ADR didn’t tap and didn’t look like he was going to tap. Instead, ADR held on and grabbed the ropes.
  • After the match, ADR talks shit to Randy Orton and starts mimicking Orton’s signature nuances. Orton comes out and thrashes ADR outside of the ring. He threatens to RKO ADR on the announcing table. ADR eventually escapes, but Ricardo takes a nice RKO on the table, which didn’t collapse.

~ I’m not sure the Ricardo distraction was played out well enough. It seemed unnecessary since ADR didn’t tap while the ref’s back was turned. ADR looked like an iron man when he held on for so long, and then eventually escaped the No Lock. Also, Bryan and ADR have good chemistry and I look forward to seeing them feud in the future.

This was a good episode of Smackdown with two strong main events at the top of each hour.

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  1. Estell Newton Says:

    Why are those cases allowed near the ring when Ziggler is almost always hitting people with it when Vicki hands it to him?

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